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  1. You can just drag and drop from their tab, it defaults to weapons but you can click the armor tab and drag and drop as well. If you just want to take what they have and leave them nothing, AFAIK you can't, but you can drop in a different weapon (they have a slot for melee and a slot for ranged.) In The Outer Worlds you could equip your followers with the heaviest armors you have (some weigh as much as 15 units) and they won't count against your carried weight. I'm really not sure what having played the Fallout games has to do with anything. No game in that series has automatic inventory w
  2. It's a bright color palette, I'm not entirely sure people are aware of why everything was grey and brown for so long, but it was an issue with lighting technology at the time. We've actually got the ability to have decent refracted light simulation so bright colors don't look "wrong" in a difficult to define way. Personally I like the style, but there are already mods that strip out the color for people who don't care for it. https://www.nexusmods.com/theouterworlds/mods/16 Amusingly the mod authors assume you'll be using the Epic Store version. I personally only have the Gamepass version
  3. I've seen someone say that if you leave and sleep for a few days they stop being hostile so long as you don't have too much negative reputation with the faction/in the area. Never had cause to try this myself but you can give it a shot, just pop back to your ship and sleep for 3-4 days (the time they recommended) and see if it works?
  4. I've completed the game (and every quest I received in that run) and am a decent portion of the way through the game in Supernova mode. In that time I do not recall having ever seen the prompt for any flaw pop up after I rejected it. That doesn't necessarily mean it's impossible, just that when you reject them it likely resets the counter. The fastest way to test that I can think of would be with fall damage and I'm not climbing and jumping off of a high place over and over to see whether or not they offer you the flaw again if you take enough of that damage type again, so I have no proof beyo
  5. Food and drink do have a use other than selling them in the base game, you can slot them into your inhaler and the game will search for and use others with the same effect (e.g. 200% natural recovery increase or 25% total health increase.) That said, I would like to see the "greater needs" as an option to the base game outside of Supernova mode. Unfortunately the needs themselves are a bit wonky IMO, you get hungry and thirsty about twice a day and then you need to sleep. It's not really very immersive or interesting to have to return to my ship and sleep every time I need a second drink
  6. It's an either/or IIRC, for vending machines I believe it's always hacking, for vendors I think it's always rep.
  7. Yeah I had just read the "mixed" setting on here moments before, looking at it myself there I just see ranged and close, but you can set what they prefer. I think with Paravati she had no heavy weapons skill and the damage of the LMG was small enough that she just started to use her close range weapon nearly exclusively due to that.
  8. Your carry weight goes up by 40 (IIRC) when you have companions along with you. You don't have to micromanage them, they just help you carry more stuff. Later another 40 per companion is available from a perk. If you're carrying too much stuff, try breaking down extra weapons or armors for parts. Selling consumables is also a good way to free up inventory space, Rapt meat weighs 1 per, so that will stack up PDQ.
  9. The restricted items are restricted to characters that can hack the vending machine to give them access (by having the second tier/40 hacking ability.)
  10. You don't fly the ship manually, there's an autopilot, you select destination planets or what have you on a map, and then if it's a large enough location like a planet or moon you may have to select a particular landing pad you have a navkey for.
  11. You can specify that they stay ranged instead of mixed, the fourth tab displays their skills and current AI settings, that's pretty much crucial for Supernova at this point as they are far too squishy and if they are downed they're instantly permanently dead if you don't have high end perks that save them from that fate once every 15 minutes. What I just realized is that if you go into the UI settings and turn off "Show base damage" (IIRC) it will display the damage done after stats are applied, this works for your companions too when they have items equipped so you can see what the diffe
  12. Thinking back on it, it may just have been getting close enough in the town to the pad, although I hadn't gone near enough to the pad to unlock the location itself because I didn't get XP for that until I landed there. By that point I had already done most of the quests on that planet, but I didn't unlock that as a landing spot until a quest led me near the pad en route to a location within the town.
  13. The only really weird thing, to me at least, is that the perk that doubles skill bonuses ALSO doubles the skill debuffs of wearing heavy armor. It specifically says skill bonuses, so to me anyway it seems odd that a debuff is doubled as if that were somehow a bonus. That said, I would have loved to see perks or flaws related to armor weights. Perks to offer more benefits for light armor, like faster movement in lighter armors or faster TTD recovery in lighter armors seem like a perfectly logical thing to offer and I am left to wonder why their only real improvement on skills is that they
  14. You can land the ship in that town, although exactly what it was I had to do in order to open that landing pad I'm not 100% sure. It might be nice if they automatically unlocked the pad when you purchased the room, that way supernova difficulty wouldn't force you to go all the way back to your first landing spot before you get the pad there. I have a couple ideas, if you're interested. Let me know, and I'll PM you to avoid spoilers in the General channel.
  15. You can only have one mod per slot, so you can't use multiple muzzle mods. If it didn't you could just slot every kind of elemental damage onto your weapon and it would render one of the science weapons basically not unique.
  16. That's okay SJB, we all make mistakes, I myself didn't dig into the gameplay options to find the FOV until I was at least 15 hours into the game. I didn't stop to think "Hey, maybe I can fast travel to the ship interior" until the third or fourth time I was trekking back to the ship from the other side of the Groundbreaker before I noticed that fast travel to the ship interior was an option.
  17. We know for certain there isn't a season pass being sold. Until we see official announcements, we don't have any certitude that we will see DLC or expansions. My reasoning is, basically, we have no idea what stipulations are in the contract between Private Division and Obsidian. If Private Division takes the same cut from DLC they do from the base game, it might be better for Obsidian to just put together a full fledged sequel to the game fully funded by Microsoft than it would be for them to put together DLC. As for support, Obsidian tends to offer support for their games until most
  18. They definitely seem to me to have preferences for certain types of weapons, if you give them a ranged weapon they dislike they're likely to use their melee weapon. That said there's a bit of logic underlying the process I'm not sure of, where e.g. Nyoka can have her preferred LMG and still want to swap into her melee weapon, despite the fact that there are multitudes of enemies surrounding you or what have you. Giving Paravati an LMG early on resulted in her exclusively using her melee weapon, and they tell you what they want to use in dialog and with their initial load out. Whether or n
  19. Hold the reload key to holster your weapon. There are armor mods that make 3 basically impossible, extending the range of that highlight by another 2.5m. Also, the game would have to intuit which object you wanted to interact with, and I'm sure there are issues that aren't immediately apparent to me.
  20. This has been a requested feature since before release, but it wasn't in the budget for the game. There are a variety of bugs and jank this would have added that Obsidian in particular needed to avoid at launch. It's not entirely impossible for it to be added in an update, but the ability to e.g. clip the camera through a hole in the wall and activate an object, or target enemies with companion special attacks without putting yourself in danger, as well as less obvious and predictable side effects would have been troublesome. Obsidian has a reputation for bugs, and it is in their best interest
  21. Complain to the publisher that made this decision. Obsidian was updating the Steam store page just an hour before the exclusivity deal was announced.
  22. Fall damage isn't that bad in my experience, although the difference between "half of my health" and "instant death" is fairly small. The problem with the amount of damage that does a momentary crippling effect and a fall that does no damage to you can be the exact same height (I jumped over a ladderway 5 or more times and took fall damage on one where I traveled further horizontally but no more distance vertically) so the fall damage isn't quite where I can judge whether or how much fall damage I'll take just by eyeballing heights even after playing through the entire game (Really though, the
  23. You can transition between areas to generate an autosave, but that is definitely not really a solution. I'm playing the Microsoft Xbox Game Pass version so I can't mod my game, but one of the first "mods" for the game adds options to Supernova that let you fast travel if you wanted or save anywhere. https://www.nexusmods.com/theouterworlds/mods/8?tab=description Mind you this really just seems to be .ini changes from how it reads, so applying needs to lower difficulty levels isn't on the table at the moment. Personally what I find most frustrating about Supernova is that the combat i
  24. Companions are hot garbage in Supernova difficulty, they just die and then you can't do anything to revive them, they are worse than useless. It's insane that even once you're out of combat all you can do is go spit on their corpse or reload. Do two things in a row? You better believe your companion is gonna die, and then you'll have to reload because of course you do. I've mostly enjoyed the game, but it's baffling to me that the game isn't difficult on Supernova, you just can't use companions as... well, companions. Lock them down in the first room of any place you go, or they WILL die.
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