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  1. And I thought republicans were the party of no.
  2. He's the nicest, most genuine shill we've ever had for president.
  3. The Nazi lecture by the hipster had me in tears. Spit it out genius, lol.
  4. No, he has a history of bulldozing over people's houses and threatening companies to shut them down in Peronist fashion if they don't do as he pleases. Pretty violent and hot-headed reactions all around, I'd say. You're dangerously extending the definition of violence there. But then, this is how so many on the left came to believe he's a nazi.
  5. Fear mongering from the left at this point. They had eight years to tackle this so called attack on our democracy. They waited till Trump won.
  6. 80% of the loot I hoarded only for money. That's literally all it's useful for. I guess I do the same in most RPGs but W3 is particularly bad when you do special quests and hunts which are supposed to give you unique items, and there's a good chance they'll be below your level. If you play the expansions, which imo are substantially better than the base game, then it's worth saving all the crowns you can. There's an awesome rune in HoS which magically extends the length of your blade and wading through groups of mooks is fun as hell.
  7. Most overrated shill of our time.
  8. More freedom than in Russia? That's not exactly a high bar to clear. Have you been to Russia? I've been there and in the US, so I can compare. Dark you not seriously suggesting Russia is a free society? are they not? they have more personal freedoms than people in EU or US. They are not getting shot by the police on the streets, there is less overall surveillance. Sure, on average they have less money, the media are mostly steered by pro-gov powers and it's difficult to get to high positions of wealth and power and there is limited influence of you average citizens or the ones living outside of main hubs for the politics, but is it really that much different from what you are experiencing in EU and US? Isn't this just a matter of perception rather than actual power of the individual. Can you really tell that you actually can have your input on the politics and who represents you and your point of view? The only country that does so fairly well (or at least it seemed like it when i was there) is Switzerland. I'd trade a lot to be a Swiss citizen. @BrotherFerg are they systematically oppressed? is there a law to jail someone for being homosexual? perhaps it's not oppression, but simply lack of extra privileges? Yes, we have greater freedoms here in the U.S. than in Russia, especially freedom of expression. Try criticising Putin here, and then in Moscow. See how things pan out in each country.
  9. Putin is the issue. The way he rose to power, his methods, his lack of ethics and manipulation. But I happen to think cuddling up to Islam and soft marxism like the far left does is more dangerous. I don't know where the democrats find moral high ground here while they take money from Saudi despots and actively defend a destructive religious ideology.
  10. It's not comparable. Chinese labor standards and what they do to further exported goods is criminal. They have almost no effective regulation. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2007_Chinese_export_recalls McDonald's just sells unhealthy food that any sane person knows is unhealthy. We don't know what we're getting from China.
  11. Limiting imports from China should be a #1 priority. They have zero scruples when it comes to...well, everything.
  12. Rest easy. The migrant rape issue is solved. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GS4Y19nj_ms
  13. Both Dishonored and Mankind Divided were my biggest disappointments. I was so sure both of those dev teams would deliver greatness.
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