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  1. I actually really like the concept art. I didn't even notice the boob plate until everyone pointed it out. Now I can't *not* see it. Thanks guys. I would also like to see a nice middle ground between unisex armor and fashion armor. In the newest concept art I think just softening the the curve in at the end of the breast area would do that. Just make it less extreme. It would still clearly be female armor, but not obviously designed for sex appeal.
  2. Am I the only one that thinks Edair looks like a haughty prince/pretty boy type? Still loving the design and concept art in general. Extremely excited for the novella as well. I love me some tie-ins. Every new announcement only inspires more confidence. I can't wait til I get paid so I can throw money at this. Do you guys think we'll have a second go at some of these rewards? I would like a hardcover collector's book and cloth map, but I don't have $500 to spend getting them, least of all right at this moment. Also do we know what's in the collector's boxed edition yet?
  3. The team being so small is another in 'pro' column, if you ask me. And it does sound as if these guys are nuts, making whole games basically on their own. I just hope they'll adopt a 'not til it's done' mentality. I don't see how they're going to get it done with so little time and money, unless the game's like 15-20 hours long.
  4. That Fallout Bible is awesome. Right and proper what I'm looking for. I'll probably stay away from the Planescape document til I finish the game though. Thanks for the help, Leferd.
  5. Longknife, that is exactly what I wanted to know! It shows dedication and willingness to address the community from all parties. I would ask though, what effect do you feel the people giving Sawyer the ideas he rejected or implemented had on the process? To be perfectly honest, I haven't played a lot of their games. This is my first playthrough of Planescape which I am enjoying to no end and I've heard great things about Fallout from people I trust. As far as KotOR2, do I need to play the first before I play it? Highfive, C2B! Not that I didn't trust you, but it's great to be able to s
  6. Mobygames does a better job of listing credits than Wikipedia does, but still lacks specifics. I don't want to find out after the fact that say Sawyer worked on Planescape which is great, but had nothing to do with the elements of the game I enjoyed.
  7. That's good news. Planescape does an excellent job of managing information and incorporating slang, so plus marks for Avellone. Do you happen to have source for that? I was worried that might be truth of the matter as far as organization. I'll just have to look for more real information then. Thanks again. I've heard a lot about Kreia, but haven't played the game. Still sounds like a plus for him. Thanks, Darkpriest.
  8. Great post, C2B! The Tim Cain bit helps a lot. That give me specifics. The rest might be a problem I'm having with titles. Okay, so Chris Avellone was Lead Designer on Planescape which has well written characters. Did Avellone write/storyboard for these characters or did he supervise the team that did? I think my question might be more fundamental, requiring I know more about the organization of game development.
  9. First and foremost, this project sounds incredible! However, after the Bioware debacle with every new failure being blamed on another division or team, the thing that's keeping me from pledging is how little I know about the people making the game. I know some of the same people worked on Planescape: Torment and Fallout 1, 2, and New Vegas, but what has each person actually done? I would really love to be able to say "This guy wrote this character, so I know he can write good characters" or "This guy desgined this gameplay system, so I know he can make fun games". I would rather not try to hav
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