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  1. I'm a bit miffed. Level 4 vendors won't go to your settlements. i'm not playing till they patch that.
  2. He should ask his buddy Anita for some cash.
  3. They cut a lot of the Legion, which is why we never got to see their full glory. It's too bad Obsidian burned their bridges with other companies. Ah well. Unless this thing with Paradox goes further and we can make a CK RPG.
  4. Don't tell me people have been making a stink out of this?
  5. Alternate reality were you lost in your Ironman Insane playthrough early on. Where all the countries pull out and Thin Men keep criting on your troops from across the map.
  6. Don't run into a demon rift unprepared in Haakon. seriously.
  7. And now we're gonna do it again. Better late than ever?
  8. Pretty much this, kind of sucks but oh well.
  9. You know that's never happening again. That's why we have Wasteland.
  10. Have they announced a Hardcpre mode, like NV? Also, shame on them for sourcing the supposed spinoff to another company and not this one.
  11. How has No Mutants Allowed reacted to this? Surely with acceptance and glee right?
  12. https://youtu.be/2E_-2wIJIzQ Trailer
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