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  1. I thought I might bring this thread back up really quick to see if anyone has been having any similar issues. As I mentioned before, it seems to largely be crashes in areas with fire effect. Has anyone seen anything new on this or run into a similar problem they've been able to fix. Still waiting on starting a new playthrough til hopefully some workaround appears and thought I might check in on that.
  2. I thought I might bump this thread to see if anyone has encountered this bug recently or to see if anyone has had similar problems and seen them corrected since the last patch. So, anyone else had any similar issues? Found any fixes? If so, feel free to chime in with woes or workarounds. I was waiting on a fix before I return to POEII and thought I might see if there was any good news, or if anyone else was experiencing this issue recently.
  3. An e-mail has been sent regarding the issue. It contains the save file where the problem occurs.
  4. I was able to kill all the monsters. Nothing happens even after that. My party is just stuck there, which, ironically seemed a hilariously appropriate end, given that it was the inescapable void and all..
  5. So I've encountered an issue where I cannot progress in BoW's ending. During the final conversation with Rymyrgand, I choose to fight. After winning the battle, the Beast of Winter disappears, and combat ends, but the random spirits still attack my characters. Eventually, the AI on the characters will respond and kill the spirits, but I cannot click to attack them. After the spirits are killed, nothing happens. My characters are stuck and can do nothing. There is no where to go on the section of white void they are stuck on. I see online that there should be a possible journal entry ending that states: "I stood up against Rymrgand and bested his champion in combat. He unceremoniously dumped me back into the world of the living." However, nothing is happening. I will say that I am loading the fight with the Beast from a quick save made right after he smashes his axe. I have to load from this quicksave as the game crashes due to a documented bug with the axe smash (found here ). I would attach attached the quicksave to see if that helps address the issue, however, it is too large to upload, even zipped. Let me know if there is another option for sending the save along.
  6. I'm having this exact same problem. The sort of freeze I'm encountering looks and behaves exactly like the type of crashes I've been encountering and mention here. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/99929-frequent-freezes-during-battles-conversations-chanter-summons/ I've attached a log file so there's more than one instance of the crash to look at. output_log.zip
  7. Ah. Thanks for the heads up on that. I'll remember to keep my eyes peeled.
  8. Hello, In my current play-through, I've noticed in the ruins near kohopa's fang that the street sweeper item is not highlighting when the highlight items button is pressed. Additionally, the item seems visually different, as though the actual broom is not appearing, only its shadow on the ground, which makes it harder to spot. Has anyone else encountered this is?
  9. Another update here. I've actually had the opportunity to reformat my computer since these crashes occurred. Everything is reinstalled including both game and drivers. Crashes still occur. As I've mentioned before, it seems to be in areas with fire effects, specifically the large flame braziers. Sacred Stair, the temple of Gaun, the Fire Naga temple, etc.. are all extremely crash-prone. As I mentioned in my last post, any update on this crash would be appreciated. It has been several months worth of patches and no fix, nor any indication that one will be forthcoming and I would like to be able to finish the game without switching between multiple computers. I've reattached a .zip file full of example crash logs to this post. Hopefully they can be of use. ConversationCrashes.zip
  10. Just an update here, The crashes continue to occur. Again, they particularly occur where there are fire effects around (braziers, etc...) and when there are conversation boxes. I had managed to complete the game, but only by switching to playing on my laptop (Intel/nvidia combo) during the final, fire-filled area. I relaunched the game today to see if any progress had been made and, again, the fire-heavy areas in sacred step remain crashy. It took, for instance, three reboots of a conversation with Xoti before the statue of Gaun to get through the conversation without a crash. That was accomplished with clicking through dialog rapidly. Crash dumps are still available above. I would love to hear if anyone else encounters this, has identified a fix for this issue, or if some official fix may someday be forthcoming.
  11. Another crash report here. Multiple of the same sort of freezes. In this case they all were occuring in the forgotten mausoleum area of the Hanging Sepulcher. Again, based on places where I'm crashing, I speculate the flames from the torches there might have an impact. Output log attached as well. output_log.zip
  12. I wanted to send a quick line in noting that I have observed that certain companion banters seem to be repeating. In particular, the exchange between Eder and Xoti about saving each other in fights, but that Eder "tries hard for [people] he likes better" seems to be looping now at this point. I've attached the output log where it occurred last if that is helpful, though it was part of a longer session. I am not sure if this is part of a larger issue of companion relationships freezing or so forth, but it seemed worth noting in case that is the situation. Has anyone else run into a similar situation? If so, what dialogs were triggering it. output_log.zip
  13. I'd like to add some more crash reports in. These ones occurred ONLY during dialog. Consistently they happen in Sacred Stair, near torches and so forth. But the error report remains the same as seen in previous mentions. New Crashes are attached. ConversationCrashes.zip
  14. Hello, Earlier I'd posted in a thread about freezing during conversations. (Link https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/99929-frequent-freezes-during-ship-battles-conversations/ Since that time, I've had a chance to play the game some more. While I still experience crashes during conversations on occasion (notably in Periki's overlook or the Sacred Step), the new issue has been that I've begun to experience freezing and crashing much more frequently during battles, a significant problem as I can't just quicksave around it. The crashing during some fights, most notably ship battles where there is a great deal of effects or fire, is pronounced enough that some battles I have to retry up to 5 or 6 times to successfully make it through without a crash, some occurring even after the fight is essentially won and I'm just waiting for crew to to kill the last enemy. This, needless to say, is extremely frustrating. As I mention in the previous thread, when the crash occurs, I can still move the cursor and that it reacts to its position (switching for a pointer to the "can't move here" mark). Sound also still plays. In conversations, conversations will still go. I can even pick new conversation options with keys. However, I cannot do anything to correct the freeze other than exit to task manager and shut down game, no matter how long it hangs. Speculatively, it seems like a graphics issue, though I can't be sure. I've updated my drivers (ATI r9 290x as I list below). I've also noticed it seems more frequent in areas/fights with fire/particle effects, Periki's Overlook and Sacred Step are problems, as are some dungeons with torches. "Busier" fights are also frequent crash situations, the lvl 10ish bounties have been the cause of enough crashes that I finally saw the crashing as more roadblock than speedbump. Looking at my crash logs, the crashes also seem to be provoked by Chanter summons, particularly the upgraded ogre summon spell. I've attached the change logs, but I can clearly see that after summons I get, a continual error stating "d3d11: failed to create buffer (target 0x1 mode 0 size 960) [0x887A0005]" I can also confirm that telemetry and steam overlay settings have no impact on the crashes. Vsync also has no impact. I was previously on the beta patch build, though have now opted out now that the full patch is out. System specs are as follows: Specs: ATI R9 290x Graphics Card AMD Vishera 8-Core 4.0 Ghz processor 8 GB Ram Windows 10 Logs.zip
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