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  1. I'm pretty sure lightning strikes 25% damage and turning wheel stack. It says so in the combat log, the numbers add up correctly. Just tried today.
  2. I'm thinking about starting a wizard with 3 resolve and 3 con, so that I can max out might, int, dex, and perception. Is this viable, or am I being too greedy? Is it worth it to have a more conservative 10 cons instead? This is for a regular stay in the back lines and cast spells type wizard. ps: I'm playing at potd difficulty.
  3. I'm trying to decide if I want to take arcane veil or more spell slot talent. should i pick arcane veil and hardened arcane veil over bonus level 1 and 2 spells? For a wizard, right now I am thinking of getting the scion of flame talent, are any of the other elemental talents a must have? Please help me decide what I should do for my POTD playthrough!
  4. If I whine about anything it's because I see this game being so close to being actually a good game but with so many small, easily fixable flaws that makes it not worth playing. I just want to say that this is 2015. If you played Baldur's Gate and no other game until PoE I guess it's easy to think of it as a good game, but times have changed. We've had many good games come out since then, not just in terms of graphics but in terms of game design. I can excuse the issues with graphics, but outdated standards of game design make this game unacceptable. In this era of Dark Souls and Bloodborne, LoL and Dota2, we have much higher expectations for game flow and challenge. I just want to compare this game to Bloodborne for a minute, because both games came out more or less the same time. Now they are both very different games, and anyone who has played Bloodborne will be familiar with feelings of frustration and moments of "WTF" when playing it. The big difference between Bloodborne and PoE is you never think the designer of Bloodborne was stupid or obviously wrong. Stuff like making constitution points matter so little you can use it as a dump stat, almost every class maxing might and dumping perception, the way deflection and accuracy scale making them either really good or completely unimportant, fan of flames being so much better than fireball, and on and on and on .. games like Dota2 have gotten us used to spells that look very simple at the beginning but allow a huge amount of creativity on how to use them and how good they can be. PoE just measures so poorly in terms of game design to those games. I think it could have made it if it spent 6 more months in playtesting. Obsidian should be paying us for all the beta testing we are doing for them.
  5. Uh you know Bloodborne just came out right. And people stopped playing sc2 not because it's hard but because it's boring. Dota and LoL are fun and unpredictable and SO MUCH BETTER BALANCED that Pillars of Eternity.
  6. With Biting Whip and Two Weapon Style, the damage is comparable to a rogue. Get Vulnerable Attacks and Draining Whip too.
  7. Monk has Torment's Reach, which for the cost of one wound does 2 attacks at +50% damage each. They also have Force of Anguish, which for 2 wounds does a ridiculously long knockback and prone. With Soul Mirror and Rooting Pain, monk doesn't even have to attack to kill everything, they can just stand at the front of the party. It's pretty good.
  8. Are these abilities bugged out? When I attack and get wounds, my fists light up with flames, but according to the combat log I am only doing crush damage, no burn damage. Same with lightning strikes.
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