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  1. I agree on this one. Placing him in a dungeon would have added a nice twist to Devil's quest. But as it stands now in the game, your "dungeon" doesn't really have much impact on the game which is a shame.
  2. Here's a funny thing about the world of Pillars and mass murderers. Pillars is loosely based on Europe's mid to late medieval period. The words "law" and "due process" were interpreted differently from place to place and meant something entirely different from what they mean today. Dyrwood is a feudal society in it's late period, but a feudal one never the less and because of that "The word of Roadwarden of Caed Nua is the law in the surrounding lands". By holding that title officially, as long as he holds it your character has the right to judge people under him. So unless your character
  3. We can argue forever on this, some ppl find the faction choices annoying others find them ok. But the main reason this thread exists is because of a rather annoying bug. As the developer said, there was a bug allowing you to pick up BOTH FACTION QUESTS, for knights and dozens at the same time, effectively preventing you from being invited by both sides. As it was stated before, the quests in question are Winds Of Steel and Bronze Beneath The Lake, those 2 quests were supposed to be mutually exclusive, meaning if you pick up one you can't get take the other. The bug allowed you to pick
  4. Well so far I'm enjoying my potd playthrough. As I expected things are rather hard early on, but level out once you finish The Old Watcher quest, since every location but Twin Elmes is open to you. Gear is probably the main reason, more so than XP, as you can grab a lot of money and some decent gear early on, putting you on pair with slightly inflated monster stats. This playthrough I'm using a 2H rogue and as soon as I got 10k gold I went to Dyrford to get Hours of Saint Rumbald/Tall Grass (whichever you prefer). Once I got the weapon most encounters started melting. My party is Eder
  5. Well in most cases the text is pretty explicit. The Doemenels tell you right up front that the job is both illegal and dangerous and that accepting it will prevent any further interactions with Knights and Dozens. The crucible knights are not that explicit, but they tell you, you will probably have to cross swords with other factions (and providing CK with an army of golems would defenetly put you on the Dozens' bad side, even without their views on animancy). The only thing I mind about this is the fact that the main quests for all three factions are rather short. If you had to do 3 or 4
  6. Well would be a shame if that's the case. I'm not a big fan of the rng. Still would be nice to have some confirmation.
  7. Well the way I see it, it does make sense that doing several jobs for one faction would create a problem with the other two. The explanation is in the lore. When you enter Defiance Bay the narator tells you that the city is basically a powder cag ready to blow any second. As you run around the city you find out about several prominent factions that all hold a certain measure of influence in the royal court. To make matters worse, all three factions are at odds. Add Legacy and Hollowborn on top of it and you do really have a powder cag ready to blow up as soon as someone farths... So when a
  8. Well, there is no harm in trying it out Truth is potd is a bit frustrating in the begining, but once you get a few lvls under your belt, backed up with some decent gear, it becomes fun (at least for me). And no, potd does not invalidate "half of abilities and spells" it simply makes spells you never bothered using during normal or hard playthrough useful, if anything it makes more things viable. Things like food for example...Sure you can still run through encounters without it, but in potd it helps a lot. Traps, you find a ton of them troughout the game and now you actually have a
  9. So, as the topic says I'd like to now if there is a way in game (without resorting to cheats) to obtain more than 2 sky dragon's eyes and Adra Dragon Scales. I searched through several topics and never found a concrete answer as some ppl claim these items can be bought from Currio Shop, or randomly generated with other ingredients in your stronghold. Having finished the game on hard, so far I have never seen these items on sale anywhere in the game, nor have they been randomly generated in my stronghold. So if anyone knows a definitive answer to this I would much appreciate it.
  10. Hmm you might want to move this to another thread as it is completely off topic. After all the OP asked about differences between hard and potd
  11. So far I did some testing on phantoms and shades in Cad Nua and wolves and bears in Valewood. The differences are indeed big between hard and PoTD. Most mobs on potd have up to 50% higher stats, I tested it on phantoms and shadows. On hard shadows and phantoms have around 52-54 deflection defence, while on potd they have 75, this is also true for other defences. In addition, they also have 50% higher accuracy. In game mechanics this means they also do more dmg, as they will score critical hits on your characters more often. As far as numbers of mobs go, in Valewood on hard you encounte
  12. Well, Eder's quest kind of remains open, to a degree. So who knows, maybe we will get something more in the upcomming sequels But yes in general, it makes him come to terms with what happened.
  13. Lightning strikes was broken pre patch, not sure if it works after. Turning Wheel works fine. Keep in mind that for turning wheel to show any bonus dmg you need to "have wounds" on your monk. Get hit a few times to stack 4-5 wounds then attack something and you should be able to see bonus fire dmg in the combat log. Keep in mind that spending wounds on abilities will lower the damage of turning wheel, as only the wounds that you currently have, count towards bonus fire dmg, the spent wounds do not count.
  14. Here's my monk build, playing on hard atm lvl8: Fire godlike M:19 C:8 D:10 P:15 I:8 R:18 Skills by lvl: 1.Torment's Reach 2.Lesser Wounds 3.Force of Anguish 4.Weapon focus: Peasant 5.Turning Wheel 6.Vulnerable attack 7.Duality of mortal presence 8.Two weapon style No weapons, for armor only Berathian robe (2DR, -5% recovery), DR belt for extra 5 pierce and slash resistance. Atm on hard this character runs into the battle side by side with Eder. Usually Eder locks down 3 enemies while my monk grabs everything that's left. So far this build has excellent survivability
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