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Found 1 result

  1. Well, we have already a huge amount of threads about the gameplay or music, so i wanted to create one specifically for the ART side of PoE. Important: All is based on what we've seen till now (Beta, Pax panels, streams, etc.) WHAT I LIKE: -ENVIRONMENTS: Lovely areas, the backgrounds are full of details. The 2d choice was absolutely worth, places like Raedric's Hold or the Dragon arena look pretty epic and charming, Wilderness areas look intriguing and interiors are amazing and ultra-detailed too: Inns, Dungeons, even small places like the Manor within the stronghold courtyard. Also, one thing that most people probably won't notice: butterflies, insects, fireflies at night (love them, more please!!!!) add a lot to the scenery. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -UI ART: I like all parts of the interface: I like how the world map is painted, and i absolutely love the wood, stone and paper feeling almost everywhere, well done. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -SOME PORTRAITS I have to say companions portraits are ALL good and some of the standard portraits (for example godlike women) are excellent too. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -SCRIPTED SEQUENCES: They are simple but efficient because of the pen&paper feeling they communicate: +1 to the atmosphere. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WHAT I FIND ABOUT THE AVERAGE: -ANIMATIONS: Lot of people complained about the animations, expecially on combat; well, I don't know what they expected but i find them good for this kind of game, the 3d models allowed them to be a lot smoother compared to the IE games, where 2d sprites characters had really choppy animations. -ITEMS, ARMORS, WEAPONS, ETC.: We have some classic stuff, nothing special but fair enough for a fantasy setting. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WHAT I DISLIKE: -SOME PORTRAITS: The amamuas are quite disturbing for example (but i guess that was the intent), and some elves (both male and female) are poorly ispired and look cheap. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -TOO BRIGHT NIGHTS: Nightime in this game seems too bright imho; If you take places like the Stormwall gorge or Defiance Bay for example, the palette colour is too light-blue and there is no darkness at all: this doesn't help to feel the right night atmosphere. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The only area i've seen so far to have a perfect dark-blue palette and the right darkness at night is the Dyrford village in the 435 beta build; would be an huge improvement to have all night environments like that. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ And, what about you, guys?
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