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  1. The photo is black and white. Thankfully, according to the trailer, we know the game will be in color.
  2. That would be admitting that I made a mistake. I only have a few posts so far on the forums. So I can't be admitting mistakes already.
  3. I dunno what Ktchong is. The font look smaller in the preview paragraph, but I find larger font easier to read on mobile too. Still kinda wish I had made it smaller though HAH! Can't please everyone, even when trying to say something nice.
  4. I think this system will greatly add to the replay ability, and the roleplay aspect of the game. If you decide to do a strictly melee playthrough, or high pyromaniac build, then you could choose certain flaws on one playthrough that you may completely avoid in a different one. It will also cater more to different play styles for different people. Even if 2 different people are doing melee playthroughs, choosing different flaws could change the experience of both players in what decisions they will have to make in solving problems to get around the negative aspect of their flaws, or both may be offered optional dialogue based on the flaws, if that is a system in the game.
  5. Right now my survivor mechanic is "stay alive long enough to play the game".
  6. I did also enjoy this post. With a little googling, you can put a face with the work being done, see who has done what in the past. They have a good team for this game.
  7. At first I wasn't sure if I should take the time to write this or not, or even where to post it, but I figured it can't hurt anything and it might make someone smile or feel appreciated. I'm sure that many feel the same way, but I'll try and make this short. To start, a big thanks to Tim Cain, Leonard Boyarsky, and all the creative minds involved in the first 2 Fallouts, for the passion and care put into creating the games and the universe therein. Fallout has for a long time been a favorite of mine, and #2 remains my favorite. Hail The Enclave! I can remember the first time I saw Fallout. I was about 14 and hanging out with some friends, and one of them was playing Fallout, and robbing a whole town. I was so impressed by the game. There were about 3 of us that just stood behind him and watched him play for about 2 hours. Asking questions and getting involved in the decisions that his character was making. After that, I had to play that game, and then when I beat it, I had to play it again! A lot of "what if" scenarios come to mind, when thinking of the history of the franchise. There is nothing to be gained by it. I often wish that the original team could have continued creating the amazing game they started. However, the circumstances as they are, increase my excitement for The Outer Worlds. I would like to commend Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky and their supportive creative team for not giving up on the idea of creating an amazing RPG that contains many of the elements that all the long time fans appreciate. It has been a many years, but you all haven't given up. I know the first game isn't out yet, but I hope to grow to love the The Outer Worlds universe just as much, if not more, than the Fallout Universe. I look forward to supporting a team, studio, developers, and franchise that deserves it. I know the game will be amazing when it comes out, and will release in a complete state. Thank you for your up front honesty about what the game has or doesn't have. Also not investing too much into hype, and letting the finished product do the talking. Speaking of talking, I became even more excited after seeing Megan Starks was working on this title as a lead designer. Knowing the caliber of games she has worked on in the past and the amazing dialogue in those games, really gives some insight into the level of excellence we can expect. The skill level of people that Tim and Leonard have picked for previous titles really gets me excited for what this game will offer. Some people may read this as brown nosing or fanboying, but I don't benefit from either one of those. I just think this game will reward the long time efforts of these people for rolling with the punches and even when getting knocked down, not staying down, and coming back to say, "We still have what it takes. We have ideas. We are going to do things!" So just thank you, and hope the best for all of you and the release!
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