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  1. I'm sure Obsidian is aware of the outpouring of community support for The Outer Worlds, and I'm excited that so many people feel so strongly about modding the game. That said, even if Obsidian wants to and plans to release tools to make modding the game easier, they have two corporations who they need to deal with in order to get it done. That means that the last person who could make the announcement is Obsidian. That said, Microsoft's shareholder meeting is in December, so there is reason to hope that they are working on an announcement bigger than "The first release from our newly acqu
  2. You actually don't have to up skills you don't want to 50, you have to up the group to 50, but I've made characters that are genuinely bad at things who have 35 points in one group skill and 25 points in another, while the group hit 50. From there I -could- continue to level the group for the remaining 2, or focus on the 50. It makes a bit of sense, except Hacking being a stealth skill which is a little silly, but they didn't want 4 skills in one and 2 in another so I get why it's like that. If you're a good liar you're probably going to be good at pretending to plead, so why not actually
  3. Does the game not point you to the corpse with an arrow with the quest focused? IIRC it pointed me at the corpse with a quest marker until I picked up his finger...
  4. You can defeat the family, it may not be particularly easy but... Have you tried starting with the daughter in the upstairs hallway? Worst case scenario lower the difficulty, it sounds like you're probably playing in Supernova though so that could be discouraging. Do you really not have any manual saves? How could you possibly not have the autosave before you entered their house? Autosaves should generate three saves, and honestly none of them should be inside the house because they should only generate when you enter the house. I did have several saves overwrite my saves while I was
  5. https://aluigi.altervista.org/quickbms.htm QuickBMS may do the job, let us know if that works for you.
  6. This game is built on UE4, meaning Epic owns the Unreal Engine editor, and any tools they created to streamline their work flow would rely on proprietary code that doesn't belong to Obsidian. That's not to say that it can't be done, but it may require an agreement between Obsidian (Or Microsoft now that they've got a parent company) and Epic on what form that would take. Obsidian didn't encrypt the pak files, or anything that would make it more difficult to mod this game than any other Unreal engine title, and the base tools for UE4 are available to anyone who wants them for free. That do
  7. I also die immediately upon hitting anything with an N-ray hammer, and my science is so low that N-ray damage is quite low (a 700dps MK2 Impact Hammer reduced to 170dps) and killing a mantis swarm was enough to take me with it (going from full health to dead.)
  8. From what I've seen they're all mostly .ini tweaks, there is a lot you can change in a UE game through .ini files. Still, since Obsidian didn't encrypt the pak files it seems likely they wouldn't have made anything more difficult than it needs to be for the community. To what extent the community can expand what is on offer remains to be seen but I'm often amazed by what is accomplished by mod developers.
  9. We won't know for certain until there is an official announcement. The fact that Private Division funded The Outer Worlds means there is an existing contract and PD's parent company Take2 makes so much money from microtransactions at the moment that it seems unlikely they'd have left getting a cut of sales of any DLC off of the contract. Since PD won't necessarily materially benefit in great enough numbers to make their money back plus as much profit as these things tend to want (the industry at large went from spending 40 cents to make a dollar to spending 20 cents to make a dollar over the l
  10. Yeah, I'd be fine if I had to pay as much as 5k base price for ... Spacer's Choice Smelling Salts to revive my companions in Supernova, but it's more than a little tedious to lose several minutes or more progress because an ally decided that they should run around a corner and expose themselves to all the enemies in the world instead of trying to actually take cover and rub their two functional brain cells together hoping for friction. I love the banter of companions, and anchoring them behind me where they're safe prevents me from hearing it. The fact that it's either have companion permadeat
  11. I can't tear into my own install to look because I don't have ownership of my gamepass install, but I understand that the pak files aren't encrypted so you may be able to use unrealpak or quickbms to unpack the .pak files and then the assets are stored in uasset files... I'd try to be more helpful but hopefully this gives you a place to start looking?
  12. I haven't ever actually used it this way, but being able to fast travel to your ship is basically "Save anywhere in the overworld as long as you're not near enemies" because you generate an autosave on travel so travel to your ship, load save, ????????????, profit!
  13. As long as your rep isn't so bad that the guards will resume attempting to kill you on sight, you can leave and rest for three days. If it IS so bad they try to kill you on sight, as I understand it you can kill all the guards and ignore the civilians and then go rest for three days and the civilians don't attack you on sight, presumably because they're not paid to do so.
  14. If you have 40 hacking you can access the restricted merchandise of vending machines, and buy magpicks from them.
  15. Well, without giving too many specifics away I will say that if you do the quest that Graham's second in command (Zora?) offers you after you complete the rollers portion of the quest, MSI is far more willing to work with her than Graham.
  16. You may have encountered a bug but it was possibly just robots being in the Byzantium faction, you have to have pretty high negative reputation to become a "Kill on sight" target, so if you had retreated to your ship and rested for a few days things probably would have calmed down for you as I understand it. The robots in the sewers shouldn't count the same way as people on the surface, but they might have been part of the same "faction" setting. I'm not sure why that would be a deliberate thing, but I personally only attacked the robots that were aggressive so I can't say if this happens ever
  17. Since you're playing through the Epic game store you can add a mod that will let you save anywhere in Supernova difficulty. https://www.nexusmods.com/theouterworlds/mods/8
  18. The item level determines the damage weapons do, if you find a weapon that's higher than 5 levels above you you could still use it, but the "Tinker" function at workbenches lets you level equipment up to 5 levels above your player level. The cost of tinkering scales up drastically, so a MK2 weapon is a lot better than a similarly leveled MK1 even if it's primarily because tinkering will start at e.g. 50 bits from that higher level point instead of costing as much as several thousand per level.
  19. I think that's what's known as "Chromatic Aberration" and it's a deliberate effect. Did you buy the game on the Epic store or Microsoft store, or are you playing on Gamepass? I installed through the Game Pass, which I think is the reason why the folder all the apps install to doesn't have me listed as the owner and thus I can't actually mess with game files etc. If you don't have this issue, check out https://www.nexusmods.com/theouterworlds/mods/5
  20. Double check her AI configuration in the fourth tab (just past perks IIRC) and make sure she is set up how you want her, in this case Aggressive (otherwise she won't be very active in combat at all.) If she's set to aggressive and still not fighting there could be another issue, but that's definitely something you want to check if you haven't already.
  21. The Light AR and AR get barrel slots at the second tier, so it's possible the Hunting Rifle does as well if you prefer it. I've seen people complain that the Dead Eye AR doesn't have a barrel tier, but I never personally used them so I can't say if they get one at tier 2 or not. Until you start seeing AR... I want to say Mk2 but that's not what they're actually called in this... then you'll have to hold onto your whisper quiet muzzler. It's really a shame that the Dead Eye in particular doesn't have a slot for the muzzle, given the fact that Belle of Belle's Shells specifically uses it as
  22. Not all weapons are capable of taking all modification components. There are three slots on ranged weapons, barrel, clip, and sight. Not every weapon has every slot, so no matter how good you are, you can't use e.g. a barrel mod on a weapon that doesn't have a slot for it. Not every type of weapon, even at the highest tiers, has every slot available. A number of them do, but e.g. tactical shotguns don't have a sight slot and there's nothing you can do to attach e.g. a gyro sight to a shotgun.
  23. You could respec from leadership back into being a sniper if you wanted. There's a bench on the second floor of the ship, up the ladder by Parvati and then back toward the entrance to the ship. I can't say why they don't offer different saves for different characters especially given the fact that you seemingly have to completely overwrite a supernova character who doesn't get to the endgame if you start a new character.
  24. It was known long before release that The Outer Worlds was a smaller game than Obsidian usually makes due to budget limitations. Hopefully we will see dlc, but if we don't it will also be due to the contract between Private Division and Obsidian. Or, rather, the fact that after the Microsoft acquisition of Obsidian the fact that a third party publisher no longer need fund Obsidian's work. If we don't see dlc it seems likely we will see a full blown sequel with a budget that allows for a larger game with more of the most popular fan requested features (like a 3rd person camera.)
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