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  1. So, I have pulled mods out at the bench. However, like you said, it seems very rare. The tooltip say it's a 20% chance but when I disassemble in inventory it puts the chance just over 40%. It seems whatever the bonus is, it's not given at the workbench. However, I don't *think* the bench gives more parts. I did a couple tests of that too. EDIT: I realized I was reading it wrong. It says: Enginerring 40:20% and a I thought it read 40.20%. So, not difference it seems
  2. So, I have the second unlock in engineering which gives me a chance to get a mod when I break something down. The thing is, I only get a notification of this chance when I do it from the inventory. Is it just implied in the workbench or am I better off doing it in inventory? Thanks
  3. Well, of course my *dream* is a true successor to Neverwinter Nights 1/2, but I think another entry in the jade empire IP could be cool
  4. I would not buy it if it was an epic exclusive. I don't support the fractured launcher ecosystem we have now (origin, uplay, epic etc etc). If it luanches exclulsively, i don't buy. However, I'm under the impression that one can also buy it from the windows store, which would be fine.
  5. Honestly, I like (in almost all games, certainly all RPGs) where the characters are divorced from the actual game/story currently being played (e.g. the NWN1 and NWN2 franchises.
  6. I don't think this is a "never buy from again" scenario. The publisher made this call and now that Obsidian is owned by Microsoft future launches will likely be different.
  7. No, I won't install the Epic game launcher. It's a decision I made personally to protest the current environment of fractured game launcher eco systems. I don't buy games that require origin or uplay and will not purchase games that require epic. The IP looks really interesting and the game play looks solid, I would love for this game to succeed but it will do without my support if it requires the epic launcher. That is all, cheers, -Loudent2
  8. I also would love to see either or both NWN2:EE and NWN3. The thing is, NWN3 doesn't necessarily need to take place in Neverwinter. Heck, other than the OC's none of the expansions in either game take place there. NWN3 would just be the tag line above. Heck, they could make an open toolset where one could drop any ruleset in and the theme is just directed by the assets. That engine could make anything from a sword and sorcery adventure to a steam punk/sci fie mystery. One could use d20, gurus, champions, 1-5th ed. D&D etc etc to make their adventure. That would be awesome.
  9. So I started up my PW again but it seems that characters are capped at level 20. When I load the module locally it's fine, but for some reason the server is capped. I have it set right in the server configuration I think (it says 1-40 even though the cap is 30). I seem to recall there was some thing I had to do to get this right, but for the life of me I can't remember and all the mining of old data has yielded nothing. There really isn't a central place for NWN2 PW mods to ask questions anymore so I'm hoping someone sees this and remembers how I do this
  10. I've brought my NWN2 server back to life and everything seems to be working fine. the one problem is the info screen when connecting to a PW. There are 3 separate urls you can specify (info, rules and news). I'm using the same urls as I did when I originally hosted this 10 years ago but the panels for all 3 just say "reserved string" and the text in the panel is some weird formatting. I'm using the NWNx4 extender with xp_bugfix and the network replacer (because gamespy and master server are gone). I'm wondering if there is anyone still hosting that can give me some insight on what I need to do to get that part up and working
  11. Please keep in mind tablet and touch support when implementing the UI. at the most basic level this means not relying on the location of the mouse cursor and providing alternate means to do whatever you put on the context (right mouse button) menu. At the same time please provide robust key binding for those of us with gaming mice. -Loudent2
  12. Ah well. Too much to hope for I guess. I'm still looking forward to it purely as an old school cRPG though.
  13. Hey All, Old world builder from NWN1 and NWN2 here. Just wondering if Project Eternity is going to support PW (player/persistent worlds) I know it's a loaded question, They haven't said anything about a toolset or multi-player support much less what we need for a PW(e.g. DM client, ability to host worlds etc). Anyway, I miss my world building days sometimes and am constantly on the lookout for the next one (It's a hard sell because giving the players the tools makes it harder to monetize the game). Anyway, it'd be nice to know, one way or another, if this will be a place I can hang my dev hat. -Loudent2
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