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  1. Did.... you actually watch the video?? He goes into that quite explicitly.
  2. I just finished http://www.olderbytes.com/ Underworld. This was an absolute BLAST! <3 It's basically a classic M&M romp with great combat and tons of stuff to do and explore. HIGHLY recommended. There is also a demo if you would like to try it for yourself.If you are a fan of the classic M&M games (1 through 5) give this a try.
  3. There is a VERY good wrap up and summary of this Gaming Journalism drama, and a very well done explanation of how this current business is utterly flawed broken and cannot ever be fixed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=S2keHyS_Ooo via TotalBiscut. I have a new-found complete respect for this man.
  4. A quest journal that specifically requires you to think, pay attention to information, and reason would be most welcome.
  5. In the Mordin: Old Blood quest, after resolving things peacefully with Maelon, if you do not immediately go to the Normandy when it asks you, you are forever trapped there and cannot leave that area. They still have never fixed this.
  6. They already stated this will be a PC game, first and foremost. They HATE designing and having to cut things in a game because of the horrible limitations of the Console Controller (like ALL console exclusive games are). So thankfully this game will be 100% horrible console controller free. And that is great and welcome news.
  7. If Obsidian feels they could pull this off very well, and in a new and interesting way, sure. Would be awesome.
  8. I just hope they come up with some new creatures that perhaps are twists and completely different takes on some of the classic "fantasy" creatures.
  9. Magic Users having to find scrolls to inscribe them into their spell-book in order to know new spells, instead of just suddenly and magically "knowing" new spells on level up.
  10. Is there a KILL IT WITH FIRE options for this thread? In fact, If all new threads has this option it would make things easier. <3
  11. As soon as they actually HAVE some information to share with us is fine by me. Do you really want every 3 weeks: Hay Guize! I just made an icon for the Sword of Avellone, and we are continuing to work and tweak the combat. And we are continuing to work and tweak the areas. Well that's our update. See you in a few weeks! The way the Shadowrun guys are doing it so far has been pretty cool. As soon as they DO have some info they then do a QA session from questions from the Forums and also show off some stuff that have been working on and near finished. Having them waste stime informing us of basically nothing is a waste of both Our and Obsidian's time. Period.
  12. I just can't wait for MCA to experience the pure awesome of the Siamese twin skulls quest. <3
  13. Don't we already have this thread in the Gameplay & Mechanics forum?
  14. They don't owe us anything. This was merely a way for us to show support for this project. That is all it has ever been.
  15. I didn't make the gif. It was someone on the codex a while ago when the project first started.
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