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  1. It does indeed, I didn't realise how to change quest focus so far... now I know Thanks
  2. I may be blind but I cannot find Guillaume Antrim and without his finger Constable Reyes will not pay me I think Parvati killed him and I looked all over the place, I really did but no Antrim among the bodies... anyone an idea where to look?
  3. Enjoying Edgewater still :)

  4. Some kudos indeed, I very much hope the game lives up to this, then it will be epic
  5. If it is not possible due to time constraint to add a 3rd person view at release, I am reasonable sure that it will be added at a certain moment in time when I read all the comments here. For me it is not a dealbreaker at all, I love to explore in 1st person but in combat 3rd person view is much more convinient IMHO, especially for people like me not too much into FPS games
  6. I didn't see anything so far but would also be interested in the topic.
  7. I would also expect it in 2019, or at least I'd like to think so (hope is what makes us live ).
  8. Speculations are always fun More seriously, I already put my name on the beta-testing-subscription form... where is the form ?
  9. Waiting for the Outer Worlds :)

  10. The trailer is excellent, if the game is living up to this it'll be a really great game. I'm curious if there will be a second trailer soon
  11. I would like the possbility of a romance or a choice of it, IMHO this adds to the roleplaying aspect. But romances or not romances, I'm quite sure we will see an excellent game here and there may be modders around who might be able to add one, let's wait and see
  12. Will Steam be the only option? I always prefer to go directly via the publisher whenever possible.
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