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  1. If you are resting inside of the main hall and you have a visit then you need to exit and enter the zone (main hall) again. If you don't then he won't spawn. Some visitors are hirelings that you can recruit they will show up with a green text. Some are "event" visitors. For example a merchant that asks you to escort him or pay him money.
  2. The question would be... what is a god? Do you have to create "everything" in order to be a god? Or is there a level where you are powerful enough to be considered one? From my understanding back in the old days there was lots of "gods", the... old creators (cant remember their name) and some of the best animancers around began to search for any higher being or god. However due to unknown reasons, they were either unable to comprehend or not good enough to find a god. In order to solve this they went together and created the gods. And we can guess that its from a lot of souls being merged.
  3. I'm fine with the voice acting overall in this game. There are a few locations within the game where it could be improved, for example when you talk with some npc's and 90% of the dialogue is voice acted but not these 1 or 2 lines here and there. If people in the community want to go out and do a voice over mod... Go on i'm not going to stop you. But i don't want Obsidian to waste money on to much VO, i would rather have them spend it on content within the game.
  4. While i'm not sure if there is a bug or not, from my experience it's most likely random , either by game time or by tasks you are doing.
  5. You could say that a chapter is one of the "story texts" that gets narrated
  6. Its every encounter, the side effect is that if he have been badly wounded... maimed? He will probably die the next time he get to 0. So its a great item with a risk to it.
  7. Well the most annoying thing is that you (the player) have a stronghold / keep, instead of sending her out on the road after giving her a pat on her shoulder. Why not (if you are playing as a good character) allow her to stay there? Instead you send out the girl with no experience fighting or anything to go out and survive in the wild on her own. Considering how dangerous this world is, it feels like a evil choice.
  8. I had the same problem... I tried the fight a few times... Then i found a spell with my wizard that 1 hit him... @_@ Also he is not immune to stun / prone and so on. He have so high deflection that almost nothing hits him. It gets even worse because he can "mass" buff his deflection multiple times. In one of the encounters he had over 300 deflection for me ^^.
  9. Hmm... In light of this i suggest to the devs that you remove the game, because there is not a single thing in this world that dont offend someone.
  10. I think its possible to find one as a random loot. But i can't remember encountering any before the stronghold. I guess its possible that one of the backer npc's have one also, but i have not been searching for one.
  11. Well, the ability to shift will only have some importance at the start of the game, later it will sadly be horrible. You should focus on her to be a caster. There is another thread where they talk about the races that should have the answer to your question about what race to pick.
  12. Umh Crucible of the Soul - Short range , self target aoe, drain life from enemies within range Dominion of the sleepers - Self, increase attributes Speaker to the restless - Long range, self target aoe, fear debuff on enemies within range Steps to the Wheel - Long range, self target aoe, paralyze / sicken on enemies within range No idea if there are any more types of abilities if you make other choices within the story. Overall the range is large for some of these, mainly due to my character having high int giving the effects even further range.
  13. Once you have found a trap just click on it. It should always be visible once detected atleast aslong as you are in the zone, once detected you don't have to be in scouting / stealth mode to remove it.
  14. So yeah when you cast a spell you will have a red area and a yellow area. The red area will in general hit everyone, and the yellow area will only hit the enemies. This means that if you step your wizard back far enough so that your melee is not in the red area, the enemies are in the yellow then you will hit with the flame spell. Avoid magic missiles its bad. Overall Ciphers and druids are better however wizards do have some great and useful abilities. One of them is the spell "slicken" simply cast it infront of your melee without them standing inside the red area and watch all the enemie
  15. 1) Conversation checks are main character only, it will check your stats / class / skills mainly stats however. Actions where you try to climb something in most if not all cases allow you to pick a main character to climb and help the others over. Also there are items to help you do thes ethings. 2)Lore is for conversation? (don't quote me on it) and the ability to use scrolls. I think you get more information about the creatures you fight when you kill more and more of them. 3)Depends... You should try to have one character that can open locks and disarm / spot traps. Then it depends
  16. So a person that wants to kill all men or atleast wants all men dead. Is upset with a poem about a guy that killed himself for sleeping with a man. And this is in a game, where you can feed children to ghoul's, kill people, torture people, heck one of the first towns you visit have people hanging from the trees. I hope Obsidian DONT remove it, the people that demand that it should be removed will NEVER be happy, These are not the people that are buying your game, these are not "gamers", they are not part of the market and they will never be. The only reason why they get offended is so that
  17. Its hard to say what kind of party you have. But you should get pause going as fast as possible. Also remember that you can move your characters around in anyway you want, as the fight wont start until you talk with her. Priests are good for that. You can also just throw a aoe CC directly at the start. Infront of your tank/melee. Slick is a great ability. But its not required other classes have ranged stun / knockdown / charm / confusion that you can also use.
  18. To be able to progress you need to find the person you came looking for. He is behind a locked door that require a key from one of the... small creatures (cant remember the name), The door that require a key is next to the stairs. The shimmering "door" / wall. Is in the lower right area of the map. When you walk up next to it your character will want to go back and talk to the soul in the statue / throne. Don't do that yet, instead find the person you are looking for. Once that is done you can then return back up and then things will happen and you will get some information and the sh
  19. There is a bug right now where some spell effects / debuffs don't end. I can only suggest that you try to reload as that have fixed it for some people. That or allow your characters to get to 0.
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