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  1. A 980 might not be enough if it was a VR title, but for pancake games, it's going to depend on a couple of things. One, do you want to play the game in 4k? Resolution makes a huge difference in performance, to the point where a friend started to get snippy with me when I told him I got 30fps in Metro 2033 benchmarks despite my having a card that was a generation older than his. I ran at 1360x768 and he was running at IIRC 1600x1050 and that's a substantial enough difference that we both pulled about 30fps in the benchmarks. The difference from 1080p to 4k resolution is 4X as much to render. So
  2. https://youtu.be/I9ptiP6SOSQ?t=960 for anyone interested in hearing it straight from the source.
  3. August is mid q3 and a delay into even December just makes it a slip into Q4, Tons of these kinds of early leaked street dates leaked right out of someone's less pleasant orifices rather than any concrete source. That said, the Game Informer push could support a Q3 launch date but Obsidian would probably rather wait and get as much as they can to be perfect out of the gate as possible. MS and T2/PD both have skin in this game so a major QA push from one and a ton of advertising from the other wouldn't be unreasonable. I think the real question is when they will announce an official date, a
  4. I will, I love Obsidian's work and while I haven't always loved every story beat of every game, the only Obsidian game I didn't buy was Dungeon Siege 3. I have the money to buy a collectors edition but I will probably just get a version off of Steam. I am really interested in the potential for expansion sized dlcs as well, the hard part will be not playing the game from start to finish 7 or 8 times before the dlcs come out.
  5. AFAIK there aren't any announced official plans for VR support. If you're able to stomach VR shooters, and play on PC, then you'll pretty much definitely be able to use VorpX to play in VR. That said, there will probably be some community effort put into something with a bit more to it than just playing an Unreal based shooter in VorpX. Given how many people have used UE4 for their own projects, this has the potential to become a fairly robust offering in time. Obsidian and Private Division have been clear that their budget for the game is limited and they are focusing what they spend it o
  6. By default number of flaws you can accept depends on difficulty setting, 5 on the hardest, 4 on hard, 3 on normal and I guess 3 on the easiest difficulty? I don't think they mentioned that one when discussing number of flaws specifically. That said I'm sure one of the first mods will be a mod to let you be more flawed or more flawed on lower difficulties.
  7. Personally I'm in favor of areas constructed with what would have been adequate signage at some point, and landmarks and the like with logical clues in logical places. Waiting for a pizza was no sure thing pre-GPS, but much of the time at most a paper map, and reasonable knowledge of the town was able to guide a pizza straight to people's front doors. People can be reasonably expected to follow certain environmental clues, and overall that kind of design is good for everyone from the person who got momentarily turned around to immediately recognize "No, I'm not heading toward the yellow tower"
  8. I always go to her before I mess with him, get her to promise to pay ME for helping her find him, and then I can rescue him without being on the hook for money he never had. 4k is like a decent magic item early game, a pretty decent pair of boots or gloves or something not super-common. I'm usually without that much liquidity early game anyway, but the first time I got him first and then went to her and she wanted me to pay her because I rescued a stranger and accepted him onto my crew I was baffled. "Look, if you like the old guy so much, why don't I just give him to you? He can't navigate wo
  9. I mean, they've already displayed that they'll be selling via Steam and have a Steam store page and so on. That said, Epic Games' storefront would logically be giving Obsidian a larger slice of the pie once that's an option. Steam's 70% isn't a bad cut, but since it uses UE4 and the Epic Games storefront takes a smaller cut from sales -and- doesn't charge the normal slice for using their engine as far as I understand it... I guess Epic Games' storefront would be the way to make sure the most money makes it into Obsidian/Private Division's hands.
  10. I wouldn't say interest in P:K dried up exactly so much as cooled off, personally I've told people with interest in it to keep it on the shelf, but I bought their Season Pass and really do hope Owlcat made enough that they come out with sequels and the like. It's both a good thing (for longevity) and bad thing (for early sales figures) that these kinds of RPGs not only don't age quite like other products but could be said to improve with age. Of course, Owlcat's first effort was bug riddled, but it was Owlcat's first rodeo. They did their eight seconds, didn't get kicked in the head, and I rec
  11. I mean, we've got their Fig investor returns, we don't have access to Obsidian financials to see exactly how much of their own money was put up vs how much of the budget was purely from crowdfunding (a ton of crowd funded things use the definite interest of a few thousand to project sales figures and get more money from investors.) I mean short of Obsidian coming out and saying "We had 500,000 sales of Deadfire in 2018" I'm not sure what else we would see. We're kind of piecing things together from disparate facts. Steam has officially said that developers can release Steam numbers if they
  12. I mean, a lot of people I know bounced right off of Pillars of Eternity. People I'd have expected to love it just didn't get into it, I expected to enjoy it but I absolutely loved it. Deadfire was... more freeform and exploration oriented, which was good, but the balance was tuned way too low to start which got some bad reviews or people saying to wait. And other people wrote middling reviews for story elements, which can be a big draw to early game sales (stories that are able to be spoiled means you need to experience them yourself early.) I feel like the problem with a game like Deadfir
  13. I've got the can't actually pick locks bug, on a brand new character as well as older ones (the one I checked had it too anyway) and the only mod I'm using ups the level cap to 33 so I don't see that getting in the way of lock picking. I haven't seen anyone report it in the bug forums though, and since I was running a mod I didn't know whether to look there or at PoE since I would have assumed if it was common (picking locks ad infinitum without the items opening) that people would be talking about it. It does seem like it's only a couple containers, but all doors basically I have had to find
  14. Obsidian has done a wonderful job making the game more difficult, I started a new character "all scaling up only" on just Veteran difficulty and I'm having nice spots of reasonable challenge that make fights I never found interesting a lot of fun. I just did the Old City and there is kind of a culminating fight with a big mob down there that was awesome, but all across the board in every location and every fight I've been in the difficulty is challenging but not terribly frustrating on Veteran. The occasional mishap and I'll have to load, or when I fail to see how flawed my strategy is the gam
  15. Ohhh, I must have missed new ships being added to the game. I imagine a Voyager makes ship combat a lot more interesting. Thanks for the response. Edit: Actually with the stats, I always skipped over the Voyager, never getting anything short of a Galleon or Junk. I played 8 characters to level 20 before the first DLC dropped and ships were a lot cheaper then. I'll still have to check it out with the front and rear firing arcs.
  16. I think they might aim for Q3 at first so if it slips they'll still have plenty of time to make it out before the end of the year. That's just supposition, but if it was aiming at e.g. August, they could slip a couple months without missing their stated 2019 release window. I'd absolutely love for it to come out sooner, but given the fact that at this point the only thing we're aware of is hands-off demos to a select few sources they're still a long way from launch. I'd be surprised if they're aiming for Q2 or sooner.
  17. Now I just need to know where to give Obsidian money. Also I guess a link to a trailer so I could get my friends hyped would be nice.
  18. This method is obscene! Just a couple of minutes indeed. But since I have Rekke use two-handed weapons and I'm finishing the game, I'll cheat this way to check what are all the effects of the shield. Don't kink shame my watchers. Some of them like to roll around in fetid corpse piles, okay?
  19. So, Wael's request of the Watcher is that they send the souls off into the unknown. That seems like the sort of thing you're looking for? I mean, Wael's request doesn't come in until you have already pledged to some other god e.g. Hylea, and in order to do as he asks you'll be annoying that other god. Still, there is an unanswered question that you can get an answer to, and if I'm interpreting what you're saying correctly it seems like that's what you're after.
  20. Wait, was this update written in August? The megaboss appears to be a part of Patch 3.0, which I assume is supposed to be come out on September 25th together with the new DLC. Could have been, especially given that 2.1 is in beta atm and that graphic shows it as releasing in August along with the Abydon and Skaen challenges which are also in the 2.1 beta that is just now available. Of course, it's plausible that they might delay parts of the free patch stuff in order to get the DLC out... Hard to say how inaccurate this graphic is.
  21. I mean, provided the idea of kind of gaming the system doesn't bother you, you can do what I do. Go wallow with some rotting corpses in the undercity of Neketaka and you can get 100 afflictions in a few minutes of idle time. Until this bug is addressed you could always just get 100 that way and leave the other item unsullied by these artificial conditions.
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