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  1. I apologize if something like this has been covered but I did a forum search and I didn't find a question like this. I am very passionate about donating a lot of money to this project if it is going to be something that will help me immerse myself in a universe that I can truly be at home in. I also apologize if something about this was offensive to you, as I found it to be incredibly reasonable. I don't see why it would be detrimental to the community to have races or characters that could be identified as both (or neither) man and woman. I don't find it to be selfish when it's an OPTION,
  2. For those of us in the LGBT community, it's incredibly easy to feel very misrepresented in video games. I don't want this to be another one of those threads where people whine about being discriminated against, but I have a difficult time identifying with my in-game avatars when there is no option for transgender. I am what I am, and it's unfortunate that I struggle to find other outlets to express myself. I have always had a strong preference for RPGs due to the fact that I can always be something in virtual reality that I can never be in real life. I know that it's a challenging issue wh
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