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  1. BG2 is epic level adventure with epic level items, where PoE is low to mid level adventure, with items that fit to such adventure. As such you should compare its items to Baldur's Gate and Tales of the Sword Coast. Meaning that I would say that you problem is not necessary PoE's itemization but that it isn't epic level adventure. One thing that causes problems with PoE's itemization is amount of items that there are, because Obsidian wanted to give player freedom to build their characters as they want without hindering it with itemization that befits certain build over all the others (like for example BG2 does). And because of that decision PoE is so full of magic items that they start to feel non-magical (syndrome which Throne of Bhaal suffers too). Of course if you don't like/use the enchanting mechanic that PoE has then PoE's itemization become much worse, because its mainly build with expectation that player will use enchantment system to better their equipment during the game. I would say that Obsidian tries to fix issue in White March, but it is more bandage than actual fix, as enchanting is so dominant part of the game. So I would not expect things to change much before PoE2 (what ever is their next game in the PoE's universe). i agree with the two last parts of your comment. balance + a lot of builts = too mutch magical objects. ToB suffered from this too, but some items were still really memorable (ravager, axe of unyielding etc...). there is still some good ideas, soulbound weapons were interesting, and global loot is not that bad, but it could have been really better. i don't agree with the first part of your comment though, there is a high level of epicneess in this game, even if it's low to mid levels for characters. in the end, we fought "the right hand" of a god, 3 dragons including one feeding on adra for centuries and one of the most powerfull mage/lich living in this world. this level of epicness implie the same level of epicness lootwize. kill a dragon and get one eye and a fine hammer ? that's it ? i was really dispointed (even if the hammer turn to be really good when upgraded). it makes me think about PoE 2, what can we be afraid of after beating such powerfull ennemies ? if think a lot of player only asked for a few "better than superb" items with a few uniques effects. that wasn't hard to do. for exemple, after defeating that adra dragon, we could have found an ancient sword stuck between two scales, the blade totally covered with adra after the wound healed, stats being : accuracy +14, damage x1.5 with chance to charm the opponent. that would not kill the game a leave a smile on every players after defeating the dragon, not that "whaaaaat ??? is that my prize ??? really ???" feeling
  2. totally back you on this one brindle88. PoE itemization is quite bad but obsidian has a problem with itemization in general (look at KOTOR 2, itemization was awfull too, IWD series itemization was ok at best). i will never forget finding carsomyr, black razor, celestial fury, crom faeyr etc... and the only weapons i found impressive in PoE are the sword of st rumbalt and tall grass and their acquisition is not epic at all... yet it's still better than the witcher 3 itemization system which really sucks big time. BG II had the best items in all RPG i played, seconded by morrowind, finding them was really fun and exiting. basic crafting on unique items like ToB expansion was simple and worked really well. picking every flowers/shrooms in a game is not what i call a fun mecanic.
  3. pick pocket could have been introduced quite easily into the game. to prevent save scumming (which didn't bothered me on IE games), they could have introduced a few text events, triggered when you have a rogue in your team, succes being based on stealth and dext/perception. i did not miss pick pocket that mutch, PoE is a good game without it.
  4. Yeah, seeing these two statements side-by-side, one immediately thinks the fault does not lie with the game. Some people cant handle the truth. Sad but true. The bugs, the rushed incomplete ending and the poor story and npcs really crushed kotor2 even though it had, for its time, a great gameplay engine. It was a sad excuse for a game i have the exact same feeling about KOTOR 2. i loved the first (especially the darkside path) but everything in the second felt rushed and incomplete, with a huge part of lazyness in the conception. outside of some good text lines, everything in this game is pure garbage. please save you time and do not play this game, and never, NEVER instal the droid planet mod. PoE is 10X better than kotor 2 in every aspects.
  5. i'm having that same exact question, stacking properties of enchanted weapons is still very unclear. since durgan steel is quite rare, i don't want to waste it if properies doesn't stack.
  6. i have the same problem here. it seems that weapon speacialisation is ****ed up too. i just hired the devil of caroc and specialised her to use pike and warhammers, but she have no accuracy bonuses for thoses weapon, but show bonuses with spear and other non related weapons.
  7. i checked and their stats increase every time i load my save so it's probably a bug. thanks for the tip, i didn't knew that one ! i'll wait until this is fixed.
  8. Hello ! i'm quite ashamed to start this topic, but i'm really having a hard time at galvino's workshop . i'm playing on hard and i never been stomped like this before. i curently have a lvl 13 team and i chose high level party when i started the white march. my firsts encouters were quite easy to solve, but i'm now facing iron automatons with crazy accuracy (222) and deflection stats (244). i checked the adra dragon stats and i show 106 deflection and 105 accuracy so thoses automatons are twice more powerfull and there is 4 of them . did i miss something ? is it a bug ? or is there some tip to have a fair fight against them ?
  9. i took the crucible knights faction and not really noticed that i couldn't do the other factions quest later. i might have missed something, like many, many, MANY players out there. there is definitely something wrong with the factions choice. it's not that big deal for me either. i never entered the doemenel house and i don't think i did anything against them before i was forced to join the crucible, so i was suprised to not be able to speak to their boss.
  10. 100% agree with you on thoses parts. the stronghold could be so mutch more ! i was really disapointed with loot in PoE. BG II is in my gaming experience the game that come the closest to perfection in loot reward. there was so mutch awsome equipments... as you said, carsomyr, celestial fury, crom fayer, vecna dress, silver sword, gaxx ring, scarlet ninja-to, dragons armor... icewind dale loot was far behind in epicness of loot (except that paladin standard looking sword, very nice and cleaver idea), and PoE is exactly like icewindale in term of loot and thats really sad. i don't really understand why they refuse to make some over the top equipment, there is not a single reason for it (please don't tell me about balance and stuff )
  11. i used light -20% speed armor with my rogue. you don't need a heavy armor when you drop you opponent in a very short amount of time, and that only when you are actually targetted, which should be avoided as mutch as possible. my rogue strategy was to engage the fight with high damage ranged weapon (heavy crossbow for 60-110 damage on first hit with sneak attack). then back off behind the front line, let the fighters soak the engagement, the casters cast crowd control spells and the rogue get back in the melee, using two maces (high damage and a little DR reduction). i like boots of speed too, having high mobility is a must have for a character glass canon like a rogue. when engaged by a powerfull enemy, invisibility is very usefull as it offer a free disengagement and an automatic sneak attack right after.
  12. i prayed hylea but i choosed berath for the ending, sending the souls to a "restart" was the best option for me and my neutral character. i was also curious to see what hylea would do about my betrayal. she send those (weak ) feather dragons burn people, what a mad goddess... would have loved to take my revenge over her (and collect those nice dragon part to enchant all my weapons with superb enchants ) i tried the hylea option right after just to see what it does : hollowborn childrens still alive wake up with a soul and a lot of mother gives birth the foollowing year, not that bad
  13. with two frontliners i had no problem to hold the line. the fighter can take multiple engagements, holding the line tight, the second melee character take the other part of the line. if the line is about to get crossed, i switch one ranged character to melee to help holding the line. i usually start fights with my rogue and his crossbow, he land a shot then get behind the line, waiting for the fighter to soak engagement. as the shot lands, i start casting AoE with my wizard and druid (mainly firebal and hail storm). as the foes hit the line, i have already casted one fireball and one hail storm and i'm about to throw another fireball. then comes the crowd control spell, giving me enought time to put my wizard on one side casting blast of frost or fan of flames. it works fr most encunters. in narrow area, it's even easier as 2 companions lock the line tight. on totally open area, 3 companions are needed to be sure to hold the line. if you get overwhelmed, use minoletta piercing burst from your wizard (or any crowd control spell) and relentless/returning storm with your druid.
  14. two new companions (monk and rogue ?), reach lvl 15 by the end of the DLC, medium sized city (why not an underground city inside white marsh ?) + a few new area (4 ?) + one big dungeon (5+ levels, big big boss). stronghold war agains another lord. i'll give 20+ bucks for that .
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