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  1. The game is fun, great even, absolutely no doubt, I spent the first hour going round the area of the first town before going into it, found so much ammo and gear I was both rich and decently kitted out before going in, so when I did I thought, lets test out NPC reactions and proceeded to snipe folks. For one, no one outside the "group" cared, I literally went round the entire town killing each group, pop pop pop, 3 headshots, and no one near gave a crap. Granted I lost faction, so thought, ok, lets continue and proceeded to slaughter the entire outside area. Went into the bar and as soon as I opened the door, they all attacked, fair doos my rep was down, pop pop pop, all dead, so went in to loot the place. Now, none of this is really a problem, mechanics, sure, I'll still get into the game... but as I left the bar, a bunch of NPC's appeared from... somewhere, walked over all the dead bodies and continued to have a beer. This is where I start to think not is all that great in this game. Still enjoying it a lot for what it's worth, but this was disappointing.
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