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  1. But Obsidian sided against the ISIS of gaming, didn't they?
  2. I kind of wish I was in the earlier threads, but as I noted in my first post here, there's not much else to say now that we have a definitive timeline and that Firedorn himself has spoken on the matter. Obsidian's made their decision, Firedorn is happy to leave things as they are. So a substantive discussion is difficult to start because the issue is essentially over. We just have to live with the results is all.
  3. Oh you're not wrong. It is tacky and unprofessional. It's not blatant sexism though for the reasons listed, which was the charge levelled against Taylor as justification for his ordeal.
  4. Got it, it's good to know that as long as it's a joke, it's never offensive to anyone. Let me brush up these racist Mexican and Asian jokes that I saw on the internet and tell it to my Mexican and Asian co-workers tomorrow. I'm sure they'll be perfectly fine with it, because you said so. If we are on friendly terms and you can take what you dish out, as an Asian immigrant, you have my permission to make "racist" jokes.
  5. Speak for yourself. I didn't post in any of the previous threads, therefore my **** clearly don't stink.
  6. I disagree that it's an obviously transmisogynistic poem. The target of the joke's mockery wasn't the supposed trans person involved, it was the man who's small mindedness led to his unnecessary death. We know this because the author of the joke himself confirmed as such, that it wasn't aimed at transpeople nor had transpeople involved in the joke at all. It was a light hearted joke making fun of a medieval fictional guy who overreacts to a stressful situation relating back to his own sexuality. I disagree that the shirt portrays women as sex objects, at most it portrays cartoon wom
  7. I would settle for a mere definition at this point, from some of those who position themselves with regards to them. Keep in mind this is my the way I use the term, rather than an all encompassing one that everyone uses. But I define SJWs as people who hold their hard left identity politics as the core part of their personality and morals to the point where injecting said politics into every part of their lives through "online activism" is the primary way they demonstrate that they are good people. Fighting for "equality" and "social justice" (by getting offended over a poem in a video game,
  8. I have a lot to say about SJWs and not much of it is nice, but honestly I think this topic is done and dusted in terms of discussion. We already have a decent timeline of it all and beyond rehashing the same points, I'm not sure what else is there to be said. IMO, once Firedorn started posting and clarified things, that's really where discussion should end, at least in the PoE section.
  9. Refers to the practice of minimising un-needed stats while maximumising desired stats in order to optimise effectiveness of a character. As far as video games like PoE goes, it means creating characters with lopsided Attributes in a way that maximises their potential strengths in their designated party role.
  10. Laptop guy has no stats = JA 2 not an RPG.
  11. That would be kind of interesting, where you'd have quests which you would need to put on the backburner until you reach a new region and they become relevant again (and then have to travel back to previous locations/regions in later arcs to complete it). Wouldn't surprise me if there were self contained sidequests/story arcs that span over multiple chapters and across regions. It would be a nice way to showcase NPC development.
  12. FWIW, I don't think that the game should try to impart motivations on the player character without player input if possible. Or use techniques like auto-dialogue in a way that prevents the player from interacting in the conversation. If a game allows full character creation, I would like the game to give as much free reign on building up a character concept as much as possible and have the game react to those choices in CC as much as possible. That said, I don't see why this is such a hot topic for debate here. It's not like this game is going to be Dragon Age 3, Mass Effect 4 or The W
  13. I intended on clicking here to see what's new, I must've misclicked or my mouse slipped, because I was redirected to the D&D Beastiary thread. Or maybe God was telling me to stay away from this thread. Who knows. Anyways, enjoy your tennis ball on brick wall action, everyone.
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