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  1. I'm of two minds about this, honestly. To me it comes down to this, are we playing a blank slate character like The Watcher? Or are we playing a character whose personality isn't entirely ours to shape, like Commander Shepard? I'd prefer the former, and thus no voiceover for the PC, but if it is the latter I don't mind voiced dialog at all. It's a waste of money for blank slates, IMO, and if you're going to spend money on blank slates I'd prefer a variety of voices for barks etc so the player can pick what suits them. For games where you're a specific character, it's not so jarring for them to
  2. There are aspects of Skyrim, and other Bethesda games, that work. There are aspects that do not work, at least for me. Being able to start a game and head just about anywhere? Honestly, I could take or leave that aspect, I end up modding Skyrim to the point it no longer has such strict level scaling and I do use alternate start mods to add some variety. That said, it's more difficult to have a cohesive narrative experience when you're able to say "Nope, no dragons for me, thanks!" and go bum around stealing cheese wheels and mining ore. I enjoy open worlds, but New Vegas' approach of
  3. Yeah, they know it's a well loved feature, and that it helps some people with e.g. motion sickness or what have you for more people than just being able to adjust FOV. The issue with third person for TOW was budgetary, animations for all the various weapons would have to be polished, armor clipping and so on might necessitate changes to assets and so on. I can't see any reason they wouldn't have designed Avowed to use Third Person, since they were much earlier in development and had a publisher who would be more likely to fund a less svelte game design. TOW was trying to escape the "buggy
  4. I'd like to see an ending reactivity that seems like it has an impact on the end of the game overall. It wouldn't have to actually affect any other ending slides, just one that makes it feel like the choices you made in the DLC had an impact. An area with a lot of reactivity and choices and consequences. I would enjoy a new companion as well, but that's not absolutely essential.
  5. I feel like a good setting for Avowed, temporally speaking, would be about the time the events of Pillars of Eternity are happening. The lore is firmly established for other places, so all the books and so on will easily be able to be imported into Avowed. Furthermore, rumors ranging from the likely accurate to the outlandish about The Hollowborn Crisis and The Watcher of Caed Nua could be sparsely sprinkled in random NPC dialog. Since there's not exactly a canonical ending to Pillars, even if there basically is one to 2, there wouldn't have to be anything that disputed events of people who ha
  6. Pillars 2 has recommended companions, showing those with extra dialog and so on. I'm open to whatever design Obsidian has in mind, they've done a lot of good work. Tyranny has a great companion system and setting, The story was majorly affected by which factions you backed, you could actually obliterate your ability to choose a prominent storyline and one of the "most wanted" for a certain style of player. I know I wanted that option my first play. You could choose to do things in your profession, in the lead up to the game. There was an option that seemed prudent but lead the rest o
  7. The DLCs are almost definitely going to be like Pillars 1/2 and thus you can load the "Just before endgame" save and then fly to the DLC planet. If you haven't even gotten that far, then yes you should just be able to load your game and head straight there. As I understand it, you'll have to be past Monarch IIRC in order to go to the DLC world.
  8. Obsidian DLC have a tendency to occur during the game they're set in, so you can go to them during a game. This is why they warn you about the point of no return and make a save before the very end of the game. When all the DLC come out you can replay the end after you play all the DLC.
  9. If Obsidian wants to make a new Fallout New Vegas style game, they could go back to the IP of the predecessor that Fallout was the spiritual successor of in the first place. Wasteland has a lot of potential, and since InXile and Obsidian are both subsidiaries of Microsoft I imagine that it wouldn't take much effort to swing that IP. Wasteland has a lot of similarities to Fallout, and if they want to make a new game in the same vein it would be easy for them to flesh out what happened e.g. in California post Wasteland 2 or what have you.
  10. I'd like to see a dual classing system, even if it was just a couple of factions from various classes, e.g. Kind Wayfarers and Bleak Walkers for Paladins. I'd like to see it be like the Guilds from Elder Scrolls titles, just limited to joining two. The way I see that working is through a classless advancement system, as well as a way to advance in the classes to unlock skills and spells possibly through money so XP lets you get classless advancement. I've seen someone say they'd like to see Tyranny style rune based magic, I think that would be an interesting way to handle spells. Le
  11. Pillars 3 would be a continuation of the story of the Watcher post Deadfire. This game has an unknown setting, whether or not it's post-Deadfire it seems unlikely that the story would be about the Watcher. As everyone says, Deadfire sales were low, but that doesn't mean that if the universe gets a lot more fans it's off the table. Personally I'd bet on it being set before or concurrently with Pillars of Eternity, rumors about a Watcher and Caed Nua like easter eggs would be fun but there's no point in wrapping up the story from Pillars of Eternity in another game in the same universe.
  12. This is insulting, and untrue. For one thing the development started in May of 2016, while New Vegas had an 18 month turn around. Secondly a great deal of effort was put into the game, just not precisely in the ways we're necessarily used to seeing from Obsidian since so much of it was directed at releasing a polished relatively bug free experience. There was also clearly a fair amount of effort put into a visceral and enjoyable combat loop. What you're calling rushed and minimal effort is neither. It was, however, made on a budget. The team reconciled the fact that the more content and r
  13. If you end up really disliking the art style, there are mods that tone the colors down.
  14. Back to armchair tneories about Deadfire sales, I really think that the Isometric text heavy RPG shoots itself in the foot because it looks good and plays the same for decades. Planescape Torment still looks alright and plays well, modded to support widescreen resolutions. Because of the fact that the play experience is static, if there is no potential for a major twist that could be spoiled, you can wait for the games to go on sale cheap and not miss much. In fact, you get a more polished and often expanded experience for less money. Between Steam sales and the like, games culture pushes
  15. I'm intrigued, although I really liked a number of extant Obsidian IPs and would like to revisit them, I can hardly imagine anything they would announce that won't have me on board.
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