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  1. WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS in this post This is going to be a long post. I really shouldn’t be spending this much time on it, but I just feel like there were some things that I wanted to say about the game. Felipepepe wrote up a very good post “My collected criticism on Pillars of Eternity (very minor spoilers)” on the rpgcodex website and so I am going to be repeating some of his criticisms and adding my own thoughts on it. Engine & Presentation The game is beautiful and the soundtrack is solid. The 2x speed button is a great addition and having the secondary weapons appear on t
  2. I had the exact problem as you. I do wish there was a brief popup in game explaining that because I did waste a fair amount of time trying to figure out how to go down the levels.
  3. But it's not just about the revenue generation. It's about whether or not the keep is fun to play. And right now, it's not really fun to play. It feels more like a chore, like Farmville or something, where you have to pay off bad visitors and fend off armies. It's micromanagement, but it's not necessarily fun micromanagement.
  4. A bug from what I can tell. They are getting paid, but the UI isn't being updated to show that. Aye, so far the stronghold hasn't impressed me. As examples: I haven't had any interesting visitors as of yet and the dungeon seems rather pointless, mainly because of the former and their ability to escape. And you can't really prevent them from escaping either and you don't really know when they are going to jailbreak. That's also a problem.
  5. 1. Durance and Grieving Mother I actually loved these characters' dialogues. I thought they were very original and creative. You could immediately tell the difference in writing style. I was not surprised at all that Chris wrote them. 2. Hiravias Hilarious. 3. Sagani Great story about family. 4. Eder Bro. 5. Kana Scientist. 6. Pallegina and Aloth Kind of boring honestly. Maybe if there was more backstory for both, I would have liked them more. Aloth has backstory, but at the same time, I still feel like there was more to be developed there.
  6. Is there an efficient way of selling large quantities of weapons and armor to stores? As the standard "murderhobo", I have accumulated pages of weapons and armor that I have looted from various monsters and cultists. When I go to stores to sell these weapons and armor, I have been individually moving them from the stash to the inventory. This can be a pain in the neck when I am trying to sell 30 pieces of armor or 20 swords at a time. Is there any way I can sell these items en masse at all?
  7. It would have also been pretty cool to break down existing enchanted weapons into components that you can recycle for other weapons.
  8. Classes Feels like Wizards don't have the same time of offensive and healing repertoire that the Druids have. Wish there were more summoning spells and more spells targeted at the undead. Stats Resolve is LITERALLY Charisma. Crafting and Enchanting I wish I could get enchant and layer on more effects on armor and weapons. Personally, I wish there were some more quirky effects from the unique weapons standpoint. Talents and Abilities I wish I had more points to use for talents and abilities. I also agree that some of the talents and abilities aren't very useful. I bare
  9. That's a good point. I think that would be pretty cool to implement. I liked the crafting options in Arcanum a lot because you had to find schematics to assemble items. Or in Diablo 2, where you had to experiment with the Horadic cube to find different formulas. In this game, all the recipes are already given to you. I think it would be have been kind of fun to put in hints on recipes throughout the game. The challenge of unlocking or finding new recipes/items is gone.
  10. I am almost done with the game, and from my experience, there's only a single sidequest for each companion.
  11. My personal opinion of the voice acting is that they were all outstanding. I was very, very impressed.
  12. What bothers me more about the tools is that as long as you keep them stocked, it's almost insta-win for the scripted interactions. There's no randomness or unpredictability attached to the scripted interactions, which to me, makes the decisions with the scripted interactions too easy. You always use the available tool. I also wish there were more varied scripted interactions. Most of the scripted interactions that I have gone through have been either, use hammer and chisel, torch, grappling hook, or prybar. You use them to climb up places, go over gaps, or chisel things away. It's a
  13. Chris can WRITE. Durance and Grieving Mother really stood out for me. Some of the dialogue for Hiravias was also hilarious.
  14. It seems relatively costly to purchase the upgrades without substantial benefits to it. The inns offer better attribute bonuses than resting at the Stronghold. The upgrades take a fairly long time to build, specifically the walls, and they are also easy to tear down after an attack on the stronghold. I haven't really held that many prisoners in the dungeon and it doesn't seem particularly reactive. There have been a couple of unique items that I have bought from visitors but visitors don't seem to visit the stronghold much. There's no risk of failure for sending out companions for qu
  15. It also doesn't make sense to me not have a rogue NPC when there are other classes that seem to complement rogues really well, like the cipher, the druid, and the wizard. The spellcasters can cause status effects that the rogues can really exploit.
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