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  1. Thank you for responding to the issue, I sent an message to the email you posted, and hopefully the issue will not take long to resolve. Besides this glitch I never really ran into any issues, I really enjoyed New Vegas and both Pillars games and I’m always happy to see a new game by you guys. You have a happy Halloween.
  2. Sometimes, seemingly at random, I will die after killing somebody with my Plasma Cutter that does N-Ray damage. I got a Mr. N mod after killing a Mantaqueen during the ending of the Quest Star-Crossed Troopers. I went to the ship workbench and put the mod as well as a SpeedGrip mod on a level 25 Plasma Cutter Gold I had. I have killed plenty of people up to this point with 1-handed melee weapons, but occasionally, no matter the location(tested on Monarch, Scylla), no matter the enemy (Automechanicals, Humans, Mantas, Mantagrubs), I will seemingly at randomly but rather freq
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