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  1. I want to be able to get ridiculously powerful over the course of the game+expanisions. I like starting out pitifully weak and growing into this awesome godlike force slowly and with reason. I don't mind there still being something stronger than me, I just want to be able to one-hit (or outright ignore) the things that were killing me when I started. I enjoy that climb and ending with godlike power is the perfect climax to that journey. The story should work with it though. There needs to be an explanation for why I've been allowed to become so strong and people should really recognize th
  2. After reading the responses to Karkarov's post a page earlier, I think Hormalakh nailed the reason people are disagreeing. Games are much more profitable and the most (safest/easiest) profitable in the console market. This means both that games are being mass produced for pure profit on a scale that wasn't really present a few years ago and that those games are being promoted endlessly. It is unsurprising that games made to be consumed quickly and made largely without a love for what's inside are bad. Due to the amount of advertising some of these specific games get, it's also unsurprising tha
  3. Remembering from DA:O, (I didn't play a whole lot of DA2) the only reason to remove the constant buff auras was to not be a freaky glowing spirit-creature thing during the cinematic style conversations. As I don't see P:E using that style for conversations, I don't think that will be an issue. Count me in the aura camp. I would prefer it if buffing was mostly limited to the chanters. Let them not stack with other chanter's songs (maybe with a little bonus for multiples of the same song) and be somewhat significant. That way the tactical choice is of which buff to choose. I never liked addi
  4. The way I'm imagining P:E at the moment, the whole versatility of the bard will be a trait shared by every class to some extent. It looks like the chanter will be a passive buffer, as some else mentioned, but I'm hoping for a little more out of him. Buffs and debuffs are one thing, but what if the chanter could affect the entire environment. I'm thinking combination debuff and damage songs. Songs that bring rain and lightning or snow or turn soild ground to quicksand. Perhaps these things are summoned or maybe they are just ideas implanted in everyone's (in earshot) head. (Remember both sides
  5. It took me a long time to figure it out, but I am definitely of the third group you described, Hormalakh. And I'm not great at games. I enjoy them, especially RPGs, so I've gotten good enough at playing them. But I do miss things constantly and I am well aware that I don't fully understand IE games. I know there's something I'm missing, I just can't figure out what it is. For that reason at least, I found your post (and the Sawyer post that inspired it) to be very interesting. I'm glad a developer is looking out for players like me and I hope they're better able to teach the game mechanics tha
  6. Actually I don't think I gave you enough kudos for what you've done here, Hormalakh. You have made me reexamine my own views on piracy. If I'm honest with myself, piracy is act that I allow myself by ignoring the effect of it. It's hard to get yourself to consider the consequences when the act you yourself perform is so small and apparently harmless. My views are a little too close to Felithvian's above me to consider piracy an 'evil' though. Piracy (in the context of digital goods) is the sharing of information. The internet has caused this sharing to explode, but other than pure scale, p
  7. I am pretty sure this is the exact logic companies use to implement increasingly draconian DRM and to treat all their customers as criminals. Just thought you should know. Hormalakh, you have got to change the way you're dealing with this thing you've created. You're probably going to need mod help with that. You've posted a thread named Piracy and DRM. People are discussing Piracy and DRM. These things are related to P:E only slightly as P:E will have a DRM-free form thus clearly choosing the route of ignoring pirates. You have advocated DRM in P:E which has caused people here to respond
  8. Please don't stop. Obvoiusly Hormalakh should have more of a say as this is his(?) thread, but I've really enjoyed your perspective. It's not one I'm used to hearing. I'm not sure if that's because I'm in America and we don't and will never foreseeably have a pirate party or not. So thanks for your perspective and thanks for turning me on to Order of the Stick which I am reading between posting here.
  9. I understand what you're saying. PC gaming definitely has changed, and not necessarily for the better. However, I don't think PC only games should be relegated to kickstarters only or MMO F2Ps. That would mean we would never have huge PC only single-player game budgets. Deus Ex 1 would have been less likely to happen. And all these console trash games that really suck on the PC will continue. I honestly don't think porting console games to PC should, or will, continue. Porting in general just doesn't seem like a good idea. But anyway... As for no huge PC games in to future, I don't
  10. I disagree that piracy has hurt PC gaming's future, and future is the most important word here for me. The effect piracy or perceived piracy has had on PC gaming is indisputable. We have a shift of larger publishers to consoles, draconian DRM, and really just rage spouting from every corner. However, piracy is here. It is possible. It will not be stopped any more than any of the other crazy stuff on the internet will be stopped. And you can't expect all people to self regulate. It will not happen. If any luxury is to survive the digitial age, it has to evolve. The reason kickstarter excited me
  11. Okay, so this more of a personal revelation that you are sharing with the community than a concern that P:E will be pirated enough to really hurt the game. That's a rather large sigh of relief. I couldn't imagine it, but I do miss a lot of threads. I also did(and do) my own fair share of pirating. My thought process revolves around the 'you're stealing sales' argument. Before I pirate something ask myself whether I would ever buy it. If my answer is no, I would not buy this and if I couldn't get it for free I simply wouldn't have it, then I'll pirate it. If I enjoy it and discover that I woul
  12. I'm not a fan of DRM, but I didn't even know what it was until somewhat recently. If the DRM a game has does not hinder my ability to access the game I bought now or in future nor does it block modders, I won't even notice. I only oppose DRM as it harms me, the consumer, or limits game purchasing to buying a license that may run out at some undetermined point in the future. What I believe is that DRM can be, and often is, abusive so it should be avoided. That said, I do wonder what prompted you to post this, Hormalakh. Was there discussion in the forums about people pirating or planning to
  13. Guess that makes you royalty around here, Miyagi. Not sure when I'll get to play BG1 again plus mods, but do you have any companions you'd recommend having around(other than Tiax)? The reason I hesitate to admit that I'm the writer is that I don't really like the dialogues I wrote all that much. Most of them are fine, but I did two very bad things: 1) I introduced a thing where Tiax leaves the party if your reputation isn't low enough, or else gives you five days to do something horrible or else he leaves. It seemed reasonable, given that he's a priest of Cyric, but for those player
  14. Thanks, Kumuji. I don't know how I missed that. Guess that makes you royalty around here, Miyagi. Not sure when I'll get to play BG1 again plus mods, but do you have any companions you'd recommend having around(other than Tiax)?
  15. Like I mentioned in my previous post, NPC interation is the only thing I find lacking in my current BG1 playthrough. I've never messed around with mods, but I would really like to know what mod(s) you used to fix that particular flaw.
  16. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I wasn't with you for the first three pages, but this last page has been gold, Prosper. Keep going. Texture that bad boy! I'll be on the edge on my seat til then.
  17. You can't just leave us like that. What was it?! What topic?! Anyway, I'd love to know how BG:EE turns out. I'm playing the unenhanced version (six bleeding discs and everything) at the moment. The only thing that I find lacking is the companion dialogue. For the most part, I feel like I could have made my whole party myself and not missed much. If they add a lot of dialogue, I might actually pick it up.
  18. I unironically like this last creation. Has this thread turned a corner or have I? Either way, keep up the good work, Prosper! I nominate this Prosperkin for the final floor of 'The Endless Paths of Od Nua'.
  19. I have a hard time pulling away from the idea of a 'holy warrior' as paladin. They don't have to have divine powers or a lawful alignment, but they do have to be answering a calling and be highly moral (whatever morals those are). I do understand why they are changing the way the class works. As many others have said, the paladin was really just a fighter/cleric with poor access to spells in D&D. It makes sense to make the two very different, especially when the game is new and doesn't have the classes D&D has. I'm just hoping for flavor text that places in the world I'm used to, other
  20. Wow, updates every Tuesday? That's down right madness! Exciting madness, but madness none the less. I like the idea of getting to know more people that are working on the game, so keep them coming!
  21. Since no one's mentioned it yet... If you click on someone's username then select 'posts' then 'find content', you can see everywhere that person has posted. I also works for any of the developers.
  22. I'm actually stuck in Arcanum due to this very mechanic. I chose the 'Miracle Operation' background and fell in love with the character despite the horrible disadvantage it's giving me at the moment. I just can't seem to put this character down and start an easier one for my first time through because of what that background adds to my role playing experience. If you couldn't tell, I wholeheartedly support backgrounds and random traits (advantages and disadvantages with explanation) in P:E.
  23. Congrats, Razsius, on finishing the game! Let's see what I can do about adding perspective and answering some of those questions. I'm going to try to keep the amount of quoting down to avoid exponential post growth. So if my post confuses you, read post #69. I'm with you as far as Deionarra's companion status. If you ignored her, you really missed something. I hope you took the ring from the legacy with you to the Fortress, which is as much as I can say without getting too spoilery. As far as the quality of the other companions, I'm not quite as rabid as some I've seen, but I did think the
  24. That's... very unlogical. The idea of class is to exactly create and separate roles. And I don't understand why do you need classes at all if they would have almost skill-based like gameplay. I admit that I'm probably being a little too far reaching with my language (and my hopes). But classes don't have to be just about separate roles. For example, a fighter and a barbarian could serve basically the same role even if there are things that one does better than the other. You have to push them further apart with stats for them to be two totally different roles. A fighter could sacrifice
  25. Melee spells were always kinda lackluster in D&D, which also dragged down whole Necromancy school. However I'd rather make save-or-something spells melee and keep mages lightly-armored, seems it would be more thrilling to play that sort of spellcaster that way than just run around in heavy armor casting melee spells which damage as well if not better than ranged ones. From Sawyer's first comment here, it sounds like heavy armor is going to give the wizard a penalty to casting speed. Add in the possibility of spell interruption and the likelihood that wizards will need to keep castin
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