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  1. To clarify my biggest issue with the current loot - it gets in the way of the pacing. Often times I would realize that I spent much more time picking up and sorting through loot, than it took me to resolve a fight or a quest. Also, selling dozens of items I have no need for looses it's charm after a while. I no longer get that excited about loot, since it is either just clones of things I already have a dozen of, or, on the other hand, many items are so similar in quality and use that I end up with 3-4 weapons/armour pieces for each of my characters that I could potentially use, which induces that choice paralysis in me.
  2. Alright, but following that logic you should be able to loot clothes he wore and other miscellaneous items he undoubtedly had on his person. Not every creature needs to drop loot, gathering it is pretty much busy work (and as mentioned above, ignoring it can be difficult, especially if it clutters the whole room).
  3. Well would you really miss it if they were to reduce the amount of it? Would you not prefer to have smaller quantities of better stuff (or thing you would actually use)?
  4. Hello, just a quick suggestion. It is really tiresome to plow through dozens of items in your stash. A longer run through a couple of lower tier enemies could result in having 30 wooden clubs, 15 leather helmets etc. Selling these is just busy work. It would be nice if enemies dropped either only good weapons/armor (as in not common) or usables, since the latter can actually be helpful and not just things for sale. Cheers.
  5. Age of Decadence has shield and spear fighting in. It'd be nice to be able to use a spear either with a shield or two-handed.
  6. Listened to the tracks on Soundcloud. Uninspiring, to say the least. Perhaps they will blend well with the game, but I sincerely can't say I would listen to it outside of it. Icewind Dale II had the best of IE games, if only PE could capture the soul (haha soul - get it?) of what made it so good.
  7. If I'll see a reference to Boo or Minsc in the game, I'll throw it out the window. How come they are the only feature of BGII which is ever mentioned when the game is brought up? Please keep the game serious enough. It's hard to actually give a damn about what's happening in the game when 3\4 of dialogues is cracking jokes. I'm not always in mood for silly bull**** - as all people I think - so there should be a seperate path for when you want to be smart-mouthed and witty.
  8. Yes, those small touches are a must have. I'd also like long descriptions for items, enviroments and people. Also, a GLOSSARY like the one in the Witcher, with gathered knowledge of things and events you come across. Might be a good idea to throw in some hints on how to tackle situations in it. Intelligence gathering is always fun - look at Obsidian's Alpha Protocol for example, I'd always go with gathering as much information as I could.
  9. Of course, I'd love to have something that would make my character unique. Perhaps something class related, since I don't think you should receive the same power no matter how you choose to create your PC. Regarding the poll - it should have a simple "Yes" answer I don't want my abilities to be only either combat or story related.
  10. There's nothing wrong with having a powerful PC, but not to a point where killing the legendary dragon nets you like 400 xp and 50 gold coins, because you're 5 levels above him (I think there was a fight like that in NWN 1). What's the point of playing the game if you simply stomp everyone on the way? Also, I started a similar thread a while ago concerning the competence of the player and people in the world. The concensus was that it's ok to get very strong, but not to a point where everyone is extremely inferior to you. The world needs to be able to fend for itself without you in most occasions and there should be beings that will give you a serious run for your money if you fight them. A smart move would be to make a system, where each class has a weakness that if exploited properly, may make the character very vulnerable. You may be strong, ok, but there should be special ways to hurt you and enemies with ability to do that.
  11. I hope I won't get busted for this, but I'd like to make another "race thread". This one will be diffrent though, since I am not asking for ideas for a specie, like "Do you want wererabbits to be in game?", but for a brainstorm on how a specie may be created. Results of those ideas are irrelevant for me. My idea is that once, there were only humans and they are the root for all other species. So, what I came up with so far (and picked up in other related threads) is: 1. Magic. A failed (or succesfull!) experiment resulting in creation of a new specie. Obvious, but ok. 2. Religion. Deities may want to create believers more fitting to them, so they alter their flocks. Also a very common idea. 3. Soul. Since they are the main aspect of the game, they may be a being changing on it's own. So they could evolve, changing the host body with it, or degrade due to certain factors (and produce daemonkind for example). I also have a very specific idea regarding the souls, which may be simply called a Merge. Once in some time (one, two, three or thousand millenia, not relevant) a person is born with a trait that allows it to merge it's soul with another, creating a new specie. The trait would be undetectable, the merge itself spontanous and it would also have an area of effect, so when a person merges with another soul, the fallout of it also alters every similar soul (for example - all humans) in a radius of 50 miles. This way a merge may sometimes create a brand new culture when happens in a vastly populated areas, or only one progenitor if there was no one around, who is unique and cannot breed with other species. 4. Simple evolution. Share your ideas! And please don't ban\merge my thread
  12. Alright I think I came up with an idea - how about a race, which is one step higher in the evolution? What it could be - a being with extremely powerful soul at some point ascended past the biological body and became a creature of mind. Not having any hormone glands or a brain itself, it's feelings are a memory or imprintment of the past ones', from when it still had body. Slowly, it learned how to divide\multiply itself and with time, created a new specie. I won't bother with creating motives or culture for it, since it's not my job Anyways, I always welcome the daemonkind, because you know they always try to screw you over, but you always need them to some extent. Gives some space for a clever character to prove himself. As for the racial diversity overall - I think it'd be the best to have humans at the root of all. From there, you could build new species from them and come up with reasonable explanations. Deities, to be more precise. At one point the gods may had simply imprinted some characteristics at their followers, creating new variation of humans. Curses, magical accidents, improvement\degredation\evolution of soul - tons of ways to create new humanoid species. Not the most innovative, but makes sense in the game's world in my opinion.
  13. I wholeheartedly agree. Weapons don't need to be magic to be worthy anything. The materials used, balance, blade curve - everything is important and making stronger weapons by just adding +1 to it is simply being lazy. What I'd like to see is this - you start with a rusty old weapon, then progress to basic military grade, then special forces (elite guard etc.) tier and then exotic and rare things should come. You should NEVER receive legendary weapons by default, for example as a reward for doing the main quest, or finding it in a random shop. Also, going to a diffrent town shouldn't neccessairly mean all equipment will be better. Lastly - doing more damage should be mostly related to your skill, not just by finding a better sword. Want to be more dangerous with that old sword of yours? Train more, learn new tricks, be more agile and stronger. It shouldn't be that a master swordsman can't kill jack if he doesn't have a pumped up + 15 sword made of god's backhair whatnot. It'd be cool if finding a better sword meant you can strike more frequently and accurately, not neccessairly doing load of more damage just because there's a higher number on the weapon's base damage stat.
  14. True, but it is not the matter of how competent the player is. I don't want to play someone who can't get things done. The problem is that the rest of the world's population is usually incapable of solving their own problems, even if they have the means to. That level 30 city guard will slaughter you for theft in the matter of seconds, but will not be able to kill the bandits in a camp just outside of town. The same bandits you will murder without much effor (up yours, Elder Scrolls). In my opinion it'd be better if the player would arrive at a stalemate situation - where both sides of the conflict have nearly the same power and someone simply needs to tip the scales one way. The forementioned bandit situation - it should be made plain the bandit party would be obliterated if they'd get too close to city walls, but are dangerous in the wilds, since they know them very well and cannot be tracked. That's when you come in, settle the situation and are a hero. I'd like a good explanation for why someone else can't do the quest.
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