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  1. Lol, really? How many games even try to do it, let alone do it right? There's a veritable ocean of meaningless high fantasy tripe out there, and it's the 'dark and gritty' that is finally bringing something new to the table. I'll take Game of Thrones, Conan and Witcher any day over more Tolkien rip-offs.
  2. To crush your enemies, to see them fall at your feet -- to take their horses and goods and hear the lamentation of their women. That is best.
  3. It seems the latest concept art lays out specific characters. I'm liking what I see so far although he elf mage is looking a little too much like Dracula.
  4. There's this part in Mass Effect 2 where you get to shove a merc out a window. God that was brilliant.
  5. Tricky to do but worth the effort imo. It'd piss off the more politically correct and sensitive. A positive side effect.
  6. What I don't want is a ****ing morality meter - those I can say with certainty are evil. I'd also hope the choices aren't binary good and evil all the time, ala Bioware. That is retarded. It lacks nuance. It's not realistic in any way, and it's plain lazy.
  7. Yes, limited. For a hack n' slash like Diablo, this isn't a concern. For a full blooded RPG, there needs to be realistic ramifications for the gear we carry.
  8. I'm all for the concept, but there has to be subtle clues for the player so he can at least make an educated guess as to how the domino effect is going to play out. From a writing standpoint I imagine it's a nightmare to pull off, and from a player standpoint it requires a solid memory and close attention to the plot.
  9. The art designs show they're taking the approach advocated by the op. I'm not sure why this topic is relevant. Also, it's nice they changed the boob plate, but really I've seen SO much more pandering in other games. Cadegund's design was already light years away from the bikini armor style.
  10. This isn't a bad idea at all. I'm intrigued by the concept of navigation in a modern isometric game. Technically, devs should be able to do lots of new stuff now. Ninja scaling a castle as a stealth option would be ****ing awesome.
  11. Ray and Greg did precious little to mitigate EA's influence. Them being gone might actually be a good thing for Bioware.
  12. If I have a choice between a dog and a guy with a mace I usually go with the guy.
  13. Actually that's not too far from the truth. CDPR artists heavily referenced period costume and armor which is what gives the world a believable and grounded aesthetic. It sounds like PE will be taking a similar approach given what we've seen so far although I expect it to lean more towards high fantasy. Of the poll options here, I personally like Edair's costume the best. And I'm glad they got rid of the boob plate armor.
  14. I like wolvies What about wolves as ambient wild life, ie; not aggressive?
  15. Look at Dragon age 2, or Bioware in general, and head the other direction.
  16. I could. There are many things I could criticize about The Witcher 2, but I think that in terms of general art direction and costume/armor design they are simply unmatched at the moment. Same . So, why is Witcher's art direction so great? And please don't tell me it's *realistic*. Kinda of a loaded and somewhat silly question given the subjective nature of art. On topic: I like what they've shown so far of the character concepts. They're clearly thinking of practicality and they aren't over exaggerating armor and weapons - a pitfall too many fantasy games fall into these days.
  17. Unless the reward is meant to offset the greater difficulty. I see it as a bonus for playing on a higher setting.
  18. Been thinking about this. Not sure pause and play can be as tactical as turn based or twitch combat - it's somewhere in between.
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