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  1. Sad to think whenever an artist renders a sexy female in a game, the white knights and femi-nazi's come to the rescue, reminding us that the only empowered woman is a butch dyke in a burqa.
  2. Bethesda was downright lazy in Skyrim. The dungeons? Handcrafted my ass. It's the same design over and over. These guys are way more ambitious than Bethesda is. I love TES and Fallout, but look at how far CDPR has gotten with TW3 after only two years of development. They have a bigger team now too. 80+ worked on TW2. Now over 120 work on TW3, plus a seperate team for advancing the new engine.
  3. I'd love to experience the cast of New Vegas, but I can't get into the setting. I fervently hope Fallout 4 is not in the desert west, a setting I find utterly boring. Please let it be in the east, and please let it be free of Bugsidian's reach.
  4. Turn based was what Swen originally wanted to do with Divine Divinity, but as is often the case, publishers had their say. Same thing with Ego Draconis - they never really wanted to program for the funbox. So this is indeed a return to their roots and it was started on their own as an individual developer, free from publisher constraints. With the rebirth of old school CRPG's, this one personally tops my list. That it was initially started without any crowd funding shows their commitment.
  5. Wow, really? So that means 32 bit at least? Here comes AP: 64 bit edition...hardcore man. Really, you guys are pushing the console envelope.
  6. Fergus sounds more and more like Ray Muzyka, and Ray sounds like a second rate car salesman...time to star another kickstarter...
  7. Then New Vegas was worse, because I have no desire to explore the **** brown, empty desert with trade mark **** Obsidian gameplay. And Obsidian knows ****ty gameplay. I've tried Alpha Protocol...
  8. [iNTELLIGENCE] You like Fallout 3. No, I 'liked' because I'm done with it. Past tense, look it up. And let me know when Obsidian does art design or gameplay on par with anyone else. So far, I've yet to be impressed. Alpha Protocol looks like they hired a pre-schooler for character design, and New Vegas is ugly as hell.
  9. I think single people deserve more tax breaks than couples. We aren't polluting the earth with our spawn, we leave a small societal footprint, we consume less, we have less of a need to milk the state for welfare. So I say, **** the sanctity of marriage, gay or otherwise, and give single people more benefits. Getting married shouldn't make you special.
  10. Liked Fallout 3 myself. New Vegas seemed so bland and outdated, I didn't even pick it up. So yeah, I vote letting Bethesda continue the Fallout franchise and allow Obsidian to focus on Q&A, art design and good combat. Things their games seem to be lacking. ...and keep Fallout on the east coast please...no more deserts.
  11. Why is everyone confusing the Batman thing? Rocksteady is doing Batman... Not impressed with Fergus really. But he is the bean counter i suppose.
  12. If I want hollow PR speak that causes me to lose faith in the industry, I usually listen to John Riccitiello...
  13. What the gosh darn heck ( keeping within forum rules here) would close-ups and zooming hurt? Or a rotating camera? Would that destroy the tactical combat? If so, please explain.
  14. I would like a late medieval setting, circa 1200-1300. Too many games seem to take place in dark ages, or have generic high fantasy settings like Dragon Age.
  15. They're supporting the hell out of MP. I find it curious that seems to be their focus now. I'm sure DA3 will go down the same road.
  16. As long as they use actual weapons and not just hands and feet, I'm happy. Gosh darned happy.
  17. It doesn't have to involve politics. Just keep the game grounded in a semi-realistic setting, and avoid **** like talking trees, noble elves and the satan-inspired evil that rises every 1000 yrs and has to be banished to hell by the hero.
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