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  1. Yep. Have medicine, and the resting crew (in the resting slots) never, ever heals. Some are still at "19 days wounded" after a month of sailing around in the rested slots.
  2. I've been given the quest by Aeldys to wipe out the slavers. The pirate captain helpfully suggested enlisting Rusasare's people. No matter how I start the conversation with Ruasare--talking on behalf of the Queen of Neketaka (yep, on that quest at the same time) or starting by talking about the slavers, specifically stating "Hey, I want to kill slavers, and I understand we could be allies," I wind up at two conversational options: 1. Why do you need outside help? 2. This isn't my fight, let me reconsider. Choosing option 1 circles me right back to the same two choices. Endless loo
  3. I should add, went back to the Luminous Waters area just to use it as an inn . . . and was brought in, fully armed and armored, where I found myself fighting Tola and the rest of them. Having killed them and obtained a journal, I figured I'd go back outside, and then in *again* (so that I could finally add a missing party member). That time, with no one else alive downstairs, I walked in nekkid, as a bath attendant. Still can't use the inn. I've gone back to the Director, and NOW he correctly triggers. I would suspect that you could try pickpocketing the . . . nekkid dude . . . for his
  4. Same issue. I'd gotten the quest from the director, gone and done the bathhouse; it's completed and awaiting turn in in my log. However, on entering the Vailian Trading Company, I happened to run into the governor (hadn't spoken with her before), and got taken to the Director. Who promptly went back through the entire dialogue to give me the quest I was trying to turn in. Glad it's not just me.
  5. Thank you for this. I think this has been my problem. Good lord, this is convoluted as processes go.
  6. I hadn't had this problem until just now, and wasn't aware of it. I went back to Cad Nua in Act III, swapped out Durance for Kana, loaded Kana up with fresh equipment since I hadn't used him in a while, and left Cad Nua. I got a notice as I exited the area that Kana had left the party, and sure enough, when I reached my next zone (the bridge north of Defiance Bay), he was gone. When I returned to Cad Nua, he was not available in the party select screen. I don't see him on the map, but I'd hate to have lost the items. Guess I'll be going back an hour of game play to my last save when I have
  7. Nevermind. The issue was the person behind the keyboard. Apparently, you have to move the map itself around a lot, and you'll eventually find the images of the other levels, which have the activation squares on them.
  8. The issue here could be the person sitting behind the keyboard. Which is why I didn't want to post this to the bug thread. Simply put, I cannot use the Master Staircase in Od Nua, and the various online guides (and forum threads) that I have searched out, merely say "it's available on almost every level and can be used." Very helpful! When I click on the compass that appears as the activation point for the master stairs, no matter which level I'm on, I get a charmingly drawn image of the current level of the dungeon on the map. There is nothing clickable here to activate, and I never
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