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  1. All reactors are in the open spaces of earth, air is everywhere, even in an empty shoe box, furthermore, reactors use Uranium for fuel, where does the Sun get its Uranium? I ask because you base the Sun's theory of fusion on the principles of Nuclear fusion from a reactor. Bull! I can't believe you actually believe that crap.
  2. But you said: "Here is how it works: fusion increases -> temperature rises -> radiative pressure increases -> sun expands -> temperature decreases -> fusion decreases -> sun shrinks" 1. So how does the temperature rise without the mass? If there is no gain in mass. 2. How does the temperature decrease without loss in mass? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tropical_year We depend on statements of intellectuals we've never met & digitilized pictures given to us by strangers, it becomes a matter of trust. How well do you actually know your sources?
  3. If the Sun shrank from the time before time, the Sun would have lost mass, it would have lost gravity pull, earth would take longer to rotate around the Sun. But the truth is the opposite, days are getting shorter! Also, we still can't prove fusion right here on earth, you want to prove that which is unprovable somewhere in space. Fascinating. Just listen to this, 100 degrees Celsius. No materials on Earth could withstand direct contact with such heat. But yea, we must all accept this bull**** because we askers of questions are devourers of truth.
  4. Hah! Never on earth has fusion been proven without oxygen!! Heat is needed for fusion, oxygen is essential both in transmitting energy and catalysing certain chemical reactions. No oxygen = No heat = No Fusion.
  5. The same way like tides: You can't explain that. - Bill O'Reilly Satellite Television -Transmitters. Satellite Internet - Cell towers. Satellite Imagery - Cell towers/transmitters. The Global Positioning System (GPS) - Cell towers/transmitters. We had fusion without oxygen since it's discovery. What are you talking about?
  6. You wouldn't expect 3000 soldiers to easily defeat 10 old veterans? Are we living in the same world?
  7. I used to love the game back in the day but calling it a simulator is too much.It has not aged gracefully and is imbalanced as hell. I still can't believe that a normal person could finish the game with dwarf or knight. Has not "aged gracefully" ?! FFS, tell me a game which makes use of Fluid Dynamics! In all these years, I've still haven't seen any game with such physics, including blood spurting & water dynamics. The lighting effects of real-time shadows are still way better than most games out there. Let's not forget water reflections, smoke, particle system, etc... The combat keeps you always focused, even against common foes. Unbalanced? My ass! You should weigh your options, stay aware of your surroundings and choose how to react. A simple orc can easily behead you. This alone makes the game worthy of being one of the most balanced games ever. Add various directional attacks, evasive maneuvers, combos, unique weapon-related attacks, EVERYTHING is controlled by the player with the unique combat system. Still the best sword simulator to date. Your lack of respect is insulting!
  8. That's pathetic Keyrock. The vast majority of favourable arguments are of course mundane and thus of little significance to people who have paid nearly 600-1200 euros for hardware components. If the future of computer gaming lies in a few mini-games with super nintendo music, we might as well dust off the ol' Super Nintendo. I know that you clearly have no idea what you're talking about. Since Stardock's developers announced a spiritual successor to Steve Barcia's Master of Magic, a 4x turn based game, you "would" assume that a 3GB game could easily own (In almost every single aspect) a 19 year old 10MB dos game. Time to leave that hammer of yours, and start doing some math. ¿Podries provar de parlar un poc el Valencià? Jo puc parlar el Castellà, pero no en tinc gana ara mateixa. Així que ja ho saps, en valencià o res de res. You knowm cause you're so smart.
  9. YES YES & YES!! Spanish software for the win pal! Graphics, particularly the lighting effects of real-time shadows, character animation, texturing, the soundtrack, the physics, gigantic landscapes, fluid dynamics... All this done by a Spanish Company called Rebel Act Studios in the year 2001 !! It's a shame that some people came up with Mount & Blade or Dark Souls. This game is a MEDIEVAL COMBAT SIMULATOR. Blade simply owns M&B and Dark Souls in every single aspect. A Masterpiece which belongs to the golden era of the computer platform.
  10. Neither of them. In terms of religion, Im kinda tired of "Godlike" figues, statue worshippers & other bizarre beliefs. I want crystal clear White vs Black. Grey isn't a colour. It's the absence of color, since it's neither white nor black. In the spectrum of colors, you go from black, which is a false color (Satan's "Free Will"), all the way through to white, which is every color (Father & Son). A paladin should never be forced into a grey situation where nothing seems what it looks like, ala The Witcher series or any other IE game we played in the past. We're either Devils or Saints, no such thing as a middle point. So, technically... not that it really matters - but grey isn't a color.
  11. The edge lies beyond the inhospitable terrain of what is known as antartica. Hundreds of miles would have to be breached before one reaches the edge.
  12. The symbols on flags are not 3 dimensional? Do I win a price? The U.N could have chose an opened globe symbol as all modern maps display with Antarctica included. http://cdn.mapquest.com/mqatlasenglish/world The United Governments (Nations) of the Flat Earth know the Truth, but they collectively pay their local educational systems to program their citizens to learn the lie, and the best place to hide the Truth was right before your eyes. That would be the last place those plugged to the Matrix would ever look, "hiding in plain sight!"
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