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  1. Hey just a head up to people who received a statue. The white print on the bottom is somehow glued to the bottom, and this can stick to whatever surface you rest the statue on. I found this out after it ruined my old collectors edition painted cloth map from Icewind Dale, as well as my wood dresser my Grandmother gave me. Each irreplaceable piece now has half the deadfire logo glued onto them, and the portion of the map with glue on them will surely become more ruined as grease and dust stick to it. Lame.
  2. I do kinda wanna weigh in that while I was upset by and disagree with Obsidian's decision to not include a physical copy, I do not feel ripped off or intentionally defrauded in the least. I empathize with those who do feel that strongly, but the quality of the other goods is such that I could not in good conscious agree with the word fraud being thrown around. The game itself is very good, which is the strongest benchmark I have when pledging a game. I also trust Obsidian to leave it patched in such a state that I can look forward to when I feel like revisiting Deadfire. The wording on t
  3. So quick question regarding this topic. If physical editions of the game exist on amazon for sale right now, and have existed from some time, why was one of those physical editions at least not included for physical tier backers. I understand that Dan. H said that the original decision was made so they could ship the units out right at launch, but when that didn't happen and we had to wait quite a while for the shipments to go out, why not amend the orders to include the physical copies that already existed for those who backed at a wicked amount of money in a "physical copy of Pillars of Eter
  4. Yeah, about that "shipping soon". Over here in the Netherlands DHL just dropped my physical order off. In my backer portal it still says "shipping soon" and I never got any tracking info. *shrug* The painted miniatures are kind of bad (which was to be expected), but best girl Pallegina looks all right and frankly she's the only one of the three minis I care about. Can anyone confirm if the card with the Backer Portal Key is effectively a second copy of the base game, if you have already activated the game previously via the Backer Portal? Can confirm. Second key is full cop
  5. So I was voicing dissent in regard to this topic in another thread, I do feel pretty let down, if not lied to, about the physical copy tier. As in this thread half the people in it just wanted me to justify my anachronistic desire. I thought this was strange because regardless of why I like physical copies, I paid for one and the store page I bought/pledged off of specifically stated I would receive both the physical copy and an extra digital backer key so I didn't have to open my box. I got no physical copy and an extra digital key INSIDE the sealed box. For this reason alone I wish people wo
  6. I just communicated this idea to Dan, but the I thought it might be productive enough to share with the community. I am kinda lazy tho so gonna copypaste. Knowing that disks throws a kink in modern development cycles I think a physical copy in a crowdfund development cycle like this can be flexible in form, but still meet the needs of your customer. Just be upfront about what form it will take. For my own sake I am fortunate to have redeemed on GOG, which provides offline backups of their installers, including the latest patches. I can throw these on a USB and hike with them easily
  7. I thought that my anally listed factor number 3 addressed the point with a conceit. Yes 1.0 versions of games are imperfect, especially RPGs, but they can still act as a playable base for when conditions are not ideal. Its better than nothing. Sure I can preload a few games and keep steam in offline mode, but that is assuming I have access to the hardware I am running for the job before I reach the site and can download the games before I leave town and throw steam in offline mode. Those are all a lot of conditions I do not control on every job. Showing up on the job with 3 or 4 physical g
  8. /sarcasm "Because everyone life experiences are just like yours and so they must just like to be difficult." /sarcasm Some people, myself included, have to plan to game in offline environments for work. In my case that can mean a new computer or laptop per job or per site. Further GIS software will take whatever amount of RAM you throw in a computer and consume it like a 14 year old in a growth spurt then ask for more. Re-installs happen often in the field. Games who have physical copies are gold to me. This need is complicated by 3 factors, some old, some recent. 1. Physical Co
  9. Hi Urthor, that's an RR Donnelly tracking number, I believe, and I've been able to track the few that have crossed my path here: https://www.aftership.com/couriers/rrdonnelley If the decision to not include physical copies of the game with the physical backers copies at all made sense at any time during your meetings, that is some group think level bad decsion making to begin with. What part of "the cards were us trying to be upfront about it..." makes sense when up front would have been TELLING US UP FRONT that physical copies would not include a DVD or CD version of the game? What i
  10. Thanks for the pictures dog days, those look great. Od Nua/Eothas statue looks absolutely amazing. Yeah I am still gonna call false advertising on that one. Physical copy means PHYSICAL COPY unless there is an asterisks or addendum on the immediate storefront/pledge page. Obsidian cant charge 200 dollars for a physical copy and expect us to read the fine print on one of the 5 pages they were posting early backer info on. Honestly this one detail is a deal breaker for me in regard to supporting future projects. I knew it was gonna be released in a state I consider to rough for re
  11. Mine had a case with a card in it that contained a code that you needed to enter on the site to get your code to download online. This is so incredibly lame and not at all what people expect when they order a "physical copy." At least me anyway. LAME LAME LAME Obsidian. Also the tracking number they gave me says its for DHL but the email links me to USPS but neither has the tracking info. But for real Obsidian, Dan, backers ordering physical copies of the games should in fact receive PHYSICAL COPIES! I am a cartographer, I spend large swaths of time sleep in cabins and work sit
  12. Does the collectors edition have a actual physical copy of the game for possible offline install?
  13. Gods help us all, that much absorbed fig fund power he could kickstart any kind of game he wants, through manifest will alone! Everyone clear your minds! *Que Stay Puft Marshmallow Man dating sim game.
  14. They are not updating the backers at all on this. No word on the dev stream this week, no reply on two other similar threads. Really disappointing. Really terrible communication. What little updates have been given include no details of actual timelines and no explanation about delays or even the process so their backers know whats going on. Other things I have backed at least bother telling you WHY things are delayed and whats being done on their side to fix it. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/95895-a-look-into-the-fig-physical-items/ https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/102438-collect
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