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  1. "And trying to manage a party of 6 in real-time combat is patently absurd - even at slow speed. All it does is result in spamming the space bar pauses."
  2. I'll just post, what I wrote earlier this day! http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72176-thank-you/?p=1602407
  3. To all the great people working at Obsidian, that have put so much effort into this project: THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS GAME POSSIBLE! I just wanted to tell you, that I have waited so long for a game like this and that I am so very happy, that I finally can play it! I have to admit, that I haven't gone far in the game by now, but nevertheless you can feel at every corner how much effort (in germany you would say "how much heartblood", but I fail to find a good translation) you have put into the game! And I appreciate this very much! I think you really can be proud of yourselves! --- Btw.: If anyone would be doing, I don't know, like a kickstarter project to gather some money for a big cake that says "THANK YOU OBSIDIAN" or something, I would be happy to kick in a few bucks! (I know that maybe I should do this since I proposed it, but 1. I have no experience with kickstarter projects, in fact I backed via paypal - 2. I do not live in the US, which would make this much more easy, I suppose - 3. I have not very much time right now to do something like this - 4. I back away from the responsibility ) Or maybe someone has an even better idea?!
  4. I am about to play Skyrim for the first time and I always use Mods with Bethesda games. What Mods did you use to make it more challenging? I am aware, that this is basically off topic, so I won't write more than this, while answering your question via a private conversation: I think anyone who wants to play a modded version of skyrim MUST: 1. Register at the skyrim nexus ( http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/? ) and get their nexusmodmanager ( http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/modmanager/? ) 2. Visit the Skyrim G.E.M.S. ( http://www.skyrimgems.com/ ), which is a great assortment (?) of the gazillion mods availabel for this game.
  5. I played some Age of Wonders III but the story is so boooring, that I stopped after the 4th mission. Maybe I'll come back to it some other time. I started Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall, but I have not much time (for reasons mentioned below ), so I end up playing for half an hour every now and then. I really like it though. It has the same strengths and problems as the main game (strong story, linear gameplay). So if you did not like that, you can skip the add on. Most of my free time goes to Skyrim. I installed a LOT of mods using the ingenious nexusmodmanager, twiddled with many, many settings and finally found a way to make it a lot more challenging without becoming a brutal hardcore experience (like when you are using Requiem for example, which I tried. It has a lot of cool ideas, but was too hard for me (!) to be fun to play. Others might like it though) Edit: Oh yeah: And I did not deliver the Dragonstone to Farengar yet! So I can stroll around Skyrim without the enerving, constant dragon attacks! Just magnificent! I love it!
  6. First of all: Thank you for all the effort you put into this game and for sharing this great info! I can't wait to play the game with a rogue! I really, REALLY love the fact, that you seperated the "thief" and the "heavy hitter"!
  7. As I wrote in another thread about the same stupid issue:
  8. Yes, please give cities a somewhat realistic look and feel! (Btw.: Another bad example would be fallout. The size of a vault, for example is just ridiculous! Although it didn't stop me from loving those games, a more realistic approach would please me very much!) And while you're at it, please make realistic houses aswell: - A house should have roughly the same (realistic) proportions on the in- and outside! No tiny shacks containing enormous rooms! - Windows and doors should be at the same places on the in- and outside - I would like to see realistic furniture: A house should have a place to sleep for every inhabitant, a table to eat at, a place to cook meals etc. - A merchant should have a place to store his goods. I don't like merchants with a vendor's tray who have dozens of halberds, warhammers and full plate armor in stock.... - etc.
  9. I really like those two, especially the last one! This would be one of those tiny features where you would just think: "How cool is THAT?!" when you notice for the first time, that your party gets dirty/messed up in the wilds, and clean, when they have the means to wash/bath etc. - You could even make barbarians (for example), who won't care about their looks (and odors) and would not wash (unless you order them to do so, maybe). - If you would walk through an "upper class area", coming directly from the wilds, people could even react with tiny texts over their heads like: "Oh my! What a horrid smell!" or "Look at those... creatures carefully, my dear! This is the reason why you should study VERY hard!" or "Someone should call the guards, a bunch of wildlings somehow made their way into the city!" or "If I would not have been warned by your smell, your looks really would have shocked me!" etc. - The valet of a noble could suggest that you go wash yourself before talking to his lord. - The lord could react to your looks, if you ignored the valets advice ("Who do you think you are, strolling into my palace, looking like common rubble?!", "Do you want to insult me by your sheer looks?!" etc.) - Some niminy-piminy (?) party member could comment on his/her decreasing levels of cleanness: "I would do everything for a hot bath right now!", "I really miss the amenities of a city!", "If my hair gets messed up just a little more, you would need an axe to cut it!", "Where is the sense in wandering aimlessly in the swamp?!", mumbling to him/herself: "I wonder if this dirt would make a good beauty face mask!" etc.) - and so on I really think that would be a cool, immersive feature to have! But, of course, you are right, maybe this would be overdoing it...
  10. I think I only got the receipts from paypal. I'm sure that will be enough though. I didn't pay through my account but through a direct pay option where you just gave your information. Hopefully there won't be a problem with that. It would be great to know for sure. I wrote an eMail to the support about the matter and I just got an answer, confirming my paiment. So I guess, everything should be alright with the other paypal users aswell. (Btw.: I didn't really think there would be any problems, but it just seemed a bit odd to me/I wasn't really happy about the fact, that I had not received some sort of acknowledgement from Obsidian.)
  11. I have a "problem" with my donation aswell: I donated via paypal, since I do not own a credit card. I was digging through my eMails recently and it seems that I have not received any confirmation for my pledge/donation from Obsidian. All I DO have is a paypal confirmation with a confirmation-number, but that's about it. Is this the same with other paypal backers? Or did I accidentally delete an eMail with some sort of acknowledgement? I really would appreciate some information about my pledge/donation...
  12. Thank you for this update! A good friend of mine recently became interested in Project Eternity (obviously I did a bad job, when I tried to raise his interest during the kickstarter campaign...) and instead of writing a summary for him, I could just forward this update. Keep up the good work!
  13. this might be of interest for you: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/62339-enemy-bodies-disappearing-right-away-or-turning-into-bags-of-loot/
  14. In short: Some little consequences for successful thievery/pick pocketing: I wrote this in another thread a long time ago, but it also seems to fit in here: (I will qoute it here because I really would love to see something like that in the game and hope it might get more attention, if I mention it over and over again! ) I really would love to see some (little) consequences even for successful thievery! For example: - If you stole a purse from a maidservant she could start complaining that she will face punishment at her employers house, because she had not been careful enough. - A merchant could turn on his no good bodyguards for not preventing a theft. - If you stole from a farmer, he could become desperate, now that he would not be able to buy the two cows he had been saving his money for 2 years. - If you stole from somebody who would give a quest to you later on, he could say something like: "I would have offered you 50 gold pieces, but since some bastard stole my purse, I can't." - If you stole from a beggar kid he could start to cry, now that he and his little sister would have to starve... Even if it would only be "role play" consequences, I think such little events would make you think twice before doing the "steal-harvest" on a map, before moving on... All those things can easily be accomplished with a little text over the head of those you stole from. Nothing fancy and no voice acting needed. (Of course I am aware, that it would break the immersion, if you would use the same text over and over and over again, because, you see, I used to be an adventurer like you, but then...) ( http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/60453-thievery-should-be-m )
  15. Oh yes! I would love to have some opportunities like, for example in Jagged Alliance 2. I would like to have the ability to: - Jump over waist high walls and hide behind them. - Climb on a roof with your shooter to pick of your enemies, while your fighters guard the ladder/the way up - Hide behind objects and in bushes and ambush your enemies - or maybe taunt your enemy on ground level with a fighter and then, when he attacks you, your rogue slips (?) down the roof he was hiding on, sneaks up from behind and backstabs the bastard! - jump over a chasm to infiltrate an enemy base and avoid the heavily guarded main entrance - climb to a balcony with your rogue, sneak through the mansion and open the doors from the inside - and I really like the example with the makeshift bridge in the original post! - etc. etc. etc. That would be really cool (and would REALLY add some flavor to classes like the rogue), but I am not sure if it can be accomplished with the engine easily and I think it would be a rather big change to the IE-ish gameplay (you would need the ability to crouch or prone your party members etc.) they want to attain. So, again: I would really like to see a fantasy game with combat and movement opportunities similar to JA2, but I it is okay with me, if PE will "just" be like the IE games. A cool idea, but no must-have!
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