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  1. Turn based seems somewhat contrived to me ( let's take turns killing each other...), and too slow.
  2. Making up new races isn't so simple in fantasy as it is science fiction. The time-tested races are still here for a reason. Best to let them do variations on a theme. Or they could go the Elder Scrolls route and have us play as Lizard people and furries, which I rather they didn't.
  3. I'm impressed at how fast Obsidian is making stuff happen, and I'll be getting the game at GoG. Thank you, really. With so many DRM laden games nowadays, you guys deserve credit for teaming up with GoG.
  4. Am I the only straight guy that finds it flattering to be hit on by a gay dude? I may be hella homophobic in regards to any actual male-male contact (seriously, a hug can bother me if it's longer than 3 seconds), but wtf being told I'm hot or likeable is nice no matter who gives the compliment. You just haven't been hit on by the wrong dude.
  5. 1 or 2. They shouldn't pull any punches. Too many developers are afraid to confront tough issues, or they can't treat them with a degree of sophistication. I like occasional 'holy sh*t did that really happen?' moments in games like Fallout or TW2. Plus, if it's a quasi-medieval setting, you have a host of nasty realities to deal with like slave labor, rape, class warfare, religious zealotry, etc
  6. Pretty much this. I don't like people asking devs to put fanservice specific story elements in their games. If they want to do it, let them. If not, so be it.
  7. I basically agree, but I don't believe in lobbying for features in games. It's their project.
  8. Lol, good one OP. Avellone saying he was tired of catering to console limitations was refreshing and what got me interested in the first place.
  9. Yeah, it's a no brainer they should avoid this. Bioware's never gotten away from the formula. I personally loved both the Witcher games for the moral ambiguity and delayed consequences.
  10. I don't expect VO's, cut scenes or bells and whistles. But a stronghold would be pretty cool.
  11. This ain't an AAA title though, is it? Not in the overblown, over-hyped, uber-marketed CoD way I consider 'AAA.' I paid $35.00 for a game up front. I don't suddenly feel like a shareholder, just a person who put his money where his mouth is. Over-entitlement is one of the most prevalent yet pointless features of these types of forums. I'm not saying *you* are, far from it, but we're heading slowly in that direction IMO. That's true, it probably shouldn't be considered AAA. I do think info is a little sparse but I'm sure they'll step that up.
  12. All valid points, the deadline being the most concerning. Most AAA games take between 3-4 yrs to develop.
  13. I voted 3..*ducks* But really, its their story. Let 'em do what they want.
  14. If it's top down, with no cutscenes, the only romantic bits we'd be seeing are words, lol. Meh, I'm fine either way.
  15. After Dragon Age 2 and the ending to ME3, I can't believe people are still defending Bioware's writing. I wouldn't trust them with the next Mario game.
  16. TW2 isn't much about romance really. Only the Vess dialog constitutes romantic banter. I rather liked it, brief as it was. Piss her off and she sends you on your way. Had that experience myself a few times. I figure Obsidian should take their own approach, and if anything, look to Bioware on how not to do it. Because in their games it's become a regular feature, contrived - not connected to the story but done for its own sake.
  17. Have you played Bioware's recent titles? Their writing has become a joke. No one from Bioware, please.
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