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  1. I would like to see it that way: Character has its own knowledge (based on the intelligence + skill + level + character) and can identify basic items with dice roll. Identify magic add modificatory to this roll but it will be based on the caster level. It will be great to see some really forgotten artifacts that no one knows about but arch-mages. common: 1-9% of max knowledge. not offen: 10-20% rare:20-40% very rare: 40-80 extremely rare:80-100% where when only great casters can add like 60% to check throw. Great topic BTW
  2. I know the explanation. So now think about fireball. In real life fire ball could be made with small amount of propane, hydrogen or something else. So let say that we need 3m blast. It will be explosion 6m wide and 3m high. So it will be 113m^3 of blast but while it is explosion it spreads fast. So lets say we need 3/4 of its dimension. - 33.9m^3 of solution. Propene explodes in open air when its quantity is more than 1.5% and less than 8.5%. So for normal fireball we will need something like 3%. 33.9m^3 * 3% ~ 1m^3 of pure propane. Gram-atom mass of propane is 44u so 44g is one gram-a
  3. So if it is in Fallout (last time played it something like 12 years ago) and Arcanum so it will be in Project Eternity I guess.
  4. I like situations when you can make choices and benefit from them even when you get disadvantages too. In point based systems it is easier to achieve desired effect and get it work right. IMHO disadvantages should have bigger impact than advantage. In point based system like: +3 = -5 So you can be better at one thing than everyone but you will be really bad in something else. Dumar
  5. Hi to everyone. How do you see adding some disadvantages for your character just by adding disadvantage to some of main characteristics? Only this ones that will be applied with no effort for creating them. I would love to make hard hearing character that have some high disadvantage to listening or with one blind eye that has problems with seeing. Or character with one paralyzed hand that cannot use it for fighting. Only you will know that it is there and it will be affecting gameplay in some minor way. You can ask, "what's the point?". I played a lot of RPG characters
  6. I would love to see some quest based only on some curse, where removing the curse is only reward. Go there, you just have too.
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