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  1. Very small things, whether an NPC is in a location (the doctor from the sanitarium is in the Soul Spire provided he lived, the leader of the Iron Flail is in the temple of Gaun if you let him live but I think that's available as an option in legacy creation IIRC) so all the broad strokes seemed to be available if you create a legacy instead of importing a game. That said, I've only played imported characters to completion so I may have overlooked something or not realized subtle changes. I had six or seven characters to import from and have like nine games in Deadfire so for the most part I've
  2. IIRC the one I liked best was something like "Ohhh, I don't know that I'm on the right path, I just fake it to convince idiots to follow me."
  3. I've had a lot of ships called The Defiant or Junk, but when I actually named them it depends on the character name usually. On Auroch I had the Aurora, on Claudius I had Tide's Talons, on Talon I had Cape's Claws, that sort of thing.
  4. AFAIK no specific release date has been announced for SSS, so the latest information I've seen on that was "September" which probably means latter half of September given no specific date announcement (unless I'm mistaken it would at least be atypical for Obsidian to announce a release date anything shorter than 2 weeks away). The delay of The Beast of Winter into August may have pushed SSS back into early October at the latest, that depends on a variety of factors I'm not privy to. The Steel Preacher party IIRC can be split (very slightly, pulling most of the party without 1 add I think)
  5. Steel Preacher on PotD is probably a level 12 or so fight IIRC, but on normal it will be easier and YMMV. Got the season pass? There is a case to be made for going to Harbinger's Watch and getting at least to the armor set there, and what you can get or should get otherwise varies a lot. I mean, I am sure Magran's Teeth has some sweet gear, but what you want for a chanter whose using dual pistols and a rogue whose build uses a melee shield combo is going to affect what I'd recommend. I think for a more precise answer we will need your party composition preference, character build and class
  6. If the bug is still in the game, and you haven't been to get Ydwin from the Soul Spire you can take Pallegina with you when you go to get Ydwin and say the racist remark over and over (IIRC it procs the achievement in the conversation so just say it until you see it) and Pallegina will have negative rep every time. If that bug was fixed though, I'm not really sure what to recommend. I looked over the tech support forum and my old posts (I thought I confirmed/thanked whoever posted the bug, since it got me the achievement) and I don't see who originally posted it so I'm not 100% sure how long a
  7. The Spine of Thicket Green now has to be wielded to come up in the interactions from what I saw the last time I did this. I kind of like that, because I had just happened to steal everything that wasn't nailed down in my first run through the game and I killed all the daughters and then there was all this dialog about a staff I just happened to have laying around, which would arguably be back on my boat. Nothing I've ever seen or done has prevented me from seeing the interactive tree bits as interactive when I use tab, but then again if you're playing on Expert that may not be the case, I
  8. Gods I know what you mean, even that Marksman's ring kinda sorta makes sense not having them in every shop despite the number of guns in the Deadfire. But simple cloaks of greater deflection, or those old bracers of greater deflection from the first game... None of that made it into the Deadfire. If I could go spend my 800,000 gold in the Dyrwood and bring back shipments of commonplace enchanted gear, some folks in the Deadfire would pay me a handsome profit.
  9. What you're finding lacking isn't the game, it's your suspension of disbelief. I can't say why, in a world where you're constantly powering abilities that would be magic in our world, you think that the limits of and definitions of words gives you a reason to complain. It's fine to offer constructive criticism, but you've made up your mind about might. Apparently you can in no way even begin to imagine that e.g. motes of soul energy are naturally drawn to mighty souls giving them both more arcane and physical power. But this is a world where you use your soul energy to fuel everything from a r
  10. It really depends on the character I'm playing. Sometimes I would want to upgrade my legendary Thundercrack pistol, sometimes I'd want to upgrade my Griffon sword or Modwyr after her sould isn't in it any longer. I'd have to play with it, the Family Bonds ability works when any party member wears Hearth Defenders scale and if the auras would stack that could be an interesting option... This is the sort of decision I agonize over for ages, on each character.
  11. If you want to try Thundercleese's suggestion Op just go down to the old city in Neketaka and frolic in the sickening fetid corpse stink. Takes about 5 minutes to get 100 afflictions.
  12. I never fight the trials in Endless Queries, those fights are optional and can easily be avoided. Fighting gives you motes of anger or whatever anyway, so fighting the trials isn't the optimal way to deal with those encounters. The only fights you have to do in Endless Queries are the fights on the tower map (although you can sneak by the three minotaur dudes at the northern/upper end of the map pretty easily). Optional content like that is probably not a super high priority for balance, and since these fights don't even have a skill requirement or anything, they're really very optional if
  13. I think this will be the last time I bump this, I updated the title and initial post to reflect the state of the problem for me. Hopefully the workaround suggested by Kindoffer works for everyone else, and if that's not enough they might be able to try what I had to do for the last character to be able to start the Beast of Winter content.
  14. You find that ability in The Bridge Ablaze. The first time I went into The Bridge Ablaze I thought I needed to learn the ability to use them elsewhere, because the first gate in the bridge isn't super obviously passable and there is a beam of light right at the entrance, but I went back and realized that I could continue onward and wasn't being halted by the bridge tower, so I didn't have the need to go learn a new ability elsewhere as I had originally thought after fighting the enemies and thinking I hit a dead end.
  15. Confirmed! Disabling Steam Cloud saves and copying all the saves of characters that had completed The Beast of Winter has allowed the character who was getting The Higher Ups and not getting/able to progress Honored Guest no longer has The Higher Ups when I load his PRE-ENDGAME save. Sadly this didn't have any effect on my other two characters, who now all display all of the Beast of Winter content as completed on all of their saves. I can try pulling out newer saves from those characters and see if I can isolate saves that are corrupting the others or something tomorrow.
  16. https://twitter.com/WorldofEternity/status/1026893685722513408 Poll 2 is up for those who are interested.
  17. So I've encountered an issue where I was kind of... the best way I can describe it is out of phase, trapped in an alternate space-time. I couldn't attack the enemies nor could they attack me, nor my summons attack them etc. However! I could easily cast AOE spells to destroy them, primarily the electric AOE priests can buff everyone with, I'd cast that and stand on the enemies until they were dead. I quit the entire game and reloaded the save I had where I was currently unable to walk down a staircase and was instead flying out over the land beneath me. When I loaded the save everything worked
  18. Amulets and necklaces are both the neck slot in the first game, but in 2 you have a neck slot and a back slot IIRC so you can wear both. Some of the trinkets also appear to be amulets, two of them specifically have dialog about taking them from around someone's neck. The first poll is closed but I'm keeping an eye out for the second, they go for 24 hours apparently and I didn't see the first poll open until a couple minutes before I posted it here, apologies to anyone who comes in between polls or what have you.
  19. Yeah I barely caught it in time myself, and while the item type is almost over there should be two more polls coming that will determine the other aspects of the item. I'll post those links as they come, so even if people miss out on the first poll they should hopefully be able to contribute to one of the others.
  20. In an effort to let anyone whose official Obsidian information comes primarily from here or articles, rather than social media, know about this poll while it's ongoing I figured when I saw this I'd post a link here. Poll 1 is closed, results were Cloak: https://twitter.com/WorldofEternity/status/1026514458389008384 Poll 2 is closed, results were Mystic: https://twitter.com/WorldofEternity/status/1026893685722513408 Poll 3 is closed, results were Utility: https://twitter.com/WorldofEternity/status/1027256500178173953 I saw a lot of people who were annoyed that the official Obsidian fo
  21. So as I understand it IIRC Troubador has two modes they can chant in, one that doesn't have elapse functions and goes by quickly, and another that has longer lingering effects after the chant ends. In essence you can have two chants giving the party their ability constantly instead of about 75% of the time (normal chant time is like 6 seconds and linger is 3 IIRC) or you can chant more quickly without any chant effects so you can get the last point to cast your summon or what have you. If you're running a chanter as more of an auto attack set it and forget it kind of character who summons
  22. I believe this is "working as intended" which frankly, makes Ghost Heart kind of useless. There's almost no reason not to play a regular ranger with a pet who can then summon other things instead.
  23. It's definitely Privateering when you're doing ship bounties, which is when you'd basically get a writ from a government to kill their enemies more or less. It's basically just like piracy, but you've got the RDC or Valians or Huana or the Principi behind you in theory. Pirates you can aim at the enemy. The morality of bounties is the same as killing people for money in theory, but in practice my crew just has a very strange captain with a sixth sense on whose head to cut off and carry with them for the next several months. Personally I wish they had given us a magic artifact, and let us sync
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