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  1. I love this game so far but I have two big complaint. The companion AI is really basic. It's frustrating because I'm playing on SuperNova difficulty so when they die they die. I don't accept this so I'm reloading the game and it's a huge pain in the ass. I have to babysit them, tell them to move to cover, tell them to run away, etc. Just please think about adding some behavior that makes them run away when their health gets low. Second thing is fall damage in this game is way to high. You can also cripple yourself from the smallest of jumps. Lets work on that eh? Once again a huge pain in the ass on SuperNova given the limitations that difficulty puts on you. Other than that I'm having a lot of fun. This game is HILARIOUS! Good stuff.
  2. So buy if from Microsoft then? I like Epic though :D, got it from them myself. Anyway I can support the Unreal Engine.
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