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  1. Probably a Barbarian or Fighter any race other than dirty Elf
  2. Glad to see the game showing more potential than I could hope for. Keep up the good work!
  3. I want a companion that is too stupid to be swayed by any social skills!
  4. I am the only one who picked barbarian? Seriously?! I can't wait to make some kind of elf destroying savage.
  5. It is one save that is deleted if you die. So, death is game over.
  6. Story? Perhaps the issue is noncombat and combat gameplay are equally important. In this style of game a player could hack and slash their way through, if desired. Instead, they could use diplomacy or find alternative objectives to bypass violent confrontations. In Fallout 1 you had to do some exploration and uncovering data to talk down the master, I thought. In New Vegas there are no antagonists, only potential adversaries. Torment has a lot of trouble with the combat design because DnD was not an appropriate class/skill system for what they were trying to do, but the Planescape set
  7. I would enjoy traversing the chaos of an insane deity's soul. The laws of physics could change at random and everything (including the party) could morph into weird stuff at times.
  8. Drakensang: River of Time allowed players a set number of experience points to distribute among skills and the opion to choose disadvantages that increase the number (while giving a penalty to something) or advantages that decrease the number (while boosting something). The only possible problem with it was that picking disadvantages that do not effect class builds was easy to do.
  9. I must be the only person who doesn't like tutorials because I read the ****ing manuals and understand what I can and can not do for the most part when I start the game.
  10. Whatever they do, please, dear god please, no freaking dark elves! The last thing I want to see is a masturbatorial DnD SnM fetish kingdom. The underdark was freaking annoying in that respect... hated every second of it.
  11. Does melf stand for, 'mother everyone likes to f....'? It would explain the phallic decay spell!
  12. I want to see Avellone's crazy cipher love laboratory! Each level could delve into different forms of love! The overarching theme could be an epic tragedy!
  13. The developer should always try to implement as many possible paths for a player to take when completing a quest, but the why should always be left up to the player. The world responds to what you do, but not necessarily why you do it. Diablo is a roguelike, and has no choices or consequences beyond combat. Take Fallout 1/2/NV as examples of an . There is minimal history of the protagonist, but a huge range of choices and consequences to what a player can do. The personality and motivations of the protagonists are always left to the player's imagination. Sure, they all have 2 overa
  14. Am I the only person who felt the Connor situation was best solved by using blood magic to enter the fade and killing the demon? This way the whiny bitch dies, the demon dies, the blood mage gets to die, and if I recall correctly there is an option to kill that noble douche too. So everyone dies except the kid! They were all annoying so I felt it was only fair to save their peasants from future melodrama.
  15. An initial quest where a family of rats hires someone to remove your party from their basement!
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