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  1. I am interested in why you feel your order should get any recognition above anyone else who has contributed financially towards PE? I am not being funny, I am genuinely curious. There are many people who are not part of your order that have paid good money towards KS Are ardent fans and believe in PE Promote the game on all forums they can So what makes you guys special? Exactly how does the order broadly being recognized in game effect anyone that has donated? It is not specifically mentioning those who donated names (unless the idea, which I believe to be a bad one, of rec
  2. I couldn't care less about this one way or the other. The idea of replacing one of the best elements of rpg's (party interaction) and from the sounds of the developer posts, a significant part or this game, with lifeless emotionless companions just because you like to create characters seems silly. I guess I might want to hire a mercenary if a companion of a certain class I need for my party is UNBARABLE, but I doubt hiring a single mercenary will break the bank no matter how they do it. That being said, since obviously there are many people who disagree with me and wish to craft their e
  3. On the one hand the talk about this reward and that reward "being an outrage" or "going too far" is absolutely and completely A. Ridiculous and B. Entitled If a stretch goal doesn't benefit you "This game sucks I am withdrawing my support." If a reward doesn't apply to your tier "They are excluding me! I am withdrawing my support!" They try to market the game to a wider audience through the use of reddit or facebook "This is not old school! They are selling out with their vision! I am withdrawing my support" A meaningless aesthetic "pet" is added "I will only pay
  4. Fine Sirs and Ladies; I have finally gathered up my funds for my desired tier and added an extra $8 on top of this. I would very much like to become the Obsidian Order's Master Librarian if that title is available.
  5. If the codex itself was so powerful I would have thought they could have raised $5,000 by now. As I said previously I think the article brings up some valuable points. Unfortunately they are made in an inflammatory and insulting way that alienates almost everyone on this forum, including those of us that lean towards the traditional.
  6. On a certain level it is silly. Obviously 90% of the people supporting the game do not fall nicely into one of those two categories. However, those two categories DO seem to fairly accurately represent the two extremes of the spectrum on this site and most do seem to at least partially lean one way or the other. What is instructive about this topic is, monetarily speaking the op has hit on some interesting points (however much he may misrepresent the community). Firstly I do think that the more traditionalist the backer, the more likely they will be to donate the larger tiers, for man
  7. I would say monk and musket lady are two separate variations of the priest class, which I think is simply brilliant. And I completely agree I am giddy with excitement over this wallpaper and update.
  8. Based on the wallpaper and the caption it looks like the female dwarf ranger will be your companion. Between this and that first concept art with the description of tundra dwarfs or whatever, this has me super excited. I also really like the looks of the crazy monk, and while I wasn't thrilled with the human woman in her first concept art, I love her in this wallpaper. I'd be pretty pumped if all of these turned out to be companions (minus generic elf wizard). What say you all if the wallpaper turns out to be the first 5 real companions? Edited with link: http://media.obsidia
  9. That was so awesome Armand! The names didn't seem forced in at all either, I am very impressed. This is probably tied for my second favorite with the sea monster song just a hair behind the stealer of souls. But yeah, loved it. Also thanks for the shout out at the end! Keep up the great work!
  10. Armand, if you could put all of that together in one glorious 2 minute song game titles and all, you would then truly become a master bard if that was not evident already.
  11. I know many were very enamored with that first piece of concept art of the dwarven ranger, you could sing about how the arrows could not puncture the evil mages veil and his partner Edair the fighter used a pistol at close range to puncture the veil so an arrow could fly true or something? Don't know how you could maybe factor the whip into that too... Just thought that kinda combines the party dynamics with the concept art and veil ideas. Just a thought. I love your songs so far though (especially your last one) so I am sure whatever you decide to sing about will come out great!
  12. Got nothing to do with xenophobia, Its just a waste of resources that could be spend on making the game bigger and/or better. Ofcourse incase it doesnt take alot of money to translate it, its not a problem. But considering the amount of people affected by the translations compared to the people who would be affected by more content, would be better to spend the money in that direction. Its a waste of resources to YOU. 1. text translations do not cost that much. 2. to anyone who does not have great English text translations are HUGE. 3. rpg's have atleast as large a fanbase
  13. Very happy to see localization. I only speak English and I know I can get away with that in most countries. For this very reason however, I do not begrudge anyone who does not want to experience EVERYTHING in the English language. Accessibility is great, and I know I would be so pissed if a game as awesome as this one was only available in a language I could not speak very well (say spanish, which I have only an intermediate understanding of). I really don't see why anyone should have a problem with this. Also, as much as I would like to see more from the more exotic races/classes I as
  14. If done right durability can be something that adds another layer of realism and depth to a game. However, there are two problems I have with this. 1. if implemented magic items should not have "charges" in addition to durability, maybe make it harder to find a smith who can repair it, but having 2 levels of durability is tedious and punishments for having superior items just doesn't make sense to me. 2. Durability is a concept, to me, that works best in an open world setting (one where not only is a story being told but you are making your own and essentially living the life of your
  15. I voted yes, but honestly I don't have a strong opinion on this one. However, ANYTHING that gets me some more polls about polls or even a poll about the relevancy of this poll on polls would be most appreciated. I cant explain why I am enjoying this so much, but I am
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