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  1. Nice! Probably means we can expect a release by March or April. When are the ports expected to come out?
  2. I've played PoE II when it first came out for a while, and really enjoyed it, but I've abandoned the game at August and haven't played it since. I want to run a proper playthrough now that all the DLC are out, but I want to play in Turn-Based mode this time (I've played so much D&D 5e the last two years that I kinda feel like I owe it to myself), and I don't want to play the beta version, I want the full experience. Any estimation of when the TB beta ends and the full, tested version is supposed to come out?
  3. Do we know anything about when new information about the game is expected to be released?
  4. I'd really be happy to see either the Ixamitl Plains (I really think that South America can work well for that setting, with the Inca being replaced by Engwithans or something similar) or the Living Lands (sounds so weird and vivid). Although I'm really curious about the Engwithan empire's time, to be honest. Maybe it won't be a linear sequel? Either way, I'm sure we'll see another game in the series. Maybe not right away, but I don't see a reason for them to abandon it, as it seems they're having a good time with the series themselves.
  5. So, didn't the devs mention the option to review your class' skill tree at any given moment (and not just at level up) being introduced at some point? Does anyone know what's going on with that?
  6. I took the Shipwright's Plight quest when I first reached Neketaka, but I didn't complete it because I wasn't sure what solution I'm cool with. Now, that I've decided to actually finish the quest (around 13 levels later), every time I go to the alley where I'm supposed to meet the thugs, they're not there. Does anyone know what can I do about it? [The save file, output file and dxdiag report on a zip file, on DropBox]
  7. I just think this thread is a full-on fanboy war waged over nothing. Both are great games, enjoy them. They're too different to compare anyway. Actually, I think the best way of looking at things is seeing both games as different tabletop RPG campaigns, using similar or related systems (PoE kinda resembles a mix of D&D 4e and 5e, so it's pretty easy), but helmed by different DMs with different styles and differrent intentions. Both are really great, but both aim for different things, which leads to non-coincident pros and cons.
  8. Most of the unique equimpent in the game can be enchanted, with some of the upgrade options being mutually exclusive with each other. However, there's almost no way to know which options are mutually exclusive, so sometimes you'll upgrade an item with no negative repercussions, and sometimes you can lock out the option you'd have chosen if you would've known. And sometimes, you don't save before that, so... Yeah. Any plans to patch in some way to know which options are mutually exclusive?
  9. I understand why you feel that way, but the thing is, Pillars of Eternity's system is more suited for video games then D&D. More encounters and more enemies means you should have more access to your abilities and powers, which means they should be nerfed, in order for Wizards not be actual gods. I don't know if you remember, but by the end of Baldur's Gate II (and all throughout Throne of Bhaal) most of the fights were mostly an attrtition war between wizards setting up protections while trying their opponents' protection, while the martial classes stand idly by, waiting, and trying no
  10. So, can anyone post a screenshot of the magic item vendor's (the one spawned by the Berath's Blessing option) inventory? Or if not, just say what kind of stuff does he sell (going into specifics wouldn't hurt, either)? Thanks!
  11. Since the last patch, whenever I try to switch to another running task on my computer, the game crashes when I alt+tab back to it, saying it "couldn't switch to to requested monitor resolution" (as you can see here http://imgur.com/a/Dne6P ). I've had this problem before, but I can't remember just how it disappered. I have a strong gaming laptop (Lenovo Y700) that has been running the game just fine for the last few months. I've also added PoE's output file and my DxDiag . Any suggestions? output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
  12. If it's been over 5 working days since you emailed Obsidian, email them again. The Lenovo Y700 has up to a 960m GPU, it could have something lower depending on model. The 960m's equivalent discrete GPU is the 750 Ti in the budget range, that card gets quite large frame dips at 1080p in Pillars. Try running the game's graphic quality setting lower and perhaps at 1280x720p. I know it's not the official method, but that's the main one being offered. Both didn't help. I get what you're saying, but it sounds weird, considering games like the new Doom run on Ultra without any problems or s
  13. So, I backed up PoE and I got the game when it got out. Played it on my aging stationary PC, and really enjoyed it. Recently, I got a strong gaming laptop (Lenovo Y700), and I tried running PoE on it, and it kinda stuttered. What I did was post a question on the tech support forum. No answer. Ok, I looked for a way to contact official support. Got directed to Paradox's support, and they told me to contact Obsidian themselves with it, and gave me a techincal support Email (support@obsidian.net). I sent that address a mail more than a week ago, and no answer yet. What gives, man?
  14. I used to play the game on my old stationary computer... It ran pretty well on it, high graphics and all, everything went smooth. I bought a gaming laptop recently, pretty strong, runs modern games on Ultra, yet when I play PoE, it runs very slow and gets stuck for a few seconds with any other action I do, like initiating a conversation or going into scout mode. I've tried turning off AA, running the game as sys admin and disabling the integrated graphics thingy for PoE (switching to high performance). No change so far. Any suggestions?
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