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  1. Good luck with PoE2 guys and gals of Obsidian! I won't be backing you this time out, as I found rather quickly I didn't care at all for PoE's combat mechanics (the underlying math just never clicked for me, and if I can't understand it, my interest evaporates) or health system (seriously, HP's just work...the whole stamina/health thing just...well, I fail to see the purpose). Anyhoo, I'm really not here to rain on things...I hope PoE2 brings more success to you and joy to all those who play it.
  2. I'm hoping for a Pathfinder CRPG. Unfortunately I gave up on PoE (got tired of wrestling with big chunks of its ruleset, found much of it to be un-intuitive) so I have little interest in PoE2 and Tyranny's concept just doesn't interest me. I do hope whatever they have coming brings them huge success though!!
  3. I think it's mostly just perceived trends with perhaps some truth to it (but a lot of truth about the video game industry is obscured to us mere consumers). My best friend works in the 'biz and from what I've observed and from what we've talked about, one of the defining traits in that industry is Ego, at every level, from studio leadership down to the grunts in the trenches. I wouldn't be surprised if part of this perceived trend is that Ego is driving many leaders to think that if they aren't in the same league as the "Triple A's", then it's just treading water in the minors until a Tr
  4. Took the survey, but I've been wanting a Pathfinder CRPG from Obsidian since they announced their partnership with Paizo way back. Ignored the Adventure Card game (zero interest, MtG thoroughly obliterated my interest in ever touching a CCG again, digital or printed product), but hoped and continue to hope this isn't just placation but a concerted effort to finally get a PFCRPG made. Stick to the Pathfinder ruleset as much as possible though. nSpace learned a hard lesson with Sword Coast Legends about taking liberties with the 5e ruleset (nothing against the people, just the decisions
  5. I poked around the PoE wiki and came up blank looking for a pronunciation guide for some of the names in this game (it's entirely possible, perhaps likely, I just suck at looking for things). Does one exist? I'd just like to know if how I think something is pronounced....actually is pronounced that way (nothing specific at the moment I'd want to know, but I do know there are some that I will not be sure about). Thanks in advance for any who can point me to one.
  6. Not from me. I'd love to support it, but the communication was disorganized, disjointed and generally chaotic....which did not give me a sense that the game itself would not follow suit. It struck me in much the same fashion of trying to listen to a sugar-fueled, over-stimulated child tell you about their trip to the amusement park. You can't help but be enthralled by their obvious enthusiasm and plain to see excitement....but you wonder if that was more because the rides were fun, or because of the sugar rush.
  7. Reminds me of DA:I's hype/PR train before release. Made for PC my arse. Got burned there, not getting burned by this. My interest is still very much there for SCL, but no way will I be pre-ordering, or even buying Day 1 if this is more DAO in the Realms than it is D&D in the Realms.
  8. But hey, glowy weapons! Look how glowy!
  9. A great, big, fat "Meh" from me. Hope they do well with it, and the DA franchise, but I'm out.
  10. It's....disappointing. Some of the recent developments, most specifically that cooldowns are being used, since those are not typically associated with D&D-rules inspired gameplay. Much debate has ensued, but I think the initial impressions were it would be more like BG/IWD in terms of its rules implementation, and less like DA:O. I find myself a little less excited for SCL, but certainly not less interested. Well, not yet. I haven't seen enough of the game itself, and to see how the devs address this, to lose interest. I was hoping for a much closer adaptation of the 5e rules,
  11. Well I for one stopped reading at card game, but did not go nuts lol. I was hoping it was a cRPG, but this partnership is still awesome to see. Maybe a cRPG will happen in the future, maybe not. I won't touch the card game (zero interest), but a CRPG I most certainly would. Big fan of Pathfinder RPG.
  12. Ah, well lookey there....last time I checked those some of the tiers weren't included. Awesome. Appreciate the poke in the brain dlux.
  13. I'm hoping Obsidian can provide a slightly clearer picture of how the reward tiers are organized (basically what tier gets what). I'm starting to notice it's getting a bit murky as to which tiers get which rewards. Understandable given how head-spinningly fast things seem to be moving (I can only imagine how chaotic it must be inside Obsidian right now lol). Anyhoo, I think ultimately it would just make things a tad easier to know, since it seems quite a bit of confusion exists (especially between the digital-only and physical-but-also-digital items tiers). Hell, I hope I'm making se
  14. Alrighty, I'd like to up my pledge to the $80 digital tier from my current $35 pledge. Does said $80 tier include the rewards from the $35 one? Just want to be sure before upping (I intend to up regardless, I'd just like to make sure I understand the rewards lol). *Edit: Offering a general apology to all, and especially Obsidian, for my 'Please, NO GUNS' thread here the other day. One of the major reasons I'm supporting this is to help provide a proverbial poke in the eye to publishers...and having thought about my thread, realized I was doing precisely what a publisher would do. So,
  15. Exactly. OP seems to want the entire game shaped around his own liking with absolutely no regards to others or the dev, the people who will be making the game. The entire game? Hardly. Re-read my post. Then read it again. Then one more time. Then once more, just to be sure. If you still think I'm talking about anything other than guns....well, I pity you both.
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