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  1. So, to sum up:- The o/p titles the thread "Your RPG system sucks!" and never posts again after the first post. Forget about RPG tactics and familiarity ... I think there are some posters to this thread who forgot how the internet works.
  2. Go to the Obsidian backer portal and download things directly. It's a bit fiddly but that's the workaround.
  3. I can confirm this ... definitely sounds like an error in the file.
  4. Much too early to say and my pledge was fairly high, but having played this for two hours yesterday and looked at the PDFs, heard the mp3s etc I really think that the satisfaction of having pledged for this game will repay the patience and investment. The game makes, for me, the best start of any Obsidian game: my fear was actually that it would seem dry or leaden-paced but I can definitely foresee sinking the hours in.
  5. I'm not sure that I will really be able to play this for about three weeks but I must confess ... I'm excited enough to be pre-loading it on Steam. It's really nice to see this product come to such a promising conclusion.
  6. Ironic that you would call people who buy games for the graphics 'console kiddies' at the same time as praising the most spec-sheet-obsessed of PC Master-Race Youtubers. Totalbiscuit has never seen a wall he didn't want to lick.I don't have a clue what you are talking about. Care to explain it? Wall-licking is looking at textures unusually close up to find out whether they bear up. When not worrying about FoV sliders, Frames per Second etc. etc. that is one of the things that Totalbiscuit worries about. My point was that PC gamers tend to be more obsessed with graphics than console owners. In
  7. I would never base a buying decision on user reviews for a videogame. User reviews tend to be 'five stars, best game ever' or 'one star, worst game ever', and they don't often make clear why. Of YouTubers, other than Angry Joe (who, as I've already said, I think is very fair) I'd recommend ProJared's 1-minute reviews, though he mainly sticks to console releases, often Nintendo or JRPGs. Totalbiscuit is someone I follow closely but he was very vocal about not liking Skyrim and Dragon Age: Inquisition so his taste is just too far from mine to be useful to me. Of course YouTubers can be c
  8. Ironic that you would call people who buy games for the graphics 'console kiddies' at the same time as praising the most spec-sheet-obsessed of PC Master-Race Youtubers. Totalbiscuit has never seen a wall he didn't want to lick.
  9. With any YouTuber you have to get a sense of what their personal biases are. A lot will overrate games that stream well, or games that are short and that they can get out of the way easily. AJ's bias is towards multiplayer because that's what he enjoys, but in other respects he's probably the fairest critic on YouTube and certainly the one that I trust most. Had he trashed PoE I would actually have been very worried because it seems like the sort of game he would really get behind.
  10. I chose the Collectors Digital-Only tier. I'm actually here today trying to work out whether that got me a W2 key, but seemingly not. I didn't actually use the backers-only beta part of the reward because I only want to play this as a finished product.
  11. Unless you break the game, the undead in the Elder Scrolls games scale up to high levels. I agree that it's a shame that you get "trash" skeletons at low levels (remember when you couldn't even fight the undead until you got a silver or enchanted weapon?) but I think that the presence of high undead in a game means that you always give them due respect. Really terrifying undead able to cast status effects would be great/horrible, but I suppose most fantasy games don't tend to have undead as master level enemies because they go down the line of having high level human casters or dragons or
  12. I think this would be real cool! I think it's more likely to be an Easter egg than a game feature: I don't doubt that Obsidian will want to include fan service, but nothing that's too confusing to a general audience.
  13. I think the order is dead tbh, it was a good idea at the time, even the website has been abandoned Not dead, just dormant for a while. Besides it'll most likely pick up and become more lively again closer to release date. Yes, this sounds right. I haven't even been lurking personally ... I've just been keeping note of the Kickstarter updates as they come in. But I'd expect to be more active as we get further along. I only found out about the separate OO forums today ... I'm guessing that there's no point joining them right now(?)
  14. I was idly scrolling through the top of this thread trying to decide what my favourite was and I settled on this one immediately before reading your post! Some say coincidence ... others recognise the dark hand of Sithis at work in our minds.
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