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  1. Backed. Fallout 3 awarded more XP per difficulty mode. A great idea. Yes, that's the Fallout 3 that most Obsidian fans hate and I love.
  2. I don't agree. I think having an introductory line spoken and then the rest largely written helps establish character and wouldn't be prohibitively expensive.
  3. Then I will go back in time and erase FF from history. I hate the idea.
  4. I can get behind this %100. I hate the extravagant art design of most fantasy games. Keep it practical and realistic. From the concept art released so far, seems they're going this route. The Witcher 2 does this better than any other fantasy game I've seen because the artists heavily referenced real life armor and dress in the middle ages but they managed to embellish it, giving it a distinct fantasy look.
  5. Agree with this. DA:O has an effective and stylish UI and it doesn't get in the way. I don't like ornamental sh*t clogging up the main screen, And I like the elements to be far to the edge not floating near the middle like some console ports do.
  6. It can't all be serious. I personally love witty, understated humor in my games. Fortunately, game makers these days seem to be getting better writers and I've played a slew of games lately with great humor.
  7. Funny choice of words since the majority of "romances" so far seems to have been targeting male gamers. It's no secret novelists, movie makers, game makers, well every form of entertainment categorizes both sexes. If the differences weren't true to some degree, they wouldn't persist like they have. I like my vampires white, pasty, and looking like the villain in the original Nosferatu. A whole hell of a lot of women like them as a sparkly twenty-something Brit. So...do I want to play a game designed with women in mind, romances or otherwise? To be honest, not really.
  8. If they can mock Bioware by doing it, why not?
  9. It should be contextual. Wolves drop pelts, knights drop gold and armor, monsters drop unique body parts, bookshelves drop books, etc. Sounds obvious but a lot of RPG's don't do this and it bugs the sh*t out of me.
  10. Wasn't the whole point of this project to make a strong single player game, and avoid tacking on sh*t publishers would demand...like co-op? This really blows me away. I mean there are dozens upon dozens of games with co-op already.
  11. Both Witcher games excelled at this. The PC is constantly being lied to, manipulated, and just plain denigrated at times. Other characters in the game show themselves to be more competent and intelligent than Geralt.
  12. I don't mind if some quests are time sensitive, or failed due to completing some other event. But I prefer this to be the exception.
  13. I'm all for dungeons. I want them to have real atmosphere though, very creepy. Like Diablo, or Amnesia: Dark Descent.
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