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  1. Bugs are part of game development. I haven't spotted that many in Pillars of Eternity I. The more advanced and complex games become, the more bugs. You see it in many other AAA games. Obsidian does a pretty good job at managing and fixing bugs, though. I don't quite understand your hard stance on this. Show me one game released with no bugs.
  2. It's one of the misconceptions of players about feedback. Devs rarely apply it the way you've phrased it. They ponder about it and implement it so that it works within the game. A feedback on game mechanics might not be implemented the way author wanted, but it raises awareness about some aspect of the game. From that, the devs may decide to do some changes, albeit different from the feedback's author. I do think the Obisidian team is professional and their work and game will reflect that.
  3. Are they real though? If they have been created by people should they have that influence over people? Is,their positive influence enough to justify cruelties done to gain their favour (roderick). The finale leaves a lot of doubt and raises questions and I can’t wait to see how Obsidian will delve deeper into the subject in Deadfire. In other settings you have mortals who become gods, gods power is relying on human worship. Nobody questions whether they are gods. Just because they were created doesn't mean their influence isn't real. They control the wheel of souls and many aspects of
  4. Hello I've been viewing some videos on Pillars of Eternity 2 and I haven't noticed this negative attitude. I'm quite surprised to hear about it, actually. It's also curious that despite it being so common, as the creator of the topic claims, the same creator has trouble finding an example. From what I can read, SonicMage is a big fan of the game and is concerned about where the game is going. When passion is present, our perception is influenced, certain things highlighted. There are concerns within the community - as there should be as it's beta testing period - but I haven't seen much t
  5. This is a single player game... if somebody enjoys optimizing, I don't see an issue with that. I personally like the change, Resolve always felt to me a bit uninteresting mechanically, I've only picked it cuz I liked a conversation style characters. Also, since casters are usually low hp and defenses, it makes a good combination.
  6. Gods in Pillars are real, though. They have been created by people, but as stated in the game, their power and influence is real. It was one of the more interesting points within the game. They might have been made by people, but they transcended mortals.
  7. Good points. I mostly agree. One thing that I do not agree, however, is the night colors. Since I've been raised in a village, I can tell you - night are very bright. When it's not cloudy, stars and moon give so much light you can easily see in the dark. It gets very, very dark when you have some sort of a light source with you or around you. Outside of the light area, everything looks very dark. As such, you can notice on the screenshots that town gets darker (since there are artificial light sources), while abandoned/wild areas are fairly bright. I find this quite realistic.
  8. Hi guys, I've supported the game when the Kickstarter started, but I did not have much money back then, so I've only submitted 5$. Now, I see in my backer profile I can order an Early Beta Access, but my pledge was not enough to have the game. My question is thus: if I order now the Early Beta Access for 25$, will I also get the game after the beta or is it only for the beta? Cheers!
  9. God of Mortality The portfolio of this god would be: mortality, hedonism, heroism, rebirth, immortality (see text) What's unique to this god? Every day the god is born anew, every day he/she dies and becomes an entirely new person. This god represents the pursuit to life to the fullest everyday since it can be the last day of your life. Thus, although he/she is a god of mortality - it aspires to create things or events that will make him/her immortal in the memory of others. It is a fickle god, whose personality changes each day.
  10. I suggest checking Pathfinder idea on human stats:
  11. An idea: You all know that when you take medicine, in time that medicine has a weaker effect on you. You need to take more to feel any difference. Just like with drugs. Why not introduce it in potions? A resistance that you get after using a potion. For example - the first health potion you drink after an 8 h period give you 100% hp restored value. The next one 75%. The next one 50%, and so on. Toxicity is also a nice idea, if I remember correctly there was some rule to it in ADnD?
  12. I say LOL when I hear comments like "doesn't fit the lore", "it's not steampunk", etc. What do you know about the lore? Near nothing and ppl talk as if it was second Faerun. And it's not. It's more advanced. Firearms are rare, but not unheard of. Just as "ciphers" are rare. Gunslinger is a nice idea as well
  13. I don't want to use Pathfinder terminology. Also - consider that in the latest art we have a shotgun - and that's a bit more advanced. Moreover, the Engineer/Alchemist/Tinker/Artificer would combine magical with mechanical. A logical pursue in a word with magic and mechanics.
  14. Personally, I would prefer another ranged class, like this engineer, then another magical or melee class. And I don't care much about Paladins when they can be easily replaced by Clerics/Priests.
  15. A class idea - Engineer. A class that is focused mainly on firearms, bombs, alchemy. He could enhance his weapon by making personal upgrade. He could create various types of bombs - explosive, poison, smoke, etc. And maybe alchemy - like poison for covering weapons or flaming oil. At higher levels he could even create a semi-magical construct - a mechanical golem. So, that's the idea - what do you think?
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