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  1. If you drop in e.g. a food item with a 200% recovery increase and another that is 25% total health buff the game will search your inventory for similar items and slot them in when a stack of anything particular runs out. The duration of the effects doesn't seem to enter into it with foodstuffs (although I will admit, vaping your dinner seems a bit odd) and this was a good use of the additional slots that used up a number of the heavier items without me caring very much. Be careful, if you start off vaping candy, you'll end up on the hard stuff, like Raptidon meat before you know it.
  2. I too found it obnoxious that neither the second tier upgrade to engineering nor Paravati's perk seemed to work at a workbench (Paravati's perk didn't display as a % chance in the displayed calculation for either) so you have to choose to either get more weapon parts at a bench (I think you do, anyway, never did immediate comparisons wearing my fancy engineer equipment) or have a chance at pulling mods off of weapons. So far as I could tell you have no chance to pull mods off at a workbench, which seems kind of outrageous honestly. I could have gotten unlucky, but I had over a dozen weapo
  3. It seems likely that the Unreal Engine isn't super easy to mod, as there aren't many mods available for e.g. Bioshock, and those that do exist seem more in the "UI/Sound/Graphics tweaks" category than anything that influences gameplay. That said, Obsidian doesn't have any real reason to have artificially limited the mod-ability of the game. I'd try to give you a more concrete answer but I'm not allowed to look in the Arc of the Covenant Microsoft Xbox Game Pass install directory since I don't have ownership of that directory. The UDK used to make the game is available to the public, but a
  4. There is a Deadeye mk 2 but I never used them, stuck with spacers choice myself. Hopefully the mk2 has what you're after, I think it had all three slots IIRC.
  5. The interactive object highlight is kind of necessary, given the design of some of the clutter objects. There are plenty of non-interactive objects with a little blue or green light on them which commonly denotes interactivity but otherwise seems to be used just... to show that they like glowy LED strips on boxes and barrels I guess? Some of them might explode? Honestly I've completed my first run through the game and I couldn't reliably pick out every container in a room full of shelves of containers without either the highlight or walking up to it and pressing E. If I had to pick one t
  6. Some weapons, especially in the first tier, only have a handful of available mods. Scopes aren't available for even the top tier of Shotguns AFAIK, and the Spacer's Choice Assault Rifle didn't get all 3 slots available until the second tier. The first tier had only scope and clip mods available and couldn't take muzzle mods. The workbench will display all the slots that are available for different ranged weapons, although since there are only two possible slots for melee weapons they have arrows instead. Anyway, the various components available will be displayed there.
  7. I did fine at 4k with my 1080, although I'm rather inured to poor performance unless there's a lot of screen tearing, so what I found acceptable someone else might not have enjoyed. Any new game is going to have software and hardware stacks out there it doesn't care for. There will definitely be performance improvements in the future, Obsidian has a long track record of good support for their games. If there are common threads to people having issues, they'll figure out what they are and work to fix those that are able to be identified. PC game QA is tricky because there's no telling what
  8. It should have given you a new quest, but there's a medical office down the road past the Stellar Bay warehouse. Walk out of the bar, hook a left, walk up the road a piece and keep an eye out to the right. The quest bifurcates into the main quest and Nyoka's companion quest there IIRC.
  9. It's especially silly when you think of how much ground work Obsidian laid talking about budget limitations etc. for the project. There could be AI for corpse sighting, but I have legitimately never seen anyone complain that the corpse sighting AI in Bethesda games is "walk over, acknowledge corpse by bending down to look at it." And Bethesda games routinely have entire quest lines about murdering people, often in towns, so you kind of have to routinely see the same animation and barks related to corpse-finding a bunch if you're playing that content. What would you have the AI do when the
  10. I've got an i5 8300k and a 1080 and I'm running at 4k resolution in fullscreen without any real undue performance issues. There may be something wrong in your software stack, 1440p shouldn't be giving you issues. I am running the newest Nvidia drivers that came out yesterday, if you're not that would be the first thing I'd recommend checking. Other than that, you haven't really provided anyone with the pertinent information about your system for them to help diagnose potential issues. I am somewhat inured to performance issues, a little frame rate dip here and there don't really bother me
  11. Ohhhh wow, an hour early!? Awesome! Seriously. Thanks for letting us know.
  12. If you're not in New Zealand you can probably start loading the game before midnight. If you're in the US, it's about an hour until the game launches. Actually it should be about an hour for everyone in the world who is using a PC. Edit: You might try now, it's not scheduled for another hour but it seems like it's already available to people who are using the Microsoft store but you may be lucky.
  13. Well I combed through the store page and the xbox app again, the store page has a ... right next to play but only shows the options to pin a shortcut or install to devices. Checking through the updates section showed me that the Outer Worlds is version 1.0.369.0 but no other information available on the install through those apps. However, looking the program up through add/remove programs shows me a 37.3gb footprint and that's more than I had before. I just mistrust software not letting me look at folders and files, but now I have more of a reason to believe it's not just some old guy be
  14. Appreciated Anhur, but I'm actually using the gamepass and Xbox app beta. I'm just gonna keep my fingers crossed, although going back to the Microsoft store did let me run in a newer version of the Xbox app, it doesn't seem to have picked up and run with any 30+gb download. It's been running pretty regularly for days now so it could have done it all sneaky like, and they actually steal ownership of the folder from you to make sure you don't go poking at any files so I can't check the size of the install directory. Still, thanks for passing along that info, it very well could help someone
  15. I think I'm going to take a crack at leader right out of the barrel, give myself some versatility based upon my companions, and hopefully gain additional benefits from being charismatic. I might wind up doing a stealthy goody two shoes intelligence focused hacker type though. I never really know until I fire the game up just what I'll wind up doing first, because I know I'll eventually do it all. I've had a good while to think about it and I still wind up thinking "Leadership sounds neat" and you always want some kind of persuasive ability IMO, and personally I like being able to convince
  16. Ugh, I get a 10mb download, I saw the preload option earlier than this post and snagged some kind of placeholder I guess? Hopefully it will preload before the 24th
  17. I'd imagine that Private Division is kinda pissed about Microsoft releasing the game day one on their XGP, so they're not keen on dumping a ton of money into marketing the game, Epic already gave PD a fat check to make it Epic "exclusive" and this is all corporate gamesmanship that really won't benefit The Outer Worlds but likely won't harm it too much either in the long run.
  18. Good luck getting a refund from Private Division, I understand they're not offering them, but hopefully that's rare or they're just really slow and bad about it... If you're running the latest W10 download the Xbox beta app (to make sure it works) and you can get the game through the PC Xbox Game Pass if you can get a refund and want the game without Private Division getting money. You could potentially also just outright buy the game from the MS' app store thing if you want Obsidian to profit as much as possible from the sale without involving Epic I guess? Microsoft's budgetary con
  19. I haven't seen any official System Requirements list, but the game is running the Unreal Engine so it's likely to have similar minimum and recommended requirements as other modern UE games like Gears 5. With it being a cross platform release, it's likely going to be optimized to run on lower end machines since all the consoles use AMD APUs. If you're looking for similar games that use the newest Unreal Engine there are several (including Gears 5) available with the same Xbox Game Pass that will offer The Outer Worlds once the game is released. I was able to get 2 months of XGP ultimate (
  20. I'm not entirely sure, having only used the app since the second, when I got 2 months of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for 2 dollars. But the button is grey, logging out so I could look at what the store page looks like without having to try preordering, the button just is grey (the border changes, highlighted it turns a shade of grey, not highlighted it's white.) It seemed to work fine for me, although I didn't go past the point where it asked for my password when I clicked on the preorder option. I'm not entirely sure what it was the app downloaded, but I was able to install some 10mb pla
  21. If there are these sorts of animations we haven't seen them, but I don't believe there are kill cam animations for your player. There's an argument to be made about kill cams in e.g. Skyrim literally robbing you of kills by messing with the speed things happen and so the camera pauses and then shows you... your arrow miss. Fallout 3 had more of this problem, and while Fallout 4 avoids this by magicking a bullet into existence between you and the target and watching the bullet hit the enemy (avoiding the projectile hitting banisters, guard rails etc.) there are... a fair amount of issues that w
  22. If anyone at Obsidian was even aware of this as a possible thing that might happen, it was Feargus Urquhart, and he's not the most forthcoming boss. Just a week or so before the announcement Tim and Leonard were saying in interviews that they would be coming to Steam. The Steam store page was updated hours before the announcement, so it's probable that a lot of the people at Obsidian got wind of this the same way James Comey found out he was fired. I mean, it sucks they won't be on your favorite stores for a year, but Private Division wants to get every single dime they can out of this deal be
  23. What I find funny about all of this is, when Steam launched, I heard so many insane things about how bad Steam was and how anti-cosumer and just awful in every way Steam was, would forever be, and I was an idiot for preferring it to going into Gamestop and telling the employee what I wanted. They would stare at me like I had a second head, and then ask the second head if I wanted the game for one of the game consoles. Or, better, they would tell me that such a game did not exist. I would kindly tell them to look into their computer, they would snark off after they found it and I prepurchased i
  24. I'll buy it on the Epic store, no problem. Epic gave me a number of games, and will likely be doing so for some time to come. The split for UE4 games is a lot better for Obsidian and the more money Obsidian makes from this the better potential for a sequel. Obsidian bringing in 23% more on every sale is huge for a company like Obsidian that has previously operated with thin margins. The Outer Worlds may have a potential user base higher than something like Pillars/Deadfire but even so the more of my money that Obsidian gets the better. I'd prefer it if I had it in my Steam library but I won't
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