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  1. I haven't heard them say PC is lead platform for TW3. They seem to be shying away from that stance, actually. They were all about it with W1.
  2. Women: shave all your pubic hair Men: handle bar moustaches are retarded
  3. I would love if it humdinged in the exploration department. At least a little bit.
  4. Very likely. EA has heard our cries and is doing something about it. Oh how they love the word service. You aren't buying a product anymore, you're buying a 'service'.
  5. Why the hell would you replay this game? I'd rather crush my knee caps with a ball-peen hammer.
  6. I refuse to get married because I think it's a stupid idea. All the gay folks getting married: welcome to hell.
  7. I was poking fun at a certain politician's response to the news. I coudn't care less about cherry picking scripture. OT: the ruling was long overdue.
  8. The armor design is weird. Again. What's with the chicken helmets and no elbow protection? Still, the game looks better than DA2.
  9. As will the kinect. Most gamers want nothing to do with the thing, but it's a required peripheral. Stupid decision by MS.
  10. Glad I'm on PC. this console nonsense seems a mess.
  11. Battlefield 3 used Frostbite 2. Never played it Youtube is your friend. And easy to use.
  12. You can't blame Morigan's look on the engine, they're using a modified version of one of the best engines out there. Anyway, it's not terrible, just cliche, or rather bland. There's nothing remarkable about any of the character designs in DA. Granted, fantasy is a pretty hard genre to stand out in being plagued with ginormous swords and bikini armor and whatnot. Mass Effect is a different story, excellent art design. I love the look of those games. Gaider's comment, lol. shows yet again the people at Bioware can't take criticism to save their life.
  13. Bioware needs to hire better artists, that's the issue with Morrigan and the entire DA franchise. DA:O looked average and DA2's 'hot rod samurai' aesthetic was ridiculous. If your current artists can't hack it, get new ones. Maybe they could get CDPR to outsource a few, spruce up the art design, bring in some originality. Anyway, funny how there's hardly any info on DA3 after all this time. More development woes?
  14. I know there are some Witcher fans that have concerns because CDPR have very much bought into the console platform, something they weren't expecting. Of course there are concerns over that. I didn't expect it.
  15. A licensed IP cannot be original. The backstory, relationships, world building etc is done by someone else, and a game based on a licensed IP uses these things rather than creates their own. Sapkowski may have created an original setting (albeit with a lot of obvious influences) but CDPR hasn't. The reason to use the licensed IPs is to get name recognition and not to have to build a world yourself, after all. I'm not trying to be dismissive, I've enjoyed both Witcher games and have little to no doubt that I'll enjoy the third. It just won't be original, and CDPR ultimately has to function under the same limitations as everyone else (barring Valve, I wouldn't even include Blizzard to be honest) with respect to making a product that will sell rather than a product that is exactly what they would like. As an example, TW3 will have DRM on the on3- they may not like it to, but it will, if it didn't it wouldn't be on the system at all. Really? So who is telling them what kind of game to make? You're argument as to whether what they or Sapkowski does is original is a long and seperate topic. But the immediate issue is: they aren't Bioware, they aren't Dice, they aren't Naughty Dog, they are completely autonomous in regard to the content they put in their games. The only restriction they have is the ESRB. No one is telling them what to do.
  16. Meh, that always comes up. For better or worse EA has only continued Bioware's direction, not altered it. Bioware did dlc before it became cool (NWN) went console and RPG lite with no influence from EA and produced ME1 and most of DAO without being owned by EA. The only change was rushing DA2, and that was at least partly Bioware's own fault for having DAO take so long that ME3 and DA2 on a normal cycle would have been near synchronised in production and release date- and that seems to have been fixed for DA3. I like CDPR as much as the next guy, but it isn't like they just make the games they want to, they make the games they think will sell. They could have kept TW2 to the same formula as the first game and had (mainly) iso camera, vaguely diabloesque combat and the like, but went for a overhaul. Anyone who thinks that that was not influenced strongly by the decision to release on console need only look at the UI, and anyone who thinks that the decision to release on console was predicated on enlightening the unwashed console masses, cowering in the depths of their despair and degradation rather than making money is slightly naive- and if they really really wanted to do exactly what they wanted then yes, they would do original IPs. Cyberpunk and Wiedzim/ Witcher are licensed IPs with limitations to what can be done with them, their own IPs are more work, but there they could tailor stuff exactly as they want. If they wanted to make a game primarily on the prospect of sales, they wouldn't choose an obscure and fixed Polish fantasy protagonist. You're trying to be dsimissive but you clearly have no experience with their games. Everyone wants to make a game that sells. Few have the balls to stick to something original.
  17. Why? So they can conjure up another generic fantasy world? Their adapation is every bit as valid as Bioware's aping of Tolkien. And better written.
  18. Way imbalanced though. Gameplay sucks, especially the economy.
  19. Very stoked for this game. I hope the areas are bigger this time.
  20. Well Bioware's was just a teaser while TW3 had some gameplay footage, and it looked amazing. I think CD Projekt is the better developer so I'm confident Witcher 3 will be better. Bioware's writing has just tanked of late, and their approach to moral dilemmas and choices has never been as good as the RED's. That said, they're taking more time with DA3's developement so I do expect it to be an improvement over DA2. Edit- damn, Nightshade works at CD Projekt? Cheers mate! Hope the game is going well.
  21. I'd consider buying this...thing if Bill gates held a gun to my head. Untill then, I'll stick with my PC.
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