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  1. If the side content is as compelling as main content (or in BG2/Witcher 3s case moreso) then I'm fine with a shorter main quest. The problem comes when its short and sidequests are bad filler ala DA:I. This was not the case in PoE1 (yet to play 2).
  2. Baldurs Gate had some cool items for spell users. Have them add more spell uses, reduce spell time, cast from the item etc... That's more interesting than straight up increases. How about make them into robes of sequencong. Cast a spell on it and it stores that spell for n uses per day.
  3. I really liked some of the music from Storms of Zehir (the cave music comes to mind).
  4. Please, please don't stick with stock races from fantasy games by which I mean Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Halflings etc... These races have been done to death and lack any feeling of discovery. Elves feel like elves and dwarves feel like dwarves no matter what spin is put on them. No matter how anyone tries to redfine them, they always carry the stereotypes. I'd really like to see Obsidian put effort into crafting interesting and original races than rehash tired old tropes which we've all seen dozens of times from Tolkien. For me this was a big letdown in DA:O compared to Mass Effect. Serious
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