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  1. My question is the topic title. Is level 30 recommended for this DLC? And if I have not been misinformed by various articles I have read about this DLC I have a comment on this. The game punishes anyone who starts a new character who has this DLC. Seriously. Try it. The DLC was triggered when my character first arrived in Monarch. Level 30 is not the typical level of a character arriving in Monarch for the first time. Level 30 without any DLC is an end game level. My character has been trying to follow the main story. She was level 15 when she arrived at Monarch. I was going to jump into this DLC at that point until I re-read an article that said the developers had tuned this DLC for level 30 characters. If one attempts to follow this guidance and starts with a new character they have to listen to that music every single blessed time they go on to The Unreliable. I am not bashing the music. It is fun for its purpose. But try listening to it for upwards of 15 levels without asking the computer to play the new aetherwave.
  2. I am using the Epic games version for PC. I purchased and downloaded the Season Pass only a few days ago so I assume the game is current. Verifying the game had no effect. I am reluctant to reinstall for this error alone. It doesn't seem like it is game breaking and since I don't know what that line should be I have no way of knowing if it is merely a broken readout on that screen or if there is some significant game functionality I am missing.
  3. I have started a new playthrough with the new DLC. When I review my character's Science skill I am getting what looks like a bug in the skill screen. My character is currently level 10 with a Science skill of 80. The skill description lists: +24.2% Plasma +24.2% Corrosive +40.4% Science weapon +10% _INVALID_ My question is what is the +10% _INVALID_ Is this what others are experiencing? Is it a game bug? Or is my game bugged?
  4. I received the assignment from Lilya to claim the space station. When I arrived there was absolutely nothing to do but read the logs of the dead resident. All robots were in their charging stations being charged. All loot containers were empty. The terminal in the center room with the dead guy was unlocked and merely reported a status of transmitter active. I have no way to complete this quest. What do I do?
  5. Perhaps that is the problem. But I have not ever been able to get that window to come up. I have watched a youtuber doing it and he has not powered his ship yet. I think I just don't understand what key to press to get that window to come up. I will try again on a container outside the ship. /edit to add: Thank you, Raventha. You were correct. Not sure I understand why items cannot be stored on the ship before power up but that is the way it is.
  6. Thank you for your reply. My problem is that I cannot get the transfer window to come up. I would press e if I could get the transfer window to come up.
  7. I want to store my stuff. I read that you stand next to any container that is lootable and press the transfer key which is the R on PC. When I do that an empty window comes up (the container is empty) and I point my equipped weapon at it. I see no means to transfer inventory contents into it. Please help this newbie understand what she is missing.
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