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  1. I just wish that they had recorded exit dialogs for the psychotic Xoti. Hearing her talk about the darkness inside her is somewhat suspect when the next words out of her mouth are "If you need me I'll be two whoops and a hollar away!"
  2. I don't think so, I never found any way to sell old ships at least. As far as I know, there's nothing in the game that will allow you to sell the ship. It's a shame, because the starting ship should be worth 10k or so which would go a decent bit of the way toward a Junk. Because of the inability to sell the ship, I've upgraded straight to a junk from the starting ship in every game.
  3. To be fair, if Hiravias is his primary example of Orlans, then he was closer to an animal than most. And he may or may not have spent a lot of time actually being an animal around Eder. Obviously that's not the case if the Watcher is an Orlan, and Eder is kind of a racist asshat either way. People don't even have to have fur, and racists equate them with animals, because dehumanizing (dekithizing?) crap is par for that particular course... Still, Hiravias was an animal, and frankly depending on how your Serafen was spec'd a Barbarian/Pirate isn't going to necessarily be enough to change Ed
  4. I responded to the questionnaire saying that I really liked the endless paths of Caed Nua, in particular the fact that you likely had to revisit the location as you progressed, which created a nice gameplay loop. I'd have really liked it if they could have crammed at least another few layers under Nekataka, maybe a key or two scattered on other islands, temples to more deities (possibly even Eothas?) that could have been an interesting way to tie an element of that massive dungeon into PoE2. That said, the 15 levels felt at times like they were just padded out, there because they were a st
  5. If you sneak down to the southeast from the old city, all the way east (it turns north at the end) there's a rowboat that will take you to Queen's Berth. *Whoops, didn't see that in the replies but it was in the Op. I didn't have any problem getting past Mad Morena's crew, the water shapers saw me and didn't attack. That said, I had started the quest from Dario, even though I hadn't picked up the okay to head into the Old City and went down the lift. Also, it was 1.0, so maybe patches changed something?
  6. I've pushed her to the dark, and had her release the souls into an adra pillar, but she's still talking about crazy dreams and waking me up staring at me with her sickle in hand an such. Threshing Aura is so much better than the light of the dawnstar upgrade that it's kind of frustrating that you have to basically drive her crazy to get it. I mean, you can get over 20% damage increase, party wide, that adds up big time. The downside is you have a psycho deathpriestess...
  7. So, I managed to deliver Maia's messages on a character who was right up to the end of the game on a Vallian playthrough. Knowing that Maia wouldn't like the next mission the Valians sent me on, I brought her back to the Brass Citadel and she left the party for a few days. I blew the powderhouse, and sailed off into the sunset. Maia did return, and she stays with my party, but she "wants to talk" and yet now when I click on her she just glares at me. I'm not sure that I expected to preserve Maia's relationship with the watcher or anything, but I know that this is some kind of bug. She'll even
  8. I won't believe that they've voiced every single potential NPC bark in the game until I hear it for myself. Yes, a shopkeeper you do business with will have her lines voiced. The kids chasing a piece of poo down the gutter with their poo-sticks probably won't be. There could be exceptions, but those tend to be clues.
  9. Sometimes I do, once I've fully explored the companion characters in a game like this. I recreated my D&D party as best as possible in Pillars for an early playthrough. The companions are often the most memorable and enjoyable part of a game of this nature, but after I have fully explored most or all of the conversation options with them, companions are more about combat strategies. I don't tend to invest most of the characters with personalities, although with my D&D party I did try to imagine how we might deal with events and afterward I felt like I preferred our Halfling as an Orlan
  10. I'll be taking level scaling everywhere my first playthrough. I like to go on jaunts and explore, and will tend to be overleveled for things after bashing my face into ridiculously difficult content. Since the level scaling will only scale things up, I don't have any problem with it. I may wind up plowing through trickier fights to get worse loot, but I usually enjoy that more than smashing a significant amount of enemies to death with single hits and watching them explode into gibs.
  11. I'd like to see this done, schedules that may not be able to be easily amended at this point are likely in place for some, so given that the majority of systems for key distribution and the like are already in place I don't see any harm in the idea. Those who backed at higher tiers hopefully did so in order to have their feedback incorporated for the release of the game, and that won't be changed if more people are given access to the backer beta. If it was likely to require much in the way of work from people at Obsidian that might be better spent elsewhere, I might feel otherwise. Given the
  12. While I'll admit that I've never been the biggest fan of romances in games, I am inclined to agree with Obsidian that it takes a lot of resources invested into it (time and trouble, at the very least) to make it fit seamlessly into a game. I imagine that a great amount of effort has been put into companions already, shoehorning romance in now doesn't seem like it would be an option.
  13. It sounds as though they've already done a lot of the early work for fleshing out the world, if Obsidian needs more time I'm sure they'll take it, I personally am alright with trusting their judgement in how long something like this will take. They know better than I do exactly what goes into RPG development. Just because a lot of games are made on a five year cycle doesn't mean that a lot of what they are doing isn't revamping old content or iterating based on feedback from QA. With the community so close to this project I imagine that Obsidian will have a better grasp on what needs to be don
  14. I keep seeing people ask for a Planescape: Torment sequel. Planescape is a huge Dungeons and Dragons world, Torment was the first game in that universe these people had to work on. However, they could much more easily work on a Planescape based game. Planescape might cost them some money, but the Torment license belongs to the publishers. However I really do feel that it would be a great idea for them to visit a world that isn't licensed by any current development operation.
  15. The Planescape universe isn't part of the Torment theme. They could make a Planescape based game, for a lot less money than a followup to Torment. As for a remaster of the game, you might consider looking at GOG (good old games) for the first version of PS:T, and there is a nice widescreen/high resolution mod available. I use a 42" TV as my monitor, but I've had it for a number of years, so it only uses 1360x768 resolution. The game was beautiful, at the original vertical resolution. There are higher resolutions available, but 2D art scales much better than 3D. Quake III looks alright, but it
  16. Fallout had ropes as an item to acquire through merchants, and the only time you were informed you needed them is if you didn't have one (or did, but didn't use it) and came to a point where it was a required item to proceed. I imagine that they aren't the sort of developers who would make handholding the priority over player immersion. If you have an amount of 300-400k, you can receive a significant loan with that as collateral. This will provide -much- lower interest rates than if you used any other form of collateral. Often times they look at a 20% down loan as an investment, and they wil
  17. Personally, even though I advocated the use of a series that hasn't ever had any CRPGs based on it, I imagine that any original IP created by Obsidian would be amazing. Their writing has really impressed me over the years, they're some of the most creative developers out there IMHO. The one failing, to me, is caused by deadlines. Being able to have a Kickstarter project, where they control the release schedule, and their players are able to contribute over the course of the project. While I suggested the Mistborn universe, because I read where Chris (IIRC) said that they like working in es
  18. I would love to see another G.U.R.P.S. style Isometric RPG, but I've always wanted a few things that are more viable now than they have been in the past. I would love to see the ability to burn down wooden structures, or open a hole in a wall with a sledge hammer. I realize that this sort of dynamic destruction would have been difficult to implement in the past, but with Phys-X that sort of possibility is more realistic. It has always confounded me that I can, perhaps break open a chest, and if I'm extremely fortunate a door, but a wooden wall provides some immutable obstacle to my progress.
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