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  1. As the name says, getting a affliction advances the Guardian Armor, but does nothing for the Wintertide Bulwark. Leaving aside how bad an idea these quests were (100 afflictions? on what is probably your tank?), I'm standing in a permanent trap and the armor is up to 78, while the shield is still at zero.
  2. This is a terribly stupid "quest". Almost nothing procs it. I went 30 battles and got... zero stacks. Now I'm standing on a ledge getting one every few seconds. Oh and the shield has the same quest only this method doesn't work for it. So literally nothing progresses the shield ever and I have to cheese the armor. Anyone had any luck proccing the shield cause I don't see how it's even possible.
  3. The only problem I have with ship combat is that there is no lateral movement. Example: You're port to port against an enemy ship and they have no sails. There is no way to pull ahead of them and get around to their bow or stern. Going forward doesn't change the range, so your options are just to exchange fire. It feels wonky. I get that it would be more complex if they tried to deal with it, but it would also be a lot more satisfying and interesting. Taking out the other ship's sails and pulling astern of them should be a viable option as they sit dead in the water. As it is,
  4. You mean 50% instead of 25% with crits I presume? Very weird behavior indeed. Could this be explained with Backstab using the (base dmg roll * (0.5 on graze || 1 on hit || 1.25 on crit)) instead of only using the base dmg roll - or something like that? Also not really if I look at the numbers... Correct. Backstab Crits were working out to be +50% damage (not +25%). Backstab Grazes were working out to be -100% damage (not -50%). As for why... who can say? It's only with backstab a near as we can tell and only on crits and grazes when using backstab. Regular crits and grazes ar
  5. I was helping him run the numbers and I'll try to explain what seems to be happening. It seems that on a backstab... crits and grazes are doubled. If you backstab and crit, you get an extra 25% in there. If you graze you get an extra -50%. If that makes any sense. Everything else seemed to work out right, but when backstab was in the picture it was off by those numbers.
  6. I use her Reveal ability to examine my top card. I decide to encounter it, which should recharge or discard her, only it doesn't recharge or discard her, she just goes back to my hand and can be used again. The result is that anyone with her can search every single card at a location in one turn.
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