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  1. Oof 5 wounds max is pretty harsh. Trickster/Nalpazca sounds fun but having to rest to get rid of the crash effects might get tedious after a while. Does using a drug remove the crash effects of a different drug? If it does, I guess I could play a junkie and stay high all the time lol Regarding attributes, what should I prioritize? I was thinking per, dex, might in that order and the rest at 10. And skills, alchemy seems like a must. Diplomacy and insight for conversation options. And maybe stealth or mechanics, can't decide.
  2. Real time Wait are there any mechanical differences between RT and TB that changes up class/build effectiveness? I havent been following the TB too closely Ohh Shadowdancers sound fun Will having high deflection be counterintuitive since monks need to get hit to generate wounds? Edit: Nevermind. Just realized that Shattered Pillars gain wounds by dealing damage. Seems like the ideal subclass to multi with Tricksters.
  3. Thanks for all the answers, everything makes a lot more sense now. I don't know if this was ever mentioned, but if you restore the souls to the hollowborn, what happens to the children who were killed off or turned into wichts?
  4. So far I was thinking... Mindstalker (Trickster/Soul Blade) - downside is I played POE1 as a melee Cipher and I'm kinda burnt out Spellsword (Streetfighter/Wizard) - I don't know how well casting spells while engaged in melee combat will work Swashbuckler (Trickster/Devoted) - but I want to have Eder in my party and don't was to double up Are there any other classes that fit the role of a high damage melee char with lots of active abilities?
  5. I feel the ending left me with more questions than answers. Or I'm just a dummy and everything flew over my head. Either way, I want some things cleared up before I jump into Deadfire. If the gods aren't real, who or what have I been talking to all this while? So the Engwithans made them, does that make them automatons like the eyeless or something? Why are the gods afraid of someone finding out that they're not really gods? If the real world is anything to go by, just saying gods don't exist isn't going to convince a believer. Doubly so in the Pillars universe where "gods" literally do exist. Why was Ondra trying to get rid of the Engwithans? If Abydon stopped the falling moon from wiping out the Engwies, how did they eventually die out? Why is Thaos trying to protect their secret if they themselves wanted his kind killed off? Not really a question but it's crummy how all the ending choices end up serving one god or the other. Wish there was an option to screw them over and do your own thing. I'll post more as I remember them.
  6. Good to know. This is a problem I’ve faced with many recent games. They get too easy towards the end and I either lose interest and stop playing or blitz through just to get it over with.
  7. I haven't played since release and I remember the devs saying they were still working on tweaking POTD. How is it now? Pillars 1 POTD got pretty easy towards the end if you did all the side content. Is it the same in Deadfire too? I'm currently replaying Pillars 1 on POTD with a reduced XP mod and it seems to be in a good place so far.
  8. Thanks for all the advice. I need to rework my party a bit now I have some more questions. What are your thoughts on scrolls? I am planning on giving my non casting chars some defensive scrolls to cast at the start of the engagement. Is it possible to rely entirely on potions (and vet's recover, second wind) for healing? It does seem wasteful for Durance to use up his spells on healing
  9. This is my party setup... Cipher PC Role: Melee DPS/CC Weapon: 2H Sword Stats: 14 Mig, 16 Dex, 18 Int, 10 Con/Per/Res Eder Role: Tank Weapon: Sword & shield Pallegina Role: Offensive Support Weapon: 2H Sword Durance Role: Healer Weapon: Staff Aloth Role: Debuff/CC Weapon: Scepter Sagani Role: Ranged DPS Weapon: Hunting Bow And I have a few questions... Who would make a better tank, Eder or Pallegina? And what weapons and armor should I give them? I currently use Pallegina with Zealous Focus + Critical Focus. Durance seems to be quite squishy in his robes. Should I stick him in some medium/heavy armor? Right now I'm using him as a backline melee dude once he's done casting spells. 2H or dual wield for my melee DPS Cipher? And medium or heavy armor? I keep failing stat checks for some dialog options. How much content am I missing out on?
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