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  1. Define "RPG elements". I'm pretty sure "role-playing" could be an essential part of the experience, and when you're role-playing as a hero out on adventures with people s-/he potentially grows close with... Yeah. And, really, visual novels--in my limited experience--tend to be fairly stripped-down RPGs, mechanically, so it's not like those mechanics have no place in an RPG. Thank you, captain obvious.
  2. Why not make it a transsexual visual novel for that matter? And please remove all the RPG elements, it's boring.
  3. Planescape races. Why do the typical fantasy bull**** all over again?
  4. Yup. Last time i checked it wasn't "off-topic" and irrelevant to the project itself. And that's what trolling is my silly friend. You just came here, to call people trolls simply because you disagree. Disrupt a conversansion with your OT ****. Troll defined.
  5. Please, Obsidian, make a piss&sh*t meter for my characters, I would like em to urinate in a realistic manner.
  6. So my body regenerates to bring all my cells to a stage of 10-15 years old? Cool! And just because I don't have a childish idea about romances in videogames? And because I think that housing/stronghold is actually nice to have? Wow! You saved me so much Botox!!! I'll agree with the "No" to voice acting. Epic money drain right there and altough it may add to the presentation, it limits the content in a very irritating way. Bringing BioWare in? I don't care in any way about that. If Obsidian were to decide that they want that, more power to them because I'm not the one creating the game but them. But you certainly failed your Diplomacy check there. Well, some like "housing", others like Saw and Resident Evil movies. Hard to argue with that. I remember playing Sims 1 once, was a lot of fun indeed.
  7. I might have gone to far with that statement. Gotta live with it now :C
  8. VO is not only a waste of resources, it limits writers to the minimum. No kitties and ponies. And the last time I've seen romance done well was probably Torment without all the forced silly Muppet Show sex scenes used in Bioware games. Had it's subtlety and a romantic, almost poetic feeling to it, without sex ever happening. And yeah, you can report and dislike, even tell your mom if makes you feel an Awesome.
  9. Sure, why not. Let's have a truely oldschool Obsidian's Dragon's Age experience. "Is there a way to dislike posts?" Managed to figure it out, genius?
  10. This is supposed to be a spiritual successor to Torment. Then #1 obviously.
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