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  1. Hard Bargain never activates after talking to Rinatto. There are no dialogue options anymore except to purchase items from him. So the quest cannot complete because it cannot start. Hunter, Brother works fine up until the last phase with examining the stelgaer. When the stelgaers attack me, the game bugs out and I cannot leave combat. So I can't proceed with the game if I examine it since I can't leave the area. I completed the quest but the game broke when I tried to "lie" to say Fiorn(sp?) killed the stelgaer. The conversation stopped and I couldn't continue it. So I reloaded and finished it by just telling what I actually knew. Basically, it was impossible to side with the honest decision here.
  2. The main difference with your example is that CK2 the DLCs enhance the game but really are optionable. Vicky2 feels pretty incomplete without the expansions. I much prefer the new system, though I think Art of War is a bit pricey for EU4. With that said, I agree that such a model is not ideal for a RPG. I don't want little bits of DLC. I want grand adventure all in one package.
  3. How frequently are you supposed to get stronghold adventures and events? I'm about halfway 'til 6 and have had the stronghold for the duration of ~10 days in game, 6 hours real life, and completed ~4 quests. I've also recruited all the companions. During that time I've had 1 attack on my stronghold and 0 adventure options to send companions on. I haven't read any stronghold bugs about this, but with what else is going on I was wondering if this is normal or bad luck or what? Friends of mine have already received a few adventures and are at roughly the same stage.
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